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Super Mario Adventures

Super Mario Adventures is a Mario comic published in the Nintendo Power magazine, beginning in 1992. It features many of the enemies and characters from the game Super Mario World, but has an original, quite humorous storyline. After its run in Nintendo Power, it was published in graphic novel form. In this form, a bonus comic, Mario vs. Wario, was added.


Popping Pillars of Pipe?[edit]

A magazine scan used to illustrate how Mario appears in the comics.

Mario and Luigi arrive at the Princess' castle, where a party is scheduled to take place in the evening. Unfortunately, there is a huge mess in the plumbing; all the pipes are mixed up and disconnected. The Mario bros. quickly get to work, eventually clearing out the mess, leaving only one disconnected green pipe that they had not seen before. Suddenly, a very large green pipe pops out of the ground. Mario peeks inside and promptly is snapped on the nose by a Piranha Plant. At that moment, Princess Toadstool is playing Super Mario Bros. in the courtyard, accompanied by her faithful Toad courtiers. One of the Toad guards runs up with some very important news: Gigantic pipes are popping up everywhere. The Toad courtiers are dubious ("Popping pillars of pipe? Preposterous!!")

But, when they look out the window, they find it is true; not only are there pipes littering the palace yard, but at that moment, tons of monsters (all from Super Mario World) including Monty Moles, Swoops, and Goombas, shoot out of the plumbing. Mario and Luigi come up with an unique idea. Mario sticks a pipe in his mouth, wedges a Goomba in, Luigi jumps on his back, and the Goomba goes flying, obliterating all the other monsters.

But just as the Princess and the Toads think that the castle is safe, a gigantic pipe shoots out of the ground, which contains Bowser in his Koopa Clown Car. Bowser, after testing the mic in his hand, (and getting a gong bang from his kids) begins rapping. The message is that Bowser wants to rule the Mushroom Kingdom now, and he intends to do this by marriage to Toadstool. Of course, the Princess refuses and says that it will only happens in Bowser's dreams and her nightmares. However, Bowser tells her to think about it.

He announces he'll be back in a week for her final decision, and to make the deal go a little more his way, he proclaims that if the answer is no, all her people will be turned to stone, giving her a demo on the Toads nearest him! Toadstool becomes extremely upset at this, and tries reasoning with the Koopa King. But Bowser, seeing as he's got her "over a barrel", so to speak, chuckles at her and rockets back down his pipe with the Koopalings. Toadstool becomes enraged and, with some of her faithful Toad courtiers, goes down the pipe too, hoping to strike a compromise with the Koopa King.

Meanwhile, the Toads are trying to find the Mario bros. to warn them about the Princess's departure, but a calamity has struck! Mario has been turned into a statue too! Luigi, however, doesn't seem to notice the difference, only that Mario isn't talking and is extremely stiff. One of the Toads saves the day by calling up the Minister of Massage, a mystic Toad who works wonders on the stone Mario and, one week later, a light comes from him, then an explosion, and when it goes, Mario is back to his old self.

Meeting Yoshi.. and Meeting Lakitu![edit]

After hearing the news about Toadstool, the bros. race down the huge pipe after her. The pipe is extremely long, and, unfortunately, dangles in the clouds high above the Koopa Kingdom. After a rough landing, Luigi gets his head wedged into the ground. Mario pulls him up to reveal a giant, green egg. They are quite hungry, so they begin a cookout. But the heat has a strange affect upon the egg, and moments later, a little green dinosaur (which is Yoshi) pops out of it, happily screaming.

At that same moment, in the Koopahari Desert, Toadstool and Co. are hootfooting it to Bowser's Castle. Unfortunately, their supply of water is gone. The Toad leader tries to tell the princess that the search is ridiculous, and that there's not a cloud in the sky, but just then a cloud appears an the sizzling sky. The Toads rejoice to perform a rain dance but the clouds are soon revealed to be Lakitu hideouts.

Meanwhile, Mario and Luigi have become terrified of the dinosaur, thinking that their lunch is hungry for them! After shooting off from the dino, Luigi collapses with Mario underneath a bush, which turns out to be a Wiggler's home! Mario tries to "save" (the Wiggler isn't attacking him) Luigi, but when stomped on, the king caterpillar gets all the more upset! Racing away, they find Yoshi blocking their exit, but the cute lil' dino slurps up half the Wiggler, stuns the other half, and has a delicious dinner. Then approaching the bros., he motions for them to get on his back, and awaaaay they go!

Yoshi and the bros. arrive at a village filled with the little dinosaurs. At first, Mario and Luigi are extremely nervous ("I hope that they're not discussing ways to cook us!" gulps Luigi) but their fears fade when they see another human. He introduces himself as Friendly Floyd, the salesman who can sell anyone anything. Right now, he's selling the gullible Yoshis light bulbs. As it turns out, he can interpret the Yoshi dialect, and he tells the bros. that the Yoshi they are riding is the Chairman of the Dino Chamber of Commerce. Why was the D.C. Chairman trapped in an egg? On account of Bowser's curse! When some villagers were yoshinapped, their friend went to rescue them, but he happened upon Bowser, who sealed him into the egg. The brothers are astonished, and decide that they need an interpreter. Floyd seems not to want to hang around, so he sells them an "Acme Yoshi Learner" instead for 3000 coins. "3000!!" scream the bros. "What a rip-off!" Floyd hastily makes it 10 "since they're friends of Yoshi". After F.F. beats it, they open the book and find... Every word translates to "Yoshi"! Mario explodes with anger saying he will get Floyd for this, but suddenly, they realize that a Toad has stumbled into the village! It's the Princesses' guard Toad, and through him, they soon learn that she is now Bowser's captive!

Meanwhile, On the Other Side of the Koopa Kingdom..[edit]

At the Koopa headquarters, the Koopalings are watching Ludwig von Koopa play what appears to be "Super Bowser Bros." Ludwig stomps a Mario, and sends it flying into a long line of others for a 1-Up. (Ironically, this is the exact opposite of what Princess Toadstool did in the first chapter.) "Music to my ears!" exclaims Ludwig, and the TV screen bleeps out and the face of Bowser appears, yelling to "keep

Ludwig playing videogames in Super Mario Adventures
Princess Toadstool, threatening to tear-up Wendy's favorite dress, much to Wendy's horror.
Peach running through the corridoors and throwing articles of clothing.

this video line OPEN!" He then tells them that he has, of all things, PROPOSED to Princess Toadstool! Just then, his chef shows him the colossal wedding cake model. He tells the Koopa King that it "will be twice as big, with chocolate". Bowser decides he'd rather have it 100 times bigger, and turns to tell the Koopalings that he wants them to keep an eye on his "bride-to-be", but realizes that they're playing again! "DO YOU HEAR ME!?!" he roars, somehow sticking his head, in classic cartoon form, through the monitor into their room. "Is he tense, or what?" ask Lemmy Koopa, pulling his his head out of the floor. "She's safely beyond bars!" Or is she? When Lemmy peeps in, she's GONE! They all pile in, wondering how she could possibly pulled it off. But meanwhile, dangling overhead, the Princess balances herself on the cell ceiling... "HEEEEE-YAAAAH!" she screams, preforming a surprise attack on the awestruck Koopa Kids. "Take that"! she cries, karate chopping them and knocking them out. She then races for the cell door, locking them in their own prison! She's safe! But at that moment, Wendy O. Koopa, Bowser's "favorite", runs in with her personal army of Koopa Troopas! Toadstool runs for cover, but soon finds herself cornered in Wendy's own room! She desperately throws some articles of clothing at the Koopas then threatens to shred Wendy's favorite sweater! She grabs a cape from the closet and impersonates a bullfighters, sending Roy Koopa caterwauling into the wall. With the cape, she steps onto a windowsill and bids them good-bye, but loses her balance and plummets to the ground! Fortunately, she is able to use her cape Super Mario World style, and begins to carefully float outside the moat.

Meanwhile, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Toad have arrived outside Wendy's castle. Toad saw the Koopas take her in, but they need a way to get across the huge moat! Mario tries swimming, but, as he soon finds, much to his discomfort, the water is filed with ferocious Fishbones, Porcu-Puffers, and Urchins. The bros. decide to move on to "Plan B"... ("Code name, Survival" Luigi adds nervously.) When they turn around, lo and behold, their old friend Floyd is here too, selling lipstick to a female Piranha Plant! The bros. decide to "scram, before he pulls another scam!" After beating it, Luigi sits down on a black, cannon-like object. Mario yells for him to get off, but too late! The cannon is revealed as a Bill Blaster, who shoots a Bullet Bill toward the castle! Mario, who was trying to shove it back in, gets shot with it! On his wild way to the castle, Mario spots Toadstool shooting toward the ground with the cape! Mario shoots straight into the castle, where the Koopalings are more than happy to welcome him! The Princess shoots straight to the ground in a crash-landing, out cold.

Bowser is boiling, fuming, and explosive over the newfound fact that his bride has escaped! He roars at his kids ("KOOPA BRATS!" he calls them) and they hurriedly make excuses, Lemmy Koopa telling him "She would've been a lousy wife anyway, Pop." "SILENCE!!" roars Bowser, blowing his top. His anger is so great, it smashes the entire room he is in! "Mellow out, Dad!" cries Wendy. "We may have lost the Princess, but we found someone even better!" Mario is in the prison cell, mumbling through his gag "You rotten Koopa brats!!"

While Luigi, Toad and Yoshi try to revive th Princess, two Mechakoopas come up in a boat. They announce that Mario is being held a prisoner, and that if they fail to put the Princess into their boat, Luigi's brother will pay, giving them all a demo on the Mario doll they brought with them. Toad announces that it's blackmail, but the stubborn robot turtles keep insisting. Suddenly, who should burst in on the scene but Friendly Floyd! "Howdy, howdy, howdy! How do you like the book?" he asks cheerfully, advertising the new makeup line that "could turn a frog into a prince!" Luigi announces that he needs a miracle, not a makeover! Floyd still persists with his tagline of "create a new you!" "NEW ME?!? I need a miracle!" Luigi shouts, but suddenly, a lightbulb flashes above his head. He asks the Mechakoopas to be excused for a moment, and he, the Princess, and Yoshi head into the bushes nearby. Luigi grabs Floyd too, needing his kit for some reason. A moment later, Luigi who is dressed as Toadstool comes out, fully conscious, and asks casually "How do I look?" Meanwhile, in the castle, Bowser's bratty offspring are examining the goings-on with a telescope. "She's on her way! IT WORKED!" they cry with glee, eager over their victory. But, when the Princess is brought in, she cries for some reason "FLOYD! YOU'D BETTER COME THROUGH THIS TIME!"

A Splendid Plan[edit]

Toad and Yoshi in disguises as pizza delivery boys to fool the Koopalings.

Toads from all over are racing to a church for.. Mario and Toadstool's wedding! Floyd, as the pastor, does the ceremony, but just as they get close for the kiss.. Toadstool feels a shiver of air, and Mario is in a cage being carried off by Koopas and Ninjis! She turns around to find Bowser leaning toward her, lips puckered! Suddenly, Toadstool wakes up (the ceremony was all a dream) to find herself staring into Yoshi's face! Not knowing who he is, she "runs for her life", to come face-to-face with Friendly Floyd! She runs away again, screaming. ("WAIT! You haven't seen my new line of makeup!" Floyd shouts after her). Seeing her Toad bodyguard, she finally calms down and remembers how she saw Mario zooming past her when she was flying. She suddenly realizes that Mario is nowhere to be seen, and Toad tells her that he is now a prisoner! She dashes toward the castle, but is held back by Toad, who yells the "You'll spoil Luigi's plan!" Suddenly, she realizes that she is wearing Luigi's overalls!!

Princess Peach
Peach seen dressed as Luigi.

Bowser congratulates his kids on bringing back his bride, and tells them to take very good care of her. They all agree, but Ludwig tells his dad that it's not very likely that she'll say yes to the marriage. But then, a miracle happens! Toadstool tells Bowser that she will marry him, and that she really does love him!! Bowser's head almost implodes with his joy, and wonders why she has a mask on her face. She tells them that she's sick, but this just makes the King want to give her a kiss. She hurriedly refuses, telling them that she doesn't want them all to get the "koopa croup", and simply asks to be untied. King Bowser grants her request, solemnly turns off the monitor, turns to the Koopa chef, and yells at the top of his lungs "SHE LOVES ME! IT'S THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE!! ALL RIGHT!!!", completely destroying the cake model behind him that the Koopas were trying to fix. Meanwhile, Mario is sitting in his cell, when suddenly Toadstool appears as Luigi. "HMF M HEFHUF! HIMF IF FU, FEE! (What a getup! Pink is you, Weege!)" Mario mumbles through the cloth tied around his face. "I do think it flatters my complexion!" Peach giggles, trying to unlock the cell door, when suddenly Wendy walks in, bellowing "Princess! Are you lost?" Luigi quickly whips around, covering his face with a mask in the process. "What are you going to do with him?" he asks casually. "The Piranhas are always hungry. He'll make a fine meal!" W. O. replies nonchalantly, while Mario turns purple with rage. Luigi quickly changes the subject, suggesting ordering pizza! Everybody is enthusiastic about this (they even begin calling him Mom), and the Princess impersonator calls it in. But all is not as it seems, as Toad who is outside (now wearing a fake afro) announces to Yoshi "We have a delivery to make!" The Koopalings spot the duo on their way, and open the drawbridge. They eagerly open the huge box... And out bursts Princess Toadstool in Luigi's overalls, and Friendly Floyd cowering alongside. "SPECIAL DELIVERY!" screams the Princess, as the Koopaling's eyeballs fairly bug out of their sockets.

"Free Mario, or be blown to pieces!" Toadstool orders, as the Bowser's kids teeter in confusion. "TWO of them?! Am I seeing double?" asks Wendy, "DOUBLE TROUBLE! Which is real?" yelps Lemmy. But their question is answered for them when they turn around to see Luigi has pulled off his mask! The Koopalings are, to say the very least, quite indignant, and race for the "real" Toadstool. But she threatens them with a bomb and a match, telling them to stay back, or bombs away! Wendy, though, calls her bluff, reminding her that she'll go down, or rather, UP, with the rest of them if she lights the fuse! While the Princess is distracted with the loudmouthed Wendy, Luigi sneaks up on Roy Koopa and makes off with his keys! "MY KEYS! STEALTH ATTACK!" he cries, effectively giving away the stealth. Roy dives for Luigi, but the Princess Impersonator jumps out of the way... getting his own head stuck in the ceiling! "Low overhead!" he screams as the keys drop down, but at the last second, the faithful Toad snags them! "COME BACK HERE, shrimpy shroom!" scream the Koopalings as they chase after him, but at the last second, Toad tosses them to Yoshi, who stows them in his mouth and makes off, tripping Morton and Roy, sending Wendy and Ludwig crashing into each other, squashing Larry, puts Lemmy in a wild spin, as Iggy yells Idiots, Stop Them! and the Toad into a victory dance! The kids give angry chase, but Yoshi goes behind a pillar and Luigi comes out with the key! The Koopalings don't suspect a thing, though, and keep chasing after Yoshi. Luigi races for the cell, but has a bit of a trouble with the many, many keys... "STOP!" Scream the persistent Roy and Lemmy, still chasing the green dino. Yoshi swerves, sending the two headlong into a wall. Floyd can't resist this ripe opportunity, and begins selling them "Koopa Crisis Kits", while Toadstool screams at him to "save the sales pitch, Floyd!!" Wendy. though, is very mad at Yoshi, tripping him and sending him into poor Toadstool, Floyd and Toad. She opens a trapdoor, letting six Thwomps freefall down! At the prison, Luigi has finally picked the door lock. But when inside, he realizes that Mario still has a ball and chain on his foot. "Even Houdini couldn't break out of all these locks..." he sighs. In the fray, Wendy has also released a horde of Chargin' Chucks into the battle. As the Chucks race toward our Thwomped heroes, Toadstool gets up and gives Wendy a heavy glare. "You blitz, and I'll BOMB! I MEAN it!" "And your princess pedestal will be koopa kindling!!" answers Wendy smugly. "It'll be a small price to pay to kick your KOOPA KEISTERS!" Toadstool replies, with smiling stars and sunshine in the background. "And, as always, GOOD will triumph over KOOPA-DOM!" "YOU'RE OFF YOUR ROYAL ROCKER!!" Wendy screams, but at that moment, Mario and Luigi "still in Princess clothing) burst in and break up the fight, stomping and plowing through the Chucks Wendy released. But Wendy has a back-up plan, as she and her siblings pull a rope and send Floyd, Yoshi, Toad, the bros., and the Princess down a huge trapdoor! "Where are we?" Luigi asks dazedly as he kicks about. Suddenly, his expression freezes as he yells "Oh, NO!" "REZNORS!" everyone screams, dashing away. But a stray fireball from the castle guardians lights the bomb...KA-BOOOOOOM! goes the castle basement as everyone goes flying! They crash-land on the other side, all yelling "WE DID IT!" On a lower note, Mario grumbles "I can't believe they pulled it off without my direction." Toadstool asks for her gown back, but Luigi says he's beginning to like it.. Floyd, after giving them a sales pitch for more bombs (they all refuse) jogs off in search of more prospective customers. "KOOPA'S CONQUERED! The Mushroom Kingdom is safe at last!" the bros. sing. "And we rescued Mario, to boot!" adds Toadstool. Mario, for once, acknowledges her with gratitude, and they all walk into the sunset, the credits rolling.


The Toads seem to have beaks.

Suddenly, the credits freeze (they are fake), the sunset clears, and Mario screams "WAIT! This adventure is far from a done deal yet!" They realize that they still need to get home through that huge Warp Pipe... hanging high in the sky! Mario thinks about an alternate route while everyone else screams "Oh, NOOO! WE'RE STUCK HERE FOREVER!" But Toad comes up with an idea of genius! Using the cape, he flies up the pipe, promising he'll send back a rescue party. Later that day, as the gang relaxes, a rope ladder suddenly falls from on high, and Toads paratroop down! (Hmmm.. They seem to have strangely pointed noses... What could that mean?!) A big, bushy eyebrowed Toad ushers them up, letting Toadstool go first, then him, then the bros. Suddenly, the Toad kicks Mario in the nose! "Something weirds going down!" Mario remarks to Luigi, and he's right! The "Toad" slices the ladder, sending Mario and Luigi plummeting! "What's going on!?" Toadstool exclaims. The "Toad" suddenly turns into who else but BOWSER! "Bwa ha ha! My sinister plan WORKED! You didn't really think I'd let you go so easily, did you?" he asks as the Princess screams and the rope is sucked up the pipe. The clouds dissipate to reveal that the pipe really is a Koopa flying machine! As the Koopas take off their fake caps, the captured Toad tells her that they've already taken control of their home kingdom! "Ha ha ha! You'll have to excuse me.. I have a WEDDING waiting! Ciao!" Bowser yells through his intercom. He then orders his toadies to attack "those bungling Bros.". When the Paratroopas drop, Luigi cries that "it's raining Mechakoopas" when the Koopas falling are clearly Koopa Paratroopas. Mario bops, hops on and stuns them, while Yoshi hungrily and happily slurps them all up! (He's a bottomless pit! Lucky for us!" Luigi comments.) In true Super Mario World style, when Yoshi eats a blue shell, he sprouts wings! The bros. hop aboard, but in the fray, they lost Bowser's rocket's trail! When Mario and Luigi start arguing, Mario asks Yoshi. Bad idea. When Yoshi tries to tell them, he spits out the precious shell! Yoshi sputters and spiral down! After a rough landing, they see a strange, gloomy house up ahead. Hmmmm... What could possibly be inside?!?


The brothers decide to peek inside a take a rest.. but little do they know they are being watched.. By the royal Koopa family! As they watch, Luigi bursts inside, but Mario cautiously holds him back. The Koopas are worried.. But Bowser announces "They're tired, hungry and, best of all, lost, which makes this bungalow just too tempting!" Mario tells Luigi, at the same time, that "We may be tired, lost and, worst of all, HUNGRY, but I feels that it's a trap!" As they turn to go, Bowser, panicking, presses a button that activates.. The smell of cheese?! Luigi, entranced, races inside. Mario on Yoshi follows, but the ceiling is too low and Mario is knocked off into the house as the door slams, shutting Yoshi out. Bowser, oh-so-happy and gloatful, skips off to "his perfect wedding". As Mario wanders the halls, calling out for Luigi, a Boo appears behind him. Mario turns around, and the little spirit blushes and hides its eyes. Mario is inspecting it when another appears.. and successfully bites Mario's posteriro. Mario turns to face it, but the first dives in! Mario races away with the Boos giggling behind him.

Luigi treads the halls to find a huge piece of perfectly aged Provolone cheese being aired by a huge fan. As he gobbles down the cheese, a gigantic horde of Boos appears behind him. At the last second, Mario leaps in to warn him! Luigi turns around and freaks out. The Boos corner the bros. against a wall, but the Mario brothers slide along the wall, keeping their eyes on the ghosts... which is a bad idea, considering there's a Big Boo in the hallway behind them, which Luigi finds out after falling to the ground. As Mario turns to look at what scared Luigi off, he sees this Big Boo behaves just like the smaller Boos ("Is he scary or just scared?"), but they forget about the swarm of Boos, who then attack them from behind. To keep all the ghosts away from them, Mario and Luigi decide to stand back-to-back with each other, staring at them ("It's a face-off!").

Meanwhile, Bowser's wedding ceremony is being set with a large troop of Yoshis bringing forth the massive wedding cake. Bowser is pleased to see the ease with which Yoshis can be tamed, and it is explained they all are under hypnotic effect. Bowser warns Kamek to keep an eye open for the Yoshis, though, as they are still enemies of Koopas, even hypnotized. Then he asks of Toadstool, and is informed that her dress is being fitted. Unable to hold his anxiousness, Bowser decides to rush to her room and take a look, knocking down a Goomba in his way, and oblivious to the fact that watching the bride before the ceremony brings bad luck.

Back in the haunted house, Mario and Luigi are getting tired of staring the Boos down. Mario then notices a door nearby, grabs Luigi, and makes a dash for it, slamming it behind him. Inside the room is a desk and a couch. When the Boos break into the room, they find Mario dressed as a psychiatrist, with Luigi as his nurse. As the Big Boo lies down on the couch, Mario counsels the ghost, asking to be told about its childhood. Later, the Boos are crying their eyes out about the Big Boo's unfortunate childhood. This saddens Luigi so much that he says he had the same problems (Mario: "Counseling you won't get us out of this mess!") Mario proceeds to comfort the Big Boo, telling him that his frustrations are nothing in the vast universe. Feeling better, the Big Boo brings the Mario bros. outside. Mario then requests that the Big Boo tell them how to reach Bowser's Castle, claiming "I want to tell the Koopa King about the wonderful universe too." Once they're out of the ghosts' sight, the Marios ditch their disguises and ride Yoshi off to the Koopa Kingdom.

Party Crashers[edit]

A page from the Super Mario Adventures Comic.
The Mario Bros. and Yoshi find the lava-filled cavern.

At Bowser's Castle, a humongous crowd of enemies are gathering to witness Bowser's marriage to the Princess (the Blue Viruses from Dr. Mario and a few enemies from Super Mario Bros. 2 can be seen). Friendly Floyd is also there, selling automatic cameras to the guests. Meanwhile, the Hypnotist Magikoopa halts the hypnotized Yoshis who have now settled the wedding cake, and he orders them to march down a conveyor belt and into a machine, where they are all sealed in eggs. Up above, Mario is watching along with Yoshi and notes that the security is tight. Luigi finds a pipe that he believes may bring them inside, so they go down it. While traveling through the pipe, Luigi complains about the heat and, after scrambling to the end of the tunnel, finds that it's led them into a lava-filled cavern. Luckily, Mario sees a small rock island in the lava, so they jump to it. A Thwomp comes down, though, so they have to quickly jump away. Luigi and Yoshi land on another rock island, but Mario finds himself jumping around on a group of Blarggs before landing in another pipe.

Meanwhile, Bowser has been getting into his tuxedo when he is suddenly informed that the Princess is hysterical. In the bride's chamber, Toadstool is attacking the Koopas and Goombas attending to her, insisting that she will not wed Bowser. When sweet-talking her doesn't work, Bowser sends in for the Hypnotist Magikoopa to brainwash her into loving him. The Koopa King is so thrilled with the results that he orders a Troopa to bring him a video camera so he may record it for posterity.

The wedding begins. But while Bowser is bringing the Princess down the aisle, Mario has found his way through the pipe he just went through, which happens to come out of Bowser's wedding cake. Seeing the ceremony, Mario jumps down and kicks Bowser in the face before the Princess can say her "I do". (The Koopalings, minus Larry, briefly appear to point this out.) Mario is shocked to hear Toadstool calling Bowser "darling", but nevertheless grabs her and attempts to get her out while Bowser orders his minions to seize him.

Elsewhere, Luigi and Yoshi have managed to escape the lava cavern and are looking for Mario in the basement. They find a room full of Yoshi eggs, which Luigi finds creepy. Yoshi suddenly becomes ecstatic, pointing the eggs out to Luigi, who then notices they look familiar. He then recalls that this is the same kind of egg he and Mario hatched Yoshi out of earlier, and that the other Yoshis are trapped in these eggs. With that, Luigi and Yoshi start cracking the eggs open.

Back at the party, Bowser taunts a captured and tied-to-a-pillar Mario, saying that he may stay to witness his blessed event. Bowser orders the minister to continue the ceremony, but then a Koopa Troopa rushes to alert Bowser that the Yoshis have escaped. At this point, the Yoshis (with Luigi) come storming in (Luigi: CHARGE! LET'S CRASH THIS WEDDING!), trampling over the enemies. Bowser orders the Hypnotist Magikoopa to cast another spell, but he too is trampled, his wand being smashed in the process. The spell on Toadstool is broken as a result, and she promptly unties Mario. Bowser attempts to escape in the Clown Car, but Mario snags the propellor blades with the rope, causing it to crash into the cake.

Bowser hides inside the cake, and Mario jumps after him, telling him to "eat cake". As if on cue, the Yoshis start eating the cake. Bowser flees to the top of the cake, where he finds Mario telling him that "the party's over". Bowser runs at Mario but misses. The cake then starts crumbling from the Yoshis having eaten it, so Mario jumps down as it collapses, taking Bowser with it. Afterwards, Luigi and Mario make jokes about Bowser's defeat, and Toadstool kisses Mario. The narrator then tells us that the Yoshis were freed, and the Marios and Toadstool returned to the Mushroom Kingdom for some rest... "until their next great adventure."

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