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Extra pieces of writing that were preserved from the DK Wiki merge, on behalf of BJAODN. Note how DK Wiki had a tendency to leave a handful of errors and poorly-written articles around for months, suggesting that it could not sustain itself as an independent wiki.

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75m is a unlockable stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl that is based on the 75m level of the original arcade version of Donkey Kong, also known as the Elevator Level. It is a retro stage in the sense that it uses the original 8-bit graphics to replicate the look, including the original arcade version of Donkey Kong. He sits in his usual location. When he is dark looking he doesn't do anything, but when he is bright looking then he hurts you causing you to fly into oblivion. All items from the original Donkey Kong game return as items in the stage, such as the Trouble bugs, springs, and the purse. Sakurai has stated the the stage is quite large, but the small platforms and dangers give the stage a cramped feel. If you play the original Donkey Kong, this is the third level (second in the NES version). Unlike Flat Zone, however, the stage is not completely 2-D -- the platforms have depth.

Gameplay on 75m tends to take place in the upper right hand corner. This area is much more flat and has less gaps than the rest of the level and is much less prone to random objects flying out and killing players. While a large stage in terms of death lines, it tends to feel cramped because of the many small platforms. Also, because the majority of the fighting takes place in the upper right hand corner, the stage tends to feel imbalanced towards that side. In general, it is quite difficult to KO a player off the left or bottom edges, while it is rather easy to do so off the top or right.


  • This is the second largest stage in Brawl, the largest being New Pork City.
  • The Score in the top left-hand corner increases by 800 for when you pick up items such as the purse and umbrella.
  • The High score never saves after you finish brawling on this level, although it does increase with the score when you pick up certain items.
  • The Donkey Kong Masterpiece starts you off on the 75m level.´
  • This is the only hidden stage that every song of the stage appears upon unlocking.
  • The Donkey Kong at this stage is Cranky Kong .

Original Donkey Kong:
If Jumpman jumps off the elevator and has too much air time, when he lands, he will lose a life.

A Bridge Too Short[edit]

The mini-game contains no real introduction; the introduction is that the player walks up close to the sign; then another box appears on the screen; and then the mini-game starts.

Angry Banana[edit]

The Angry Banana is an unused boss from Donkey Kong Country Returns. He would be the boss of the Volcano instead of Tiki Tong. It is a giant red Banana that would shoot fireballs out of the Volcano. Not much else is known about the boss.

Animal Crate[edit]

Animal Crates are quite literally a prison containment for Animal Buddies.[...]Players are usually encouraged to release them (by jumping on the crate itself) to free the buddy and utilize them for the rest of the level.

Animal Crates are usually placed in areas where the buddies would be useful, for example in Gusty Glade, Rattly was used to safely cross gaps. A more general example would be practically every Enguarde crate, which eases underwater exploration by being able to defeat foes underwater.

The crates only appeared in the DKC trilogy. These crates were also exclusive to the first Donkey Kong Land, the latter games did not due to hardware and configuration limitations.

(The hardware limits could also be said for DKL, which was on the Game Boy. - Results May Vary (talk))

Apple Kingdom[edit]

Before completing the level, Donkey Kong fought Armies impeding his progress. The Armies wer defeated by a punch attack and Donkey Kong continued to the next level.


Headline text
It is the second boss in donkey kong country 3 it level is named "Arich Ambush" it is a gigant spider that throws you green balls you have to take barrels and throw them into arichs face several times later he will crash and throw one bandage wich you have to give to funky to mejorate your boat

a spider

It is not hard fighting this guy, but then again, it is not easier than Belcha. After taking damage, Arich will spit green (what looks to be snot) balls at you. After 3-4 hits, he will be defeated. In the final blow, Arich will blast up, flip over, and be considered unconscious.


  • A Banana Bird Cave in Kremwood is named "Arich's Hoard" appears. This name may either imply that Arich had kept a Banana Bird at captivity at King K. Rool's request, or that this cave was commandeered by K. Rool when Arich used it as a larder.

Army Dillo[edit]

Army Dillo is an evil armadillo assassin who works for King K. Rool as a boss / guardskeeper to two of K. Lumsy's keys.Army Dillo fights in dark arenas that flash once in a while. Army Dillo sets his operation in Jungle Japes, given away by Troff and Scoff. Army Dillo vowed to kill Donkey Kong during the first battle in Jungle Japes, attempting to roll on him and burn him with his fireballs. But when Army Dillo showed his rather scary face to laugh, Donkey Kong threw a TNT Barrel at him and broke off his cannons. Army Dillo cowarded away and lost K. Lumsy's first key. Army Dillo was forced to confess his failure to his master, King K. Rool, much to his anger. As punishment, King K. Rool gave him "the scary eye" with his bloodshot eye. Later on, Army Dillo hired some of the Kremlins to modify his shell with a jetpack and a third cannon. When Donkey Kong entered the Crystal arena, Army Dillo threatened to get his revenge against Donkey Kong for not only humiliating him back in Jungle Japes, but for getting him into trouble with King K. Rool. Army Dillo viciously and scaringly used his new weapons against Donkey Kong, but once again lost the battle. After the final TNT Barrel, Army Dillo suffered from a huge shockwave, (which attacks him every time Donkey Kong hits him with a TNT Barrel) The wicked armadillo lost all of his weapons and his shell. Then he somehow disapears and loses his second key. After that, Army Dillo isn't seen again through the rest of Donkey Kong 64. 

B. Locker[edit]

Although he is a villain, all he does is block the portals to other worlds in the jungle.


  • He is an incredibly annoying villain, though it is unknown what happens to him after you pay him. He most likely teleports but this is unknown.
  • It is unknown what kind of odd species B.Locker actually is.

Baby Donkey Kong[edit]

Notes: It is unknown whether this is Cranky or DK. But considering he has a monogrammed bib similar to DK's tie it is most likely the latter. Of course if this WAS Cranky, then Mario would be nearing death of old age.

Baby Kong[edit]

Baby Kong is the infant nephew of Donkey Kong and is exclusive to the Donkey Kong Country TV series. Even then, he is not often seen in reruns of the series. He is a stereotypical infant that cries and pouts a lot and shakes his rattle. Candy Kong is often seen changing him. In Baby Kong Blues, he is lost while being baby-sat by Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, and K. Rool tries to raise him as his heir after finding him, until rescued by Donkey Kong.

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Balloon Barrage[edit]

Balloon Barrage is the third level of Big Ape City in Donkey Kong Land. Due to its inaccurate characterization, this level's name was likely mistakenly switched with Construction Site Fight in the game manual.

Banana Hoard[edit]

Donkey Kong Country
King K. Rool stole the Bananas for unknown reasons in Donkey Kong Country. Donkey and Diddy Kong made it their mission to retrieve them one by one, and eventually succeeded.

Donkey Kong 64
DK's banana hoard in Donkey Kong 64Only normal, edible Bananas are stored in this cave. The Golden Bananas from Donkey Kong 64 were stored in an undisclosed location.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl
The Banana Hoard once again appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl story mode, the Subspace Emissary. Bowser sent out a Hammer Bro. and a Goomba to steal the bananas. Donkey Kong started to chase them. When he finally got out of the jungle, he still couldn't catch them as they drived too fast and was too far from him. The Goomba jumped to two Bill Blasters which fired three Bullet Bills toward DK. Diddy Kong then jumped out of the jungle and used his Peanut Popgun to stop them. They kept following them until Donkey Kong was eventually turned into a trophy.

Banana Juice[edit]

The potion can be bought at Cranky Kong's Shop for 20 Banana Coins, and it cannot be found or bought anywhere else.

(Where else was a possibility for it to be sold at? - Results May Vary (talk))


  • When the Kongs use banana juice, they glow shiny gold, and lose this color after talking 10 hits. It is to note that even their clothes turn gold.

Banana Punch[edit]

Inside each barrel is either nothing, one barrel or a Banana Bunch, worth 5 bananas.

("That's what I call a Barrel-ception!" - EleCyon (talk))


History (DKC3):
Barbos would spawn two Lurchins by her side, and once they were defeated, Barbos would squish up and down repeatedly, try to protect her weak spot.

It will do a similar thing, except Barbos will be invincible and she will now spawn seashell-missiles. Lure the missiles into the shells to hurt them, and get them into her weak spot to advance. Finally, dodge her spike attacks and strike her when it's open.

Barrel Cannon[edit]

In Donkey Kong 64, the only way a player could use these cannons is by getting on a special platform with Donkey Kong's face on it with Doneky Kong, pressing the Z button, and Donkey Kong will be launched into the air. He will hit a Barrel Cannon in midair and the player must aim correctly to hit the other cannons in order to complete this trial. If a player launches too far from any barrel, they will restart the level.

Delayed Barrel Blasts:
These are one of the most common types, and may provide challenges or relief when using them in areas with hordes of baddies.

In the Mario Kart series:
A bigger version of the cannon appears in DK Mountain. Getting in it will fire the player at high speeds until they reach land, at which they will slow down and land.

Barrel Jets[edit]

History / Donkey Kong 64:
The barrel jet appears in Donkey Kong's debut on the Nintendo 64, as one of Diddy's special moves purchased from Funky Kong. When using it, he will fly around for a short time, equipped with his Peanut Popguns, which can be shot at foes, in the manner of the planes in the Air Force.

Bashmaster, the Unbreakable[edit]

At some unspecified point in time Bashmaster was appointed as a high-ranking member of the Snomads, and was sent to conquer Juicy Jungle, which he obediently did, simultaneously taking residence in the fruit production plant as well as completely taking it over. When Donkey Kong and co. eventually infiltrated the factory, they found the polar bear peacefully enjoying one of its products: a popsicle. However, they accidentally landed on the ground he was laying on and shook it, causing him to drop his popsicle into the surrounding pool of juice where it was immediately devoured by a school of piranhas. Angered by his loss, Bashmaster challenged the sheepish Kongs to a fight, but lost and was sent reeling away.

In spite of his tough exterior, Bashmaster has a somewhat laid back and carefree attitude, and an affinity for popsicles, which he deliberately eats slowly in order to savor them properly. However, he is rather hot-tempered, picking a fight with others over something as simple as losing his food (hinting at a somewhat gluttonous nature) and ignoring any guilt that they may show him.


The most notable thing about these creatures is their numerous elemental subspecies, such as the Fire Batty, Ice Batty and Sea Batty.


Bazaar is also known for charging unreasonable prices for useless information.


Countless shipwrecks litter the bay as well. It is possible that there is a dangerous reef below the water's surface that is causing some of these wrecks, but the most likely case is all of the pointy rocks everywhere. There is also a giant octopus swimming in the water breaking ships. There are ships floating on the bay also, that haven't been destroyed, and are still going. All of these ships, wrecked or not were pirate ships. This indicates that this bay is a hideout for pirates, or maybe they are there because there is treasure somewhere on the island. Whatever the reason, all of the pirates makes it very dangerous for people to be on the beach. At first sight of someone walking on the beach, the pirates will open fire, and whoever is on the beach needs to take cover from the cannon ball rain. Most of these pirates are crabs, which there are plenty of on the beach, but that does not mean that all of the pirates are crabs, there may be other unknown species visiting the island.

The east part of the Beach is completely different. The weather is normally horrible; being windy, stormy, and cold. The rain falls hard on this side most of the time, and extreme tidal waves are not uncommon on the farthest island. This is probably the reason that this side of the island is almost uninhabited.

The east side is very different when it comes to terrain as well. The terrain here is affected by the weather, which is not good.

Other info:

  • There is a very aggressive giant octopus swimming in the western waters, making it a very dangerous place. This giant octopus is big enough to destroy big pirate ships very quickly, but it will go after small prey, such as Donkey Kong.
  • There is a gargantuan statue of the giant octopus that was built in the waters which it swims. It is unknown who built this huge statue, but it could have been done by pirates decades or centuries ago. This is probably a warning to all passing ships, so people would know when they've reached its territory. It also could have been built by the same people who built the temple, and it may have served as a form of worship and idolatry.
  • It is also unknown what causes the extreme waves that hit one of the islands. There is no evidence of anything that could cause tidal waves to hit only one of the islands and not the whole bay, but that's what happens.


This Memory minigame costs Bonus Coins to play and to play it, Dixie and Kiddy must 10 cards through a limited time and the will win Extra Life Balloons, Bananas, Banana Bunches, etc.



Belcha is the first boss in donkey kong country 3 it is a gigant barrel wich throws little barrels with insects in it wich you have to take and throw them into belchas mouth , then he will burt and several times later fall out a pit .Is really easy to beat since its only attack is to push you out the pit.


As an underwater enemy, name and size is the only real difference in threat to Donkey Kong.

Black Ice Blitz[edit]

The Kongs ride a toboggan in this level on the slippery snow to get throughout the level. There are also small pits as traps in this level for the Kongs to jump over or else they will lose a life.


One Extra Thing:
King K. Rool is so mad that he makes sure no one leaves the place till the machine is fixed and DK Island is destroyed.

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Bleak first appeared in the game....

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Bleak's House:
When hit a couple of times, Bleak starts to use a new attack tectic; firing snowballs from his hat. He fires either two or four giant snowballs at once from his hat, meaning Dixie and Kiddy have to be extra careful for the giant snowballs attack them. Enough damage makes Bleak have some sort of seizure and then explode.



  • It is worth noting that despite how Diddy Kong's gameplay style slightly differs from Donkey Kong in terms of strength and agility, the strength of the blowing ability does not differ between the Kongs.

Blue Kritter[edit]

#redirect Kritter Blue Kritter is a color of Kritter.

Boss Key[edit]

Boss keys have a DK signal on them, which is odd, because the bosses completely hate DK and the rest of the kongs..

Box of Chocolates[edit]

The Box of Chocolates is not eatable, but is instead needed to trade to Bachelor alongside the Rose for a Banana Bird.

Brothers Bear[edit]

{{Infobox Race
|name = Zingers


He is a boss, when you race him the first time, he will drop bombs when you win you can do a balloon challenge

Bubbler is a boss in the game Diddy Kong Racing and he attacks by throwing bombs.

(Two takes at an article, and both mention that he drops bombs, when they are really land mines that he drops behind). - Results May Vary (talk))


There mouths chomp all the time. In their gallery artwork they are shown having eyes but in the the game they do not have eyes. Flaming Buzzbites only appear in 6th Key Temple, however if they touch lave they will be destroyed.

Candy Kong[edit]

{{Infobox character
|powers and abilities = Can seduce almost anyone with ease

Once K. Rool created a robotic clone of her to cut Donkey Kong's hair rendering him weak(?) the clone was named Kandy Kong. Candy Kong is a playable character in Donkey Kong big Quest. King K. Rool locked her up at the Jungle Japes hideout

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Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest:
Candy Kong was notably absent from the original Donkey Kong Country 2 on the Super Nintendo, however in the game's Game Boy Advance remake she has an appearance. Here she is a host in Swanky Kong's Banana Bonanza. Her outfit notably changed to a white color only, but aside from that, she has no dialogue. Candy is also seen in the ending alongside other Kongs.

Donkey Kong Barrel Blast:
She seems to be choosing who is going to participate in her challenges, although only Donkey Kong can participate, she may be as well choosing rivals for Donkey Kong.

(Bonus Bonanza was misspelled as Banana Bonanza since 2011, right up until the article's deletion. - Results May Vary (talk))

Capture Kong[edit]

Capture Kong is an enemy from Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis. If the player's toys run into it, it will suck them into its "hood." They can only be stopped with hammers. In addition, if the Capture Kong gets all of the player's toys into its hood, the player immediately gets a Game Over.

Cat-O-9 Tails[edit]


  • The Cat-O-9-Tails has seven tails, oddly.


Chickens are a species of poultry who have appeared throughout the Donkey Kong series as mostly enemies and on occasion characters. In the Donkey Kong series, only two actual chickens have appeared and both are anthropomorphic (aka sentient and intelligent), however other subspecies of these birds often appear in the series as enemies. On Earth and even Mushroom World, Chickens are harvested for their eggs and meat which are quite delicious, but since the dominant species of Donkey Kong Island are the fruit eating Kongs, Chickens have very little use as food there, but they may be eaten by other carnivorous species native to the greater Rare Island Chain.

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat:
In Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, an odd species of chicken/plant hybrid known as Chicken Weed appears in the game as a recurring enemy. This massive creature's odd appearance belies its vicious nature and will attack Donkey Kong if awoken.

Chimp Caverns[edit]

Necky Nutmare:
This additional level was only found in Donkey Kong Land, the GameBoy Color re-release of it (not the GBA remake).

Platform Perils:
The name of the level indicates platforms, and many platforms are indeed found in the level. The "perils" will happen when Kongs lose to the platforms going too fast for them, often going into enemies awaiting their attack. A lot of practice, memorizing, and plain luck are all required to pass this level. Passing this level will prove the player as acquired a great deal of skill, and there's a great feeling of accomplishment.


Chomps, as with the other underwater enemies in Donkey Kong Country, do not return in the game's sequel, Donkey Kong Country 2, though similar shark-like fish seem to attack Kaptain K. Rool in DKC2's ending. Chomps may have migrated there from DK Island, since it does not appear to be very far from Crocodile Isle.

Donkey Kong Country Returns:
A similar, but much less cartoon-like shark appeared in one of Donkey Kong Country Returns's water levels.

Chomps Jr.[edit]

Chomps Jr., along with Chomps, are found in a trailer for Donkey Kong Racing, which is now canceled. This trailer cameo possibly suggested Chomps Jr., along with Chomps, may have been ridable in the game.

Clapper's Cavern (Donkey Kong Land 2)[edit]


Some enemies are found near Clapper; thankfully, they can't injure Clapper.

Clapper the Seal[edit]

Clapper the seal is an unplayable animal friend that first appered in donkey kong country 2 diddys kong quest. His first level was lava lagoon. He helps you by spiting the lava to make it water so the Kongs can get safely across, while in Clapper's cavern, he turns water into ice so that the Lockjaw monster can't get through.


History (DKC2/DKL2):
However, when they are jumped on, they will be put helpless on their back, unable to move for a short time. While on their backside, they can be jumped on again to be defeated or picked up and used like a regular barrel projectile.

Congo Canopy[edit]

The Congo Canopy more than likely takes place in the Kongo Jungle, as implied by its name and the fact that the tee boxes are labeled with miniature barrels with the letters "DK" on the front.

Cranky's Kong Pad[edit]

The Kong Pad is only for Donkey Kong 64 and it's for using a curtain kong for a Kong Pad

Cranky's Monkey Museum[edit]

The Monkey Museum, renamed "Cranky's Hut" in the GBA remake, is a location that Cranky Kong resides in,[...] It is a spiritual successor to Cranky's Cabin (to the point where it's assumed the Museum is the interior of it), and works in a very similar way. [...] It also houses many Easter Eggs.


  • There are several easter eggs inside the Museum, and there is even a reference to a different game made by Rare:

NOTE: Things "on sale" are not really for sale, just appear to be in-game.

    • A character from Rare's fighting game Killer Instinct is on a wallpaper.
    • Winky from the original DKC appears to be on display in a box. He appears to be left to rest. It appears to be on sale for $5.
    • Funky's surfboard from the original DKC is in the background.
    • A giant red logo of Nintendo appears near Funky's surfboard.
    • The arcade cabinet appears to be on sale for $2, possibly holding Paper Boy, a classic NES game.
    • Some odd thing that resembles DK appears above the arcade cabinet
    • A big SNES controller can be seen.
    • Rare's symbol can be seen.
    • An enemy's head has been cut off and put on display, much like a deer or moose in real life. "On sale" for $3.
  • Cranky will occasionally ask the Kongs if they have tried a game called "Cranky Kong Country", which he claims was on sale a year ago (in-game), and that he was the guy who made it so popular, not his son, which he refers to has "Donkey". This is obviously him just trying to take credit for the huge success that Donkey Kong Country was. It also seems that he might actually be jealous of its success, which is pretty out of character, for Cranky Kong.

Crocodile Cauldron[edit]

This area's levels are lava themed, complete with instant-touch-and-die lava rivers[...]

Lava Lagoon: However, become the Squitter (start use the cheat). The water won't keep cool forever, so the Kongs cannot waste any time while in the drink.

Croctopus Chase[edit]

Even though this level's coloration implies that it takes place in an icy lake, it's no different from any other underwater level.

Crystal Banana[edit]

Crystal Bananas appear in Donkey Kong 64.

Demolition Drain-Pipe[edit]

Since the toboggan goes very fast, it is very hard to control and there are also small gaps and stuff

Bonus Levels:

  • Next to the 29th Buzz.

Diddy Kong[edit]


  • It is often joked that Diddy is more civilized than Donkey Kong, being that he wears more clothing.

Diddy Kong Racing[edit]

Plot: Timber the Tiger's parents go on vacation and leave their son in charge of the island they live on, leaving him and his friends to race for fun. Their enjoyment is derailed when an evil, intergalactic, pig wizard named Wizpig arrives at peaceful Timber's Island and attempts to take over after he conquered his own planet's racetracks. He turns the four island's guardians: Tricky the Triceratops, Bubbler the Octopus, Bluey the Walrus and Smokey the Dragon into his henchmen. The only solution available to the island's inhabitants is to defeat Wizpig in an elaborate series of races that involves cars, hovercrafts, and airplanes. Drumstick, the best racer on the island, failed this challenge and was transformed into a frog by Wizpig's black magic. Timber sends a letter to his friend Diddy Kong to call for help and Diddy in turn recruits his friends Banjo the bear and Conker the squirrel while Timber gathers the remaining inhabitants of the island to help. They eventually complete all of Wizpig's challenges and confront Wizpig himself to a race and defeat him. Shortly afterwards, Wizpig leaves for his home planet, Future Fun Land. Fearing that Wizpig would again attempt to invade Timber's Island, the islanders travel to Future Fun Land for a second challenge. When Wizpig loses the second race, the rocket he rides on malfunctions and blasts him to a distant planet and peace returns to Timber Island for good.

Playable Characters:

  • Conker [...] his first appearance in his own franchise would be in the M-rated Conker's Bad Fur Day
  • Timber the tiger is the son of the owners of the island Wizpig attacks
  • Bumper is a badger that is a semi-heavyweight, but otherwise has no traits as a character.
  • Pipsy the mouse is the lightest racer, but also has no characterisation

Secret Racers:

  • Drumstick[...] can be rescued after a period of time by running over a distinct frog.

Dingy Drain-Pipe[edit]

dingy drain pipe the first level / stage / round or whatever you wanna call it is a drain pipe level for like a sewer with hard to see through water and has verry many enemys not sure what

Dingy Drain-Pipe takes place in the filthy pipes of Pacifica. [...] Later on, they will have to dive into water filled pipes, where Lurchin and Koco pose as a threat.

DK's Jungle Adventure[edit]

more than likely it is based off Donkey Kong Jungle.

(The last paragraph only said this. - Results May Vary (talk))

DK's Jungle Parkway[edit]

When racers go off-course, natives will throw stones at them. The nativs are never seen. A cruise boat named Mario floats around the river in the jungle.

DK Coin[edit]

a dk coin apears in all the donkey kong countries

DK Cruiser[edit]

DK Cruiser is apparently a large wooden raft with hoops with rolling barrels squishing unlucky players and bananas sometimes falling on the court.

DK Dock[edit]

The water on the sides also play a big role -- if the ball is dropped in, the competitors will need to jump for it. If a player falls into the water on his/her own however, they are automatically out.

DK Pass[edit]

Course Layout: After a while, the player will restart the stage.

(Not necessarily - Results May Vary (talk))

DK Summit[edit]

At the summit, the players will see half-pipe ramps.

After the half-pipe area, there are two ramps to take; one has three bumps in it while the other is larger and has a boost panel on it.After this, racers will go through an area with a lot of bumps in it. The player will drive through 1 U-turn to the right and see a half-pipe. After that, there is a left that leads into the area where there are Shy Guys skiing. There are 2 half-pipe ramps in this area.


Dogadon was a boss in the Nintendo game Donkey Kong 64. He is pictured as a large flying dragon with dragonfly-like wings. After being deafeated he will fall in to lava and burn at the stake. He can breath fire balls at you, create shock waves and cause the stage to sink. He is the 2nd and 5th boss. He survived sinking in lava as he is seen talking to K. Rool and miserbly replies that he failed and that he is going to lay down.

Donkey Konga[edit]

Tell Donkey Kong To Go Get Pauline

(This was when the page was created, and was like this for about half a year. - Results May Vary (talk))

Donkey Konga [...] is famous for being the first game to be rated E10+ by the ESRB.

Donkey Konga 2[edit]


  • This game is the only Donkey Kong game to ever get a Teen rating in USA.
    • This is because this is the only Donkey Konga game (and by extension, the only Donkey Kong game) to include uses of swears.
    • The reason its not rated 12+ in europe releases is because that version changed the songs, so the rating can be smaller.

Donkey Kong's Box[edit]

Donkey Kong's Box is a Present from Mario Party 4. Donkey Kong loves playing in it.

Donkey Kong (Game Boy)[edit]

Donkey Kong (Game Boy) was a remake of the classic Aatari game of the same name. It, like most remakes of games, included special features, particularily new levels. It starred Mario, DK, DK Jr., and Paula.

Donkey Kong 64[edit]

Donkey Kong 64 [...] was published by Nintendo and first released on October 31, 1999.

The game takes place after the events of the Donkey Kong Land series.


  • Mini Monkey
    Allows Tiny to shrink to a teeny-tiny size to get into small places or passageways

5-Banana Coin:
Gives 5 coins to each Kong's coin bank and is obtained by eradicating a DK dirt pile.

Enemies also usually have one or more slices contained in themselves after they are eliminated.

Melon Crates:
Melon crates contain four watermelon slices that can extravagantly aid a Kong's life meter.

Oranges act as a Bob-omb would and explode very easily.

Bonus Barrels:
Beating a game will obligate them to a Golden Banana.

Target Switches:
The target Switches are as obvious as the Kong Switch.

Music Pads:
If the corresponding Kong steps on the pad and plays their instrument a variety of things can happen, including entrances to passageways opening to a Golden Banana appearing out of nowhere.

Game Modes:
The Battle Arena is a small single-screen arena where players again must beat the other player in the game mode. However, they must do this without falling off the arena as it appears as a large floating coin.


  • This game's box art shows that Chunky Kong has dark brown eyes.
  • This game's pictures suggest that Diddy Kong has blue eyes even thought his eyes are black on the box, in the game, or any other game he's appeared in.
  • This game's box art shows all five kongs riding in a Minecart. However, only Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and Chunky Kong, ride Minecarts in the game.
  • The characters have voices in the game's opening scene (the characters that speak are two kremlings, King K. Rool (his voice is extremely menacing in contrast to lighthearted nature of the game), and one Klump), but only speak in speech bubbles in the rest of the game.
  • There is a strange picture of a frog at the level, Angry Aztec. However, seeing this picture has nothing to do with the plot of the game.
  • Once you first start the game outside of Dk's home is a picture of Banjo Kazooie.
  • The rap song in the intro has striking similarities between Run-D.M.C.'s 1983 hit "It's Like That".

Rareware Coin:
This is one of 2 coins that opens the door for the last key inorder to get it you have to collect 15 banana medals and play the jetpack game and score up higher than 5000 points when you see the coin drop grab it quick before you die once you do congrates its yours.

Nintendo Coin:
Once you have the power up from cranky to pull leevers go to the Donkey Kong Arcade in frantic factory to play the old game once you beat it twice you should get a gloden bananaT the parrot will appear and tell you to play again for 2 coins after you pass it the second time you'll earn the nintendo coin which you should know because instead of Donkey Kong carrying the women he's carrying the coin

The four man band had to show fifteen Golden Bananas to B. Locker before access could be granted in Frantic Factory's entrance. There, Lanky freed Chunky, and the four did the same thing as usual: gather their loose bananas and find their Golden Bananas.

The Kongs then returned to K. Lumsy and headed to Creepy Castle, where they had to show a measley eighty bananas to B. Locker. This was the largest, most challenging, and creepyist world yet. There was a demon who haunted the mine-kart tunnels, many undead Kremlings roaming about, and chilling disenbodied laughter within the castle. The Kongs recieved the last of their upgrades here. All the Kongs then fed Scoff n' Troff 400 bananas to face off against King Kut Out, a cardboard image of King K. Rool that fired lasers.

Playable Characters:
Dixie Kong:
see main article:Dixie Kong

Dixie can be found in Frantic Factory,unlocked by Chunky,and making her the last Playable Character. Dixie's Banana-themed Stuff is Orange.Dixie's kinda fast and yet,Powerful somehow. Her ammo is apples. She can fly using her hair,make her foes dizzy, and drop a stone on 'em.

Book's Description:
Older sister of Tiny and Diddy's Girlfriend. She Plays the Trumpet. Dixie Is Chunky's cousin,too

Donkey Kong Barrel Blast[edit]

donkey kong barrel blast was the first game with donkey kong and the kremlings on the wii. this game has you bang on th barrels to move foward and contune the game.

Get ready,set,blast!!!! This game will make you wnna have a barrel yourself.Play with one of the kong or who would've thought that the kremlings are playable also.

Enemies: Big Frog: a big frog that is usually in groups. They use a strange breath attack to slow players down.

Donkey Kong Country Trilogy[edit]

The Donkey Kong Country Trilogy is another name for the first 3 games in the Donkey Kong Country Series. All games in the trilogy are released on the SNES. A 4th entry for Wii titled Donkey Kong Country Returns was released in 2010, but it is not included.

Donkey Kong Country:[edit]

The first entry in the trilogy, (as well as the first Donkey Kong game to be released since Donkey Kong Jr. Math) marks the end of Cranky Kong's backstory, and introduces reccuring characters, such as Diddy Kong, (the game's secondary protragonist, who was originally a new design for Donkey Kong Jr.), Funky Kong, (pilots a plane to help the Kongs fly between worlds), Cranky Kong (lives in a shack, providing advice and also serving as the current Donkey Kong's grandfather), and Candy Kong, (used to save progress in levels). In the plot, Donkey Kong is training Diddy Kong to guard the Banana hoard, but while Diddy is on guard, the Kremlings attack, stuff him into a DK Barrel, and make off with the bananas. From there, Donkey frees Diddy, and they give chase.

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong's Quest:[edit]

The second entry in the trilogy marks the debut appearance of Dixie Kong, (Diddy Kong's new girlfriend), who helps Diddy save Donkey Kong from capture, as the Kremlings are holding him hostage unless they give up the banana hoard. They save Donkey, and after he goes home, they defeat King K. Rool.

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble:[edit]

The game is the third and final entry in the trilogy, and marks the debut of Kiddy Kong, the game's secondary protragonist who is the younger brother of Chunky Kong, (who does not appear until Donkey Kong 64), and Dixie Kong's younger cousin. In the game's plot, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong go on a fishing trip, and when they do not return, Dixie receives a note from King K. Rool, saying that they are being held captive. The duo traverse the island once again, and save Donkey and Diddy.

Donkey Kong Jungle[edit]

Although the stadium is still a standard Baseball field, the river is full of Klaptraps

(That makes it ordinary how? - Results May Vary (talk))

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat[edit]

Donkey Kong goes on an adventure that is so wild! You won`t want to miss it! Unlike DK barrel blast you can only play as donkey kong

(This was when the article was created; not edited until a few months later - Results May Vary (talk))

It has been reported that the Wii version of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is somewhat changed from the original GameCube version[...] This is the first game to received the E10 by the ESRB, a new rating they had created so that games slightly more violent the E rated titles could not get a T rating.

Donkey Kong Racing[edit]

Donkey Kong Racing is a fun game that is a sequel to [[Diddy Kong Racing donkey kong 1st diddy kong 2nd lank kong 3rd chunky kong 4th tiny konh 5th dixie kong 6rd

For that matter, it was finally declared that the game become vaporware, as its development was absolutely non-existent. In other words, the game got canceled.

Double Tusk[edit]

The main Double Tusk on the left is a light brown Tusk with a similar camouflage pattern as Turret Tusk and the other Tusk on the right appears to be a revived Grave Tusk, although whether it is truly Grave Tusk or just a duplicate is never said.

Dread Kong[edit]

Despite his fearsome appearance Dread Kong is actually the weakest of the Kongs faced in the game, as such he was easily defeated by Donkey Kong in their battle on the treetops.

Drumstick the Rooster[edit]

Drumstick is a character in Diddy Kong Racing. He resembles a chicken and he has overalls and he is also one of the best drivers in Timber's Island.

Eddie the Mean Old Yeti[edit]


  • It is thought by some that Eddie is based off the Manky Kongs, minor enemies from the Donkey Kong Country video game. As like the Manky Kongs, Eddie has a bad temper and has unknown relations to the Kong family. He also resembles a Manky Kong.
  • Interestingly enough, one of Donkey Kong's alternate color skins from the games Mario Golf and Mario Tennis resemble Eddie. This alternate color scheme is also available in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. 4.
  • Eddie's model is an obvious recolor of Donkey Kong's, for in terms of appearance without color or clothing, the two are identical.
  • Another Yeti like Eddie, named Sassy Squatch appears in the game DK: King of Swing. Despite being the same species as Eddie, Sassy looks nothing like him.

Eel Fight[edit]

Eel Fight was the original idea for the boss level for the Beach in Donkey Kong Country Returns. Instead of fighting the Scurvy Crew, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong would have to fight a giant eel with a bandage on it's face that was rapped around a lighthouse. Not much is currently known about the fight, nor what the name of the eel was.

Ellie the Elephant[edit]

Ellie the elephant has good abilities like sucking barrels to her nose and sucking in water. Her first level is Lakeside Limbo. Ellie is afraid of mice and will shriek when she encounters them.

("These abilities aren't "good," they suck." - Doc von Schmeltwick (talk))

Enguarde the Swordfish[edit]

Donkey Kong Racing:
Tiny Kong is seen riding him, in of course an underwater course, and Diddy can be seen on a pink colored one. Whether the pink version is a female version or an entirely new character is not confirmed.

Donkey Kong Barrel Blast:
It is speculated that his role would be similar in Donkey Kong Racing.

Club Nintendo comic:
An exploding TNT Barrel pushes them out of the water and onto King K. Rool's ship Gangplank Galleon, marking his last appearance in the comic.

Entertainment Software Rating Board[edit]

In the Donkey Kong series, almost all of the games are rated E, except for Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, which is rated E10+ and Super Smash Bros. Brawl that is rated T.

Expresso Racing[edit]

In this minigame, Expresso needs to collect a hidden Golden Feather in every level. Expresso appears to race against red, blue, and green feathers.


They are carnivorous fish-like enemies[...]

(With a diet for swimming apes. - Results May Vary (talk))

Its body mass relates to that of Chomps's.

Fire Necky[edit]


  • The appearance of Fire Necky, that of a fire engulfed bird, may be based off the legendary Phoenix.
    • As a result, it has the appearance of the Legendary Pokémon, Moltres.

Fleet Roc[edit]

To defeat the Roc, one must destroy the egg it carries.


They are obviously modeled after real life dragonflies, though do not possess any kind of special attack besides flying.


  • Flitters were seen in a trailer for Donkey Kong Racing, making rumors that they were usable karts in the game.


A boss named Wild Sting that looks like a Flotsam appears as the first boss in Donkey Kong Land, lives on DK Island.

Donkey Kong Land:
Flotsam made it's first appearance as the first boss of Donkey Kong Land, at the end of Gangplank Galleon Ahoy! Unlike the aquatic Flotsam, this one appears to be able to move and fight above water. He's defeated like any other boss too: jumping on top of it several times. It is not confirmed if this is directly a boss version of Flotsam or inspiration for the enemy in Donkey Kong Country 2.

Donkey Kong Country 2:
Flotsam were common water enemies, practically every water level had them. [...] They bear the usual aquatic foe's weakness: Enguarde's ever reliable bill.

Fruit Kingdom[edit]

The Fruit Kingdoms are the lands explored in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat by DK in an attempt to save the inhabitants from the evil invaders by getting back their bananas. It is a chain of islands that is a part of the bigger Rare Island Chain.

Fugu Face-Off[edit]


  • This is the only boss level in the entire game where the player cannot touch the ground.
  • This is the only boss level in the game to have its name contain the name of the boss encountered.
  • This is the only boss level to not feature a background audience.

Funky Barrel[edit]

This barrel can go to a world that the player has already been to easier, faster, and with Funky's own unique theme playing while doing so.

Funky's Fishing (minigame)[edit]

Above them is be an odd time bar that slowly decreases over time.

Funky's Flights II[edit]

While it basically serves the same purpose on Crocodile Isle as to what the original Funky's Flights did for Donkey Kong Island, Funky's Flights II now resembles an actual airport.

Funky Stadium[edit]


  • In addition, the tunnel makes a good hiding spot for a sneak attack, since CPUs never enter it. (e.g. The player has a red shell, and if they don't want to risk vulnerability to attacks in the open, they enter the tunnel. They then throw it at any character on the opposing team, who passes by the entrance).
    • However, though CPUs never enter the tunnel, red, or blue spiny shells still do, leaving the player not totally invulnerable inside there.

Future Fun Land[edit]

Future Fun Land is the fifth and final world of Diddy Kong Racing. The world can only be activated once a player collects four 1st place trophies and beat Wizpig. The player must then ride up to the sign with four gold trophies and automatically ride up to the lighthouse near Sherbet Island, which will change into a rocketship. Also, a giant T.T. door is seen which will only open if a player collects all four amulet pieces of the T.T. Amulet for completing and winning the four trials in each racetrack world, as well as completing the racetracks twice (silver coin challenge) in order to face off against Wizpig for the second and final time. The world is consisted with futuristic backgrounds of outer space and cities along with floating planetoids and shooting lasers.

Game Boy[edit]

Is a machine that have a L button R button A button B button start button select button and power button.

It comed out in 2002 with  the gamecube. With the gameboy player to gamecube you can play gameboy games on your gamecube. And if you have the gameboy-gamecube cabel you can link them. 

The Game Boy was a handheld game machine released by Nintendo in 2002, along with the GameCube. It was small enough to carry around, and the DK Trilogy was re-made on this system. These games, known as Donkey Kong Land, Donkey Kong Land 2, and Donkey Kong Land 3, the game were accurate remakes of the originals, though quite limited graphical and sound quality wise.

Gangplank Galleon[edit]

The Galleon would make a larger reappearance in Donkey Kong Country's sequel, Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest.[...] Beating this area gives access to the Crocodile Cauldron (or Krem Cauldron in the GBC remake).

Gangplank Galley:
Both of this level's bonus areas and its DK Coin are located towards the top, so climbing upwards wherever it's possible isn't a bad idea.

Lockjaw's Locker:
Lockjaw's Locker is the fourth level, and is located within the Gangplank Galleon. This is the first underwater level of the game, which takes place in the ship's cargo hold. Thanks to a hole in the starboard bow, the cargo hold is flooded. Similar to Coral Capers of the original Donkey Kong Country, the Kongs will discover Enguarde (at two separate points) & become Squitter (start use the cheat), The Kongs will also meet the annoying Cat-O-9-Tails here (which stage are we discussing again? - Results May Vary (talk)) as well as aquatic foes Floatsams and Shuris. Klomps also appear. Enguarde is incredibly useful throughout this level, as he is needed to enter a bonus area, and he can take out enemies. Despite the name of the level, the Lockjaws play no major role in the level.

Donkey Kong Land 2:
In Donkey Kong Land 2, Kaptain K. Rool raised galleon from the waters, as with the rest of Crocodile Isle. It is ravaged somewhat from being underwater for so long, and is later sunken once more by the Kongs, this time for good.

In Donkey Kong 64, in the Gloomy Galleon's water cove, what is believed to be the remains of the Galleon lies on the seabed ripped in half . Dispite all the decay and seaweed, Kaptain K. Rool's portraits and log book, as with the ship itself, remained in perfect condition.

Ghost Rope[edit]


(This was when the article was created, before being blanked months later, and some more months later, actual content got added. That's what i find VERY SCARY. - Results May Vary (talk))

It is debated whether these are considered Animal Buddies or Kremlings, as they do technically "help" the Kongs, but can very well be the result of their death if they disappear as a Kong is leaping to it.

(They're not animals, and they're not crocodiles... They're ropes :p - Metalex123 (talk))

Gloomy Gulch[edit]

The area, as the name suggests, is quite gloomy, scary, aged, etc., and so are most of the levels in this area.

Ghostly Grove:
This is the first "woods" area of Gloomy Gulch. It apparently takes place during the late evening, and there are a few parts where light breaks through (though both lighting effects don't tamper with the sight of the player much). A Kloak will spawn directly above the Kongs to throw items, though these items are not harmful, and if patient, it will throw two treasure chests, both containing two Green Balloons when broken. Ghost Ropes will appear to help the Kongs transverse long gaps, though be careful, as the Ghost Ropes disappear and re-appear randomly.

Haunted Hall:
After a short amount of travel, Kackle will appear to give chase. A timer will then start. If it reaches zero, Kackle will attack, ensuring the loss of a Kong. Crash into as many Plus Barrels as possible to stay alive.

Gusty Glade:
The wind is a blessing and a curse, as it will greatly assist the Kong's jumps, though may backfire and doom them to various endless pits or throw them into enemies.

Parrot Chute Panic:
Parrot Chute Panic's level name is clearly a pun on "Parachute Panic", which is actually similar to the level's concept. Diddy and Dixie will start the level in a bee hive. A purple Squawks will be found by dropping down the pit where the level starts. The color change from the usual green is not for style; this particular parrot cannot fly upwards or even shoot nuts, it can only descend downwards. Many Zingers and other foes will appear to pester the Kongs in their downward flight. Thus, players will need to carefully guide the parrot down, similar to a parachute somewhat, hence the level name.

Web Woods:
The final woods level of the area (and the game), it takes place in presumably old woods due to the yellow leaves, and the fog foreground effect.

Haunted Hall: If you run out of time, Kackle will take the life of one of your players.

Gloomy Galleon[edit]

It is a water-based cove area featuring K. Rool's sunken navy from earlier Donkey Kong games.

It's similar to the Glimmer's Galleon level from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest because Shuri's and Puftup's are here.

The level is an eerie cove that is full of caverns, which hold many secret treasures and shipwrecks from earlier Donkey Kong games. Outside these caves are water areas towered over by cliffs.[...]This area also has a floating ship that appears to be owned by K.Rool. There is also a hidden mermaid village beneath the waters and many treasure chests.

The other water area is a cove[...]This holds the sunken Gangplank Galleon, which is ripped in half and holds secret Golden Bananas. There is also a hidden mechanical fish here[...]

Golden Banana[edit]

Bananas with the Nintendo 64 Logo on them. These Bananas are the key projectile of Donkey Kong 64. There are 200 (201 in the American version) Bananas in all. Some are extremely hard to find, get, and earn. Try to get them all!

Gorilla Glacier[edit]


  1. Snow Barrel Blast: The first level, and in the SNES version, often the most hated. The snow effects and barrel blasting is dizzying, though in the remakes, the effects were toned down to make the level easier to play.
  2. Slipslide Ride: The traction is noticeably bad, and even the ropes themselves are slippyer due to the ice freezing. The level is rather long too, so caution is advised.
  3. Ice Age Alley* : Note that Kongs can turn back, to the left sides of the screen, and make a leap of faith to find an Expresso animal crate was well as the "K" KONG letter. Expresso will often make the rope swinging sections easier, but only if players can keep Expresso flying.
  4. Really Gnawty Rampage: In the SNES version of DKC, he is simply a higher jumping version of Very Gnawty (though should not be underestimated), but the GBA version has him use icicles that fall from the ceiling that must be avoided.


The Gyrocopter's first canonical appearance was technically Donkey Kong Country 2, though in it's remake.

Hand Slap[edit]

It is a reference to how Donkey Kong could slap the ground and force bananas out of tree, only he slaps much faster with an earthquake-like effect.

Hard Hat[edit]

Hard Hat is a mole who have a hard hat used for protection. He pops out of a random hole and throws his hat in order to try to hurt a Kong, who must dodge it. Since he is unprotected now, the Kongs can jump on him or run over him. He throws his hard hat faster as the fight progresses. He will die after 8 hits.

Haunted Hall[edit]

Haunted Hall is the second level in Gloomy Gulch in Donkey Kong Country 2. It is a Minecart stage. The background sort of looks like an out of date Library. Anyway, Haunted Hall is home of Kackle, the ghost of the Hall. When the Kongs go through the first gate, Kackle is waiting promptly for you, and a timer will appear on the top of the screen. After that, it will count down. Do not let hit 0, though. To keep time from running out, use the "+" Barrels to add 5 seconds to your total time. There are other Barrels that you may not want to get. The "-" Barrels. The "-" Barrels will take away 5 seconds from your total time. If you run out of time, the Kackle ghost will take the life of one of your players (Do NOT let this happen if you have one Kong in the Cart before reaching the checkpoint barrel, or you will start all over). To make it to the end, ride the mine cart while avoiding hitting the gates themselves, what's behind them, and what's below them. Pretty easy to do if you know how to.


{{Animal Buddy Infobox
|gender = Female
|homeland = Jungle-like areas
|allies = [[Donkey Kong]], [[Kong]]s
|enemies = [[Kritter]]s, [[K. Rool]], etc.
|powers/abilities = Flying to a higher place

Hideout Helm[edit]

The last world in Donkey Kong 64. In the foyer it looks like a lava themed world. The objective is to destroy King K. Rool's Blast-O-Matic Machine before it destroys Donkey Kong Island. the time to shut the blast-o-matic out depends on how much blueprints you found. after shutting it out you will see a cutsene of king k. rool fleeing form the kongs. to get the last DK key you must have the Rare and Nintendo medals.


its even possible to get the banana fairy without the medals, just aim the cama trough the glass of the room and snap her


Naming: Hogwashes' names means a flying pig due to its appearance of a pig with wings.


They are able to hover across any body of liquid.

Ice Age Alley[edit]


  • In real life, most ostriches can't live in cold environments, so Expresso's presence in this level is out of place.

(So is monkeys riding on top of a frog that is jumping over beavers that are spawning out of an oil drum in a cave. --Doomhiker (talk))

Jump, Man[edit]

The character has to climb to the top of the jungle to where the tree house is avoiding barrels and climbing vines

(Remember to use punctuation, just like the mini-game's title. - Results May Vary (talk))


Appearance/Land Features:
The Jungle looks like you would expect a jungle to look, green and full of plants. The entire Jungle area is covered with trees, most of them absolutely gargantuan, and it is home to just about every other plant imaginable.

Caves have been carved into to hills as well, although it is unknown whether they are natural or made by inhabitants of the Jungle. Either way, the caves were once used for mining, and there are mine carts in them. They are obviously not used anymore though, for the mines are empty, and the tracks are completely destroyed in many places. Though dangerous, these mines are very fun, and they are helpful for getting through the hills quickly.

The Jungle is also home to many ancient and dilapidated ruins. It is not known who built these once-huge and great ruins, but it was most likely the same beings whom built the temple on the west side of the Jungle.

The climate for Jungle is what a normal jungle climate would be - warm, humid, sunny, and dark (because of the density of the trees). Because the jungle is all the same from east to west, the climate is essentially the same, though we can assume the temperature on the east side of the Jungle is a tiny bit colder at times because of the higher altitude.

The terrain of the Jungle is what you would expect from a jungle. The ground is dirt with vegetation everywhere. Trees must be jumped on to get to places, and many fallen logs are scattered across the place. There are several rivers running through the Jungle which need to be worked over. The Jungle is a difficult place to get through.

There are many paths that run through the Jungle which make going through it much easier than it would normally be. It is unknown who build these trails, but it was probably the Kongs, as they have to walk through it all the time.

Other Info:

  • The ruins on the east side of the Jungle may have been built by the same people whom built the ruins that are all over World 3 (Ruins). This is very likely since many of the ruins in both areas have the same form and design.

K. Rool's Keep[edit]

There are two ice-themed levels, oddly, meaning that there could be an icy core inside the castle

Arctic Abyss: This is the first iceburg level. Enguarde the Swordfish will take the majority of the level to swim all the way to the end of the level. Waters will continues to rise or fall depending how far you are going. Beware of exploding Puftups.

Windy Well: This is the third and final mine shafts level. The Kongs will ride the winds to climb to the top of the finish as well as avoiding dangerous obstacles.

Castle Crush: This is the first castle level. The floor will rise for the Kongs to avoid any dangerous obstacles to reach to the end of the level.

Clapper's Cavern: This is the second ice level. Like Lava Lagoonn and Slime Climb, Clapper will appear and temporarily turn the water's surface into solid ice to avoid Snapjaw.

Chain Link Chamber: This is the second castle level. The Kongs must climb all the way to the top via chain links avoiding any obstacle or enemy in their path.

Toxic Tower: This is the third and final castle level. Rattly, Squawks, and Squitter have the majority of the level one by one as they have to keep climbing to the top to avoid the deadly piercing green toxic rising from the bottom.

Stronghold Showdown: This is an unplayable level. The Kong will meet up with Donkey Kong and easily get rewarded a Kremkoin, but will immediately leave as Donkey Kong gets taken away again from Kaptain K. Rool.

Kaptain K. Rool[edit]

The Kaptain of Kremlings, Kaptain K. Rool!!

Kaptain K. Rool led the capturing of legendary hero Donkey Kong, and then proceeded to send out minions of his throughout the expansive map of....DKC2! Kaptian K. Rool was defeated by Diddy and Dixie Kong in K. Rool's Keep and later aboard The Flying Krock. After that he came back after he has been punched by Donkey Kong upward, all the way to the water in the lost world. Then he once again got defeated by Diddy and Dixie and then the whole island exploded. While the island was sinking, Kaptain K. Rool quickly got on the ship and sailed off, laughing and that's the last we've seen of him!

In Donkey Kong Country 2, Kaptain K. Rool kidnaps Donkey Kong and takes him away to Crocodile Isle, demanding the Banana Hoard in exchange for his freedom. Rather than do that, Donkey Kong's nephew Diddy Kong and his girlfriend Dixie Kong trail Kaptain K. Rool to the Kremling homeland of Crocodile Isle where they attempt a daring rescue. After a long and treacherous journey, Kaptian K. Rool was seemingly defeated by Diddy and Dixie Kong in K. Rool's Keep and later aboard The Flying Krock, where Donkey Kong was freed. Later, he would return in the Lost World. There, he would have a final showdown with the heroic apes in Krocodile Kore. After the battle, he was thrown into the Kore, causing the energy flow which sustained Crocodile Isle to clog up. Afterwards the whole island explodes and sinks into the sea. While the island was sinking, Kaptain K. Rool quickly got on his ship and sailed off.


The gun of Kaptain K. Rool is trumpet gun.

Kastle Kaos[edit]

It is the "last" level in the game Donkey Kong Country 3 in wich you have to fight kaos again and the real master of the kremling crew Baron K,Roolestein it is a large room with one lightbolts in each side wich they create electric shoots used to kill the "Baron"

King Kut Out[edit]

King Kut Out is the 2nd from last boss of Donkey Kong 64. A kardboard version of King K. Rool.


King Kut Out attacks with lasers and a small Puftup in the water. Occasionally a Kritter-in-a-Sheet will appear. Use the Kong Cannon to fire into him. There's not much to do here. All you do is use the Kong Cannon to hit him, causing him to lose an arm, then the other, then die with no head. Also, on the final 3 hits (starting when he has no arms) he will shoot lasers twice. Make sure you know where he is the second time and then wait behind the cannon to the left. When he appears, quickly JUMP IN! You will, if lucky and done three times, knock his head off and kill him. If you are too slow, you'll be fired over the castle wall.

Extra Stuff: OMG I've created 4 K. Rool pages!:

Visit some other stuff I made by going to Baron K. Roolenstein, Kaptain K. Rool, King Krusha K. Rool, and soon, MORE!

Strategy : All five Kongs participate in this fight. If a Kong is flung over the castle wall or is killed, another Kong will take their place, until no Kongs are left.

Once he loses an arm, a phantom Kut Out will appear, attempting to trick you into firing at it. If you do so, you will fly straight through it and out of the arena.

On the final 3 hits (starting when he has no arms) he will shoot lasers twice. He will also pop up and down around the arena extremely fast. Players must know where he is the second time and then wait behind the cannon to the left. When he appears, quickly jump in. If lucky and done three times, it'll knock his head off and kill him. If done too slow, unfortunate Kongs will be fired over the castle wall.

Its high-pitched voice and ability to fire lasers make this piece of cardboard quite unique.

This fake K. Rool could fire lasers from it's eyes, pop-up all over the place, make holograms of iteslef, and has a high pitched laugh.

To fight him, the Kongs used Barrel Cannons to shoot him. If they missed, the Kong would no longer be availble to use in the fight. 3 shots will make the left arm fall off. 3 more shots would make the right arm fall off. After this, it would pop-up faster and make holograms of itself. The kongs must locate the real King Kut Out and shoot it. 3 more shots will make the head fall off. The kremlings would run away in fear and the Kongs would claim the key.

{{Template:Infobox kritter
|powers and abilities = Shoot Fire Lazers


Simply studying a Klinger's movements and timing your own movements can help make them less annoying. This is extremely important in later levels where there are several at once.


Kloak is a sub-species of a Kremling that appears in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong's Quest. They are named "Kloak" because they are like they are invincible because they throw items at you that are either a good thing, or a bad thing. They are tough to kill because they float in the air and throw items down at you. To kill them, you have to throw an item at them. It may be difficult, but it is the way how you do it. They are probably the hardest normal Kremlings to kill because they are high up most of the time.

Kloaks generally appear in swamp-themed and forest-themed levels, where they will throw various items at Diddy and Dixie Kong. Most Kloaks throw crates, which will burst on impact with the ground. Some Kloaks will throw an item and fly away. A few Kloaks will throw a banana or a bunch of bananas in an attempt to lure the player closer, then either float away or throw more harmful items. All Kloaks laugh evilly as they throw items.

They are headless beings earing a green waistcioat with buttons, similar to Krook's. [...] they may even be the undead version of krook.


  • Kloak and Kopters are the only Kremlings in history that can fly.


Klubba is a green,extremely muscular and buff Kremling with an enormous muscular body and huge pecs.Due to his immense size and strength, Klubba is extremely powerful and durable. He can lift his big,heavy,spiked club with only one hand in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. He's very foul tempered and greedy, as shown by his prices to get through his tollbooths, although he admits his prices aren't cheep. He's acts surprisingly friendly if his toll is paid, which is the exact opposite of his normal nature of repeated death threats to Diddy and Dixie if they don't pay him.

His weakness is still unknown .


  • Interestingly the Donkey Kong 64 version of the enemy Krash is extremely similar in appearance to Klubba; like Krash, Klubba is large, muscular, has a enormous muscular body with huge pecs and wields a large spiked club.

See also:

  • Kosha, a diminutive kremling who wields a club identical to Klubba's with far less success.


Enemy Description:
Also like Bitesize, Enguarde the Swordfish will make quick work of them, though a blue Nibbla is the key eater of these fish, and they keep the Nibbla happy.

A blue Nibbla is the predator of these fish, and they keep the Nibbla happy. If the Nibbla does no consistently feed on the Koco, it will hunt the Kongs.



  • Without their helmet and shield, Koindozers strangely resemble Barney the Purple dinosaur.

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Krazy Kremland[edit]

Mudhole Marsh:
[...]the Kremling civilization has not yet touched the wildlife here except for the garbage they have disposed of.[...] Barrels provide safe passage across the dangerous ground, but it's not completely safe there, either.

Kreepy Krow[edit]

Kreepy Krow is the 6th and final regular boss in [[Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest]]. Kreepy Krow is a dead version of Krow. He will start the usual way, a screech. Then 3 ghost Mini-Neckies will fly at you, one at a time, from the eggs you threw at the living Krow. Next, a real Mini-Necky will appear. Jump on his head and grab the barrel. Hold it in front of Kreepy Krow so he'll run into it. Jump on the hooks, jump to the right, climb the ropes, and avoid the eggs. This time, 4 Ghost Mini-Neckies, then a living one, then one more ghost. As before, grab barrel throw at Kreepy Krow, and climb hooks, ropes, then avoid eggs. But this time, they come from the the sides of the screen! 5 ghosts will appear, then the real one, then 2 ghosts. Get the barrel and throw at Kreepy Krow to beat him.

Holding it in front of Kreepy Krow will make him run into it and be weakened.[...]If a player is lucky enough to make it to the top, 5 ghosts will appear, then the real one, followed by 2 ghosts


  • Nintendo probably made this boss as a palette swap (color change) of Krow to not waste memory space on a different boss, as commonly done in Donkey Kong Country.
  • The ghost Mini-Neckys are possibly the babies of the eggs that were broken used when the player first defeated the living Krow.

Krem Cauldron[edit]

It is a fustion of The Krocodile Cauldron and the stage after that

(And the stage is...? - Results May Vary (talk))

It was rumored that after Crocodile Isle sank in Donkey Kong Country 2 that Crocodile Cauldron and Krem Quay fused together, and that Krem Cauldron was the result. However, this is largely fanon and is not based on any credible evidence.

Krem Quay[edit]

Slime Climb:
Taking place on a sinking galleon at nighttime, this level is often considered very annoying

Bramble Blast:
Though there are only four angles of fire, if the angle is off, it usually leads directly into deadly brambles. At times this gets frustrating, though fans have said that the good music helps encourage continues.

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Kremwood Forest[edit]

Kremwood Forest is a forest that the Kremlings have taken over. They have assigned Arich to be a boss there, and have promised not to take the Kongs very likely. The area is of a healthy forest, with many extremely tall trees and a river. The Kremlings also appear to have set up a lone factory in the forest, likely to use the lumber from the forest.

Barrel Shield Bust-Up:
This level is a giant hollow-tree level based on, as the name suggests, using barrels as shields. Dixie/Kiddy will need to climb up long ropes, and monkeys (presumably Cotton Tops) will be throwing small rocks at them. The Cotton Tops often appear in a row, and the way they time their throws is usually pretty tough to get by without the aid of a barrel shield. When climbing, half-barrels will appear, and the Kongs will have to climb behind them in order to protect themselves.

Riverside Race:

  • Riverside Race's level name describes perfectly what the level is: a race involved near a river. 1:03:29 is the time Dixie/Kiddy must be in order to win a secret Banana Bird Cave. The level has grounded parts and a few swimming segments, and the Kongs will be chased by a small swarm of bees while running.

Squeals on Wheels:
The only factory level in the area, it is quite different from other factory levels. Early into the level you will notice a Sneek on a hamster wheel. Throw the Steel Keg barrel at it in order to unlock the door ahead. The rest of the level is done in a fairly similar fashion- proceeding through the level, find more Steel Kegs, toss them at the Sneeks in order to go on, until the end.

Bobbing Barrel Brawl:
The last level of Kremwood Forest takes place in a similar setting to Riverside Race's. Kongs will go through the level mainly as Ellie, hopping through the lake by landing on floating barrels, all the while being hunted by a shark-like enemy below in the water. If Ellie misses the jump and lands into the water, there is little hope she can get out alive. However, the lakes do provide excellent places to stock up on water ammo for Ellie's R attack. Simply put the directional button down and use R to fill up on ammo usable to defeat the many enemies in the way, though note the underwater enemy is still invincible.

Arich's Ambush:
The bosses battle, Arich. Arich is a giant spider similar in appearance to Squitter. He shoots out green globs instead of webs, though. Dodge the webs, and when he comes down, jump on his back to grab a barrel near the top. Then, toss the barrel at it's face (best done as Dixie), and repeat.

Krocodile Kore[edit]

The Krocodile Kore is were all of the Kremlings came from

it somehow powers The entire island such as Krasy Kreamland

in the game the Kore is sunk like the entire island but then

back again in DKL2.

How he [Kaptain K. Rool] survived a vicious shark attack is unknown

It was later resurrected along with the rest of the island in Donkey Kong Land 2. This time around, the geyser no longer pumped energy, but was sunk down again anyway.

Lake Orangatanga[edit]

Lakeside Limbo:
This level is pretty basic, it's a long walk across the boardwalk, with a few enemies to defying them.

Murky Mill:
It is impossible to advance without getting rid of the Sneek's threat.

Belcha's Barn:
The first boss level of the game, Belcha's Barn is, contrary to the name, an area inside a mill, with Belcha, of course, awaiting them. Belcha is a giant barrel, apparently living and angry working for Baron K. Roolenstein. He burps often, usually burping out a bug enemy, that can be jumped on to render it helpless, and thrown into Belcha's open mouth. This will make him go backwards, and repeat the process until the battle's over.

(What is the Sneek's threat? - Results May Vary (talk))

Lemguin Lunge[edit]

This last world's level may be considered a very tough one, since the hazard of this level are unlimited amount of sliding penguins, which cannot be killed with frontal attacks due to the beaks. The last horde of penguins pops faster.


Link is the main hero in the Legend of Zelda series. Why I am making a page about him I dont know. His girlfriend is Princess Zelda of Hyrule. He has a fairy named Navi, who helps Link out if he is stuck. Link himself is not from Hyrule but is from Korkori Village.

There is a different version of Link called Toon Link. He looks a cartoon versiion of Link and has a friend named Tetra, who is actually Zelda.

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Lost Mangroves[edit]

as the name implies, it takes place in a rainforest, there are many crashed planes

Mad Jack[edit]

Mad Jack in the box is the third boss from Donkey Kong 64. He is the boss for Tiny Kong despite being taller than her by at least ten times. He's shortened name is Mad Jack.

Mad Jack has a brown/green eye and a red robotic eye, and wears what seems to be a red smock which is scratched at the front and side. He also wears orange gloves with holes in them and has a green head with seven spikes made out of metal. Through the holes in the gloves, coils can be spotted. This suggests that his fingers are made out of springs, as well as his arms. His box is orange with different objects like a spiral, sparkles and a question mark on it, as well as a blue rim on the edge.

How to defeat:
Mad Jack would seem like the hardest boss in the game, as you need to use Tiny's Pony Whirl to get from platform to platform. At first, he'll jump back into his box and chase you untill he stops and jumps back out. Then, being careful not to be hit by the fireballs he throws, use Pony whirl to get onto the same coloured platform that he's on and do a buttslam (A+Z). Do this a few times untill he starts to fire lazors at you, making sure to avoid the lazors as well. To avoid them, stand on the platform until he fires it, then jump to the next one. To shock him one more time, he'll turn invisible. All you have to do now is to watch the sparkle trail that flies out behind him. If you destroyed him right, the platform underneath him will fall back down, he'll reappear and look down before doing something like a wave and laugh, before falling down yelling

Mad Jack was originally going to be made entirely out of junk, being called Junk in the box

Mad Jack also represents a terminator

Even though a crash can be heard, he's remains are nowhere to be seen at the end

If downloaded on an emulator, it'll be all glitchy at the end of the battle

The square will light up if he's going to jump onto it

Mad Jack's body is larger than his box, then how does he fit?

His smock highly represents a dress

Even if you don't start the factory up, he'll still come out through the shoot

It could be possible that the factory is his

Dedspite not speaking, he can also be heard as a cat sometimes when throwing the fire

When he jumps out to throw fire, his lid is too small

There are no illustration on one side of his box

It could also be possible that he was defending his territory, as it doesn't say anything about it being K. Rool's

Even though he's made out of metal, his hair still parts before shooting his lazor

His robotic eye does nothing, although, it could show heat radiation or his emotion (red=angry)

His springs are rusted, showing that he could be old, or he was made from scraps

He has sharp teeth

If the factory was his, he basically commited suicide

Tiny shows that she's sared before she battles him, but shows she's actually calm when he comes out

The factory would be way too big to fit in K. Rool's ship if it were real

The metal showing through the end of his gloves looks like figernails

Every boss except for Mad Jack has to be defeated by getting something thrown at them (and puftoss)

When defeating Mad Jack, make sure not to jump as he's throwing a fireball instead, jump after

The boss fight won't start untill you walk on the white platorm in the midle (the one that's flashing)

If Mad Jack is behind the square you're on, swap squares with him, he'll jump in a square instead going straight

Falling off the edge WILL NOT start the boss fight all over again

If you stay on the platform that carries you up Mad Jack will come over to the platform in ront of the one you're on, he WILL NOT go away

Don't jump straight up into the air if you're on the platform that carries you up, you'll fall straight down

If you fall, you won't lose any life


  • Mad Jack was originally going to be made entirely out of junk, being called Junk in the box. His springs are rusted, showing that he could be old, or he was made from scraps, supporting this.
  • Even though a crash can be heard, he's remains are nowhere to be seen at the end
  • Mad Jack's body appears larger than his box.
  • When he jumps out to throw fire, his lid appears too small.
  • It could also be possible that he was defending his territory, as it doesn't say anything about it being K. Rool's minion.
  • Even though he's made out of metal, his "hair" still parts before shooting his laser.
  • During the battle, a high-pitched, menacing laugh will appear, but it's only a part of the music. Mad Jack's real voice sounds similar to Donald Duck.
  • Though clearly made of metal, Mad Jack seems to possess magical abilities, as seen when he throws fireballs and turns himself invisible.
  • There is a match to the high-pitched, menacing laugh with the distinguished-named scientist named Mad Jack that matches the same as the original Donkey Kong 64 Mad Jack. Mad Jack the Evil Scientist appears in an educational video game Schoolhouse Rock! as the second boss. Only Mad Jack the Evil Scientist does that laugh louder than the music's laugh.


Mad Jack cameos in "Adventure time with Finn and Jake" where he kidnaps Princess bubble gum and Finn fights him to get the princess back.

He cameos in "Super Mario 64 ds" where he appears on a painting.

He also appears in "Rocky and Bullwinkle" where he appears on a milk box.

He also appears in "Diddy Kong Racing" where he appears as Taj's action figure.

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Mad Jack cameos in Adventure Time with Finn and Jake where he kidnaps Princess Bubblegum and Finn fights him to get her back. He will appear at an episode of Story Time with Gibbon and Luke in a storybook where he kidnaps the Glam-O-Girl Team's old friend, Dixie Land in a prison-like cage and the Glam-O-Girl Team has to fight him to release Dixie back. He cameos in Mario Kart DS where he appears on a painting. He also appears in Rocky and Bullswinkle where he appears on a milk box. He also appears in Diddy Kong Racing where he appears as Taj's action figure.


  • Like Puftoss,Mad Jack could have been Just defending his own territory,since the only proof that he was in cahoots with the Kremlings is the fact that he had the boss key,which he most likely got from K.Rool.
  • His head it also has the shape of a crocodile's.

Manky Kong[edit]


  • Lanky Kong, a member of the Kong Family bears some resemblance to a Manky Kong but whether he is one is unknown.


  • Manky Kong's name is similar to the name of the Pokémon, Mankey.
  • Manky is also considered by many Donkey Kong veterans to be Donkey Kong's uncle.

Master Necky[edit]


  • To the amusement of many players, his boss level is called "Necky's Nuts". This was referring to the nuts he would spit out in the battle.

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Mice in the Donkey Kong universe are a species of rodents whom inhabit various locations. In their appearances they're usually minor enemies that make no actual effort to attack.

Donkey Kong Country 2 / Donkey Kong Land 2:
The mice, called Neek are basic ship rat style enemies. Neek would make squeaking noises when close.

Donkey Kong Country 3 / Donkey Kong Land III:
Now known as Sneek (pictured), they are less cartoonish but aside from appearance, function the same as in the previous game. One change is how they interact with Animal Buddies. In a comical scenario, Ellie the Elephant will freak out and run away if she sees a Sneek in front of her.

Sneek return in Donkey Kong Land III. Ellie appears to have gotten over her Sneek phobia at the time and no longer flees from them.

Mine Cart[edit]

Donkey Kong 64:
In Donkey Kong 64, they were used for

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In Donkey Kong 64, they were used for mini-games and other purposes.

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Mr. X[edit]

Mr. X is a beta boss in DKC2:Diddys kong quest.

He is a black kremling with black clothes,2 medals,red eyes,has 2 claws in the hands,has a saber and only appears in german instruction booklet.

Mr. X is a beta boss in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. He did not appear in the final game at all, only to have a cameo in the German instruction booklet of DKC2, and also appeared in Nintendo Power 76. He appears to a black Kremling with black clothes, 2 medals, red eyes, has 2 claws in the hands, and has a saber. He appears to be a larger version of a regular Kremling Pirate, only with gray skin and a royale pirate shirt. The german booklet translates to this: "No one knows him or has seen him somewhere before." He also appears in the cover of the German Walkthrough guide of DKC2: [1]

Mushroom Kingdom[edit]

The Mushroom Kingdom is the largest kingdom in the Mushroom World and the setting of numerous games in the Mario series. It is ruled by the peace loving Princess Peach, who is the "girlfriend" of Donkey Kong's former nemesis and the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario. The Mushroom Kingdom and Donkey Kong Island seem to be on good terms as races from both lands have participated together in numerous festivals and sports events. Donkey Kong island may also be located in the seas of the Mushroom World.

It is ruled by the peace loving [[mariowiki:Mario|Princess Peach]]

however, it is more implied to be located on our own Earth in the Rare Island Chain as it features a much more realistic world than that of the Mushroom Kingdom.

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Necky Nutmare[edit]

First of all, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong must defeat a Mini Necky, then defeat a Krusha and Armys. Then the 2 Kongs must crawl under an area to find a rope in the other part of the level. In order for Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong to cross the rope, they need to jump on the Necky, then they will reach the next rope and bounce off the other Necky and the Kongs must try to reach the other rope to swing them back on land. They need to pass a Krusha and crawl under some walls until they reach the Star Barrel. After that, the Kongs must go a large abyss and jump on 3 Neckys to cross it. After that, there will be a Necky throwing some nuts at the Kongs. Afterwards, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong will find a large abyss where they need to jump on some platforms to help them cross the giant abyss., jump up on a few ledges. Then, the Kongs will find a lot of nuts falling above them from Neckys throwing them. Next, they need to cross an abyss by jumping on 3 Mini-Neckys until the reach the next level.

The Mini-Neckys are also a major threat in this level, as their nut spitting attack is used often, even off-screen, and in tight scenarios.


This Nibbla comes out when the levels starts, often panicking a first-time player into thinking that it will give chase, however that is not the case as this blue Nibbla is very unique.


Nintendo is the branding company for Donkey Kong and many other popular video game series such as Pokemon and Mario. Nintendo is one of the most baught companies.

History: 1800s: In the beginning of their time, Nintendo began by making Poker cards and other game cards. They began with board games a little bit later on. The cards they used are still used today in museums and as playing cards. Nintendo has made several different types of card games such as Tokori Okitoko and a board game not specifically known by Nintendo fans from today.

1900s: Nintendo continues to manafacture cards and board games. However, comapnies such as Namco and Atari begin to create "video games". Nintendo relized that video games were popular and selling mopre then game cards and board games, thus they began creating videop games. Nintendo's first video game was Mario bros. a popular video game starring the famous Italian plumber, Mario and his taller brother Luigi. Later on, Donkey Kong was created and became as famous as Mario bros. Nintendo began making game consoles such as the Nintendo and Super Nintendo. Donkey Kong was first playable for the Nintendo. More Donkey Kong games were released. One of the most popular series released by Nintendo was Pokemon.

2000s: Today, Nintendo continues to use there earlier works. They manafacture cards for the Pokemon series and Mario series.

No Animal Sign[edit]

No Animal Signs are often considered annoying because Kongs cannot take their buddies where they could be useful in later level segments.

In Donkey Kong 64, No Animal Signs did not appear, instead they were replaced by an invisible force field that transformed the animal buddy back into the kongs.

Northern Kremisphere[edit]

The Northern Kremisphere is the main overworld of Donkey Kong Country 3 and Donkey Kong Land III. The Northern Kremisphere seems to be swimming distance south of Donkey Kong Island, despite being called the "Northern Kremisphere". Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong had two adventures in this area.

It is quite a unique map screen, not only for it's massive size, but for it's depth in traveling it: players not only have the complete freedom of swimming in the water, they can even ride boats (via Funky's Rentals) to travel in the area, to find secret caves for bonuses. Players of the prior two Donkey Kong Country games will notice the difference immediately. The worlds remain restricted to a set path, though, save for the worlds with swimmable water sections.


The landscape is very foresty and healthy, with many jungles and many lakes. As such, a majority of the levels and worlds are jungles and woods, with some lake/water levels as well. This is unlike previous games, where levels are usually more diverse (though there are various unique levels). It seems to be a tropical paradise, likely the reason why Donkey Kong and Diddy wanted to go on vacation here. There appear to be some snowy mountain areas and an industrialized area as well. Wrinkly's Save Cave and Funky's Rentals can be accessed, different from the overworld map from the previous two games, as well as areas to find the Brother Bears. The map in the previous two games only had access to the areas themselves. This is likely due to the large scale of the map itself, and less freedom to explore it would make it seem limited.

Funky's Rentals, which is found on the main overworld, has motorboats. It is only found on the overworld, unlike previous games where Funky could only be found in worlds. However, his travel service has changed: he now runs a motorboat rental service. These motorboats are critical to the exploration of the area, as some boats are needed to access later areas. By defeating certain bosses and collecting items, Funky will construct boats to travel over rocks and even waterfalls. In addition, using the boats makes travel faster in general. While fans were disappointed about not being able to fly in an airplane anymore, Funky can construct a helicopter used to fly over the mainland.

In Donkey Kong Country 3, Dixie and Kiddy explore the mainland here in search of Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, who went here and mysteriously never returned. In the GBA version, a new world called Pacifica was found. In Donkey Kong Land III, even more new areas were found, likely due to the amount of people searching for Lost World in the contest, such as Cape Codswallop.

Parrot Chute Panic (Donkey Kong Country 2)[edit]

This level is approved to have a lot of Zingers due to a honeyhive level appearance.


Pauline is Mario's friend (or former girlfriend) and the damsel-in-distress kidnapped by the original Donkey Kong in the 1981 game of the same name[...]

Pineapple Launcher[edit]

The Pineapple Launcher is a single hand bazooka that shoots pineapples. How Chunky fires his Pineapple Shooter is actually unknown (because there doesn't seem to be a switch).

This weapon makes an appearance as an item in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast. Ironically, Chunky Kong does not appear in this game. It could've been possible the Pineapple Launcher would've looked like a real bazooka in the beta version and changed it for the E ratings. However, it is not clearly confirmed.

Polly Roger[edit]


Prehistoric Path[edit]

Its theme is a rocky mountain supposively littered with remnants of dinosaurs.


He spits fireballs at Lanky Kong and body slams sending super sonic waves which can toss Lanky Kong around.

After awhile, he starts sending out smaller puftup which must me avoided, since Lanky can't fight them on a motor-boat. [...] It is unknown if Puftoss is working for King K. Rool or not because he is not seen afterwards. He may be simply be guarding his territory in the galleon. For some reason, his face is completely different than a regular puftups, but that may be because he has a defect out of being huge.

Quawks the Parrot[edit]

{{Infobox Animal Buddy
|powers/abilities = Floating downwards (''[[DKC2]]''). Flying and carrying certain items with claws (''[[DKC3]]'').

History (DKC2):
After reaching a certain point in the level [Parrot Chute Panic], Quawks will release the Kongs and let them finish the level on their own.

Queen B.[edit]


  • Though she can turn invincible briefly in the SNES battle, Queen B. could be considered inferior strength-wise to her Red Zingers underlings that are always invincible. This also goes for her spouse, King Zing.
  • Also in the Gameboy Advance version, it is possible to hold up a barrel right at her when she is spawning her Zinger minions; doing so will cause the barrel's hitbox to hit all the Zingers at once before they spread out for their formation(s) (much easier achieved with Donkey Kong's barrel holding). However, doing so may cause her during certain intervals of the battle to instantly start moving again instead of staying still for a while first, meaning a nasty instant death surprise can come for those who don't move out of the way quick enough.

Rare Island Chain[edit]


First created in Donkey Kong Country, the Rare Island Chain was slowly expanded in subsequent games. It wasn't until Diddy Kong Racing when this concept really came into existence; Diddy Kong Racing showed that Banjo, Conker and Timber all lived in relatively close islands that all feature their own live breathing worlds with talking animals. Each island features one dominant species as well as various others.

Among these islands are Donkey Kong Island, Crocodile Isle, Northern Kremisphere, Isle O' Hags, Willow Woods, Timber's Island, The Fruit Kingdoms of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, the Sun Sun Islands of DK: Jungle Climber, and many more. Just exactly how much this concept is still in place is debatable as Rare no longer creates Donkey Kong games, but it was definitely implied to be in existence at the time of Diddy Kong Racing and there has been nothing since then to discredit this.

How exactly the Mushroom Kingdom fits into the picture is a bit shady. It is implied in various games that the Rare Island Chain is on our own Earth, which would place the Mushroom Kingdom in a separate universe, possibly connected by warp pipes. Their exact relation is unknown.


The most prominent area of this chain of islands is Donkey Kong Island, the home of the Kongs. It includes all of the small islands that shoot off from it including the Banana Fairy Island, and many others found in mini games or other similar segments. It also includes Crocodile Isle from Donkey Kong Country 2, this island is another prominent one until it was sunk in DKC2 and again for good in Donkey Kong Land 2.

It was later built again in the shape of it's former self in Donkey Kong 64, its fate after this game is unknown, but it is thought to still be up as the primary home for the Kremlings.

Rattly the Rattlesnake[edit]

Rattly, as the name suggests, was very based off a real-life rattlesnake, with green skin, similar tongues, and being found in jungles (as per the rest of the Animal Buddies).

Red-Hot Ride (Donkey Kong Country 2)[edit]

[...]the boost up [from the Hot Air Balloon] can prove to be a life-saver or ender depending on the situation. Given there are also two DK Barrels found in the level, mistakes must be scarce.

Resident Demon[edit]


  • The Demon bears a slight resemblance to the Pokémon species Haunter.


To make matters worse, green lighting seems heighten their abilities, while red lighting completely paralizes them.

Appearances in Other Media: Donkey and Diddy over hear their plan, and Rock Kroc is defeted by Diddy Kong, who mearly performs a jump attack on him. This reveals that under normal light, Rock Kroc loses his super strength, and becomes as strong as any normal Kremling.


Appearance/Land features:
There is also an absolutely gargantuan gong on this side that is split in half by Donkey Kong.

Many of these ruins appear to be carved into the form of a turtle. This may mean that a turtle was the main god of the builders, or at least an important figure. There are also many carvings of Rambi's face, also pointing to the theory that the famous rhino may have been considered a god at one time.

The climate of the Ruins is exactly like that of that of the Jungle. The Ruins are located in the jungle, so it is really the same thing when it comes to climate. Hot, humid, wet, and sunny is the normal weather here, which is great for all of the animals and plants that live here.

Other info:

  • The ruins constructed in the Jungle differ greatly from the ruins first featured in Donkey Kong Country. Those ruins were of Kremling origin, and so these ruins were likely created by the Kongs, or possibly the Tikis.

Rumble Falls[edit]

Once the top is reached, and the scenery has gone above the waterfall, the waterfall will again start flowing in the sky taking away the sky background and replacing it with the background of the beginning of the stage, thus repeating the cycle.

Save Barrel[edit]

The Save Barrel allows Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong to save their game. The Kongs must save before they get into any trouble, such as getting stuck in a level and not having access to a save point. This barrel makes the Kongs saved game history.


{{Infobox character
|species      = Hippo<br>(Possibly) Hippopo

Screech's Sprint (Donkey Kong Country 2)[edit]

You will need to beat him in a race with a lot of branches so you can finish the level (Unless you do the glitch where you don't have to race Screech).

Sheepy Shop[edit]

{{Locations infobox |ruler = [[Wrinkly Kong]] }}

To Do:

  • Hints: Bear will give Dixie and Kiddy some hints about the world they are in for 2 Bonus Coins.

(See if you can spot the second error. - Results May Vary (talk))

Slippy Jar[edit]

They are jar like enemies that shoot an infinite amount of Slippas out of the jar.

Skidda's Row[edit]

Layout: Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong will begin on some slopes and when they advance more throughout the level, they will have to cross some gaps until the reach the Star Barrel. Halfway throughout the level, Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong will cross some abysses and when the keep on advancing, they will complete the level.

Skull Cart[edit]

Donkey Kong 64:
Skull Carts weren't meant to be rid on, due to the fact that the Skull Carts contain a TNT Barrel.

Smokey the Dragon[edit]

Smokey lays fireballs in precise locations along the track (sometimes up to three at once), which force precise flying.



  • Snapper can kill only a TNT Barrel and Animals Buddy.

Snow Barrel Blast[edit]

|Notable features = Very hard level, but has a shortcut that makes it very easy

First snowy level

Transitions into a blizzard

Lots of barrel cannons; only level with manual cannons that move and spin at the same time outside of bonuses

This level is considered by many fans to be very, very hard. Towards the end of the level, the player has to slog through many spinning Barrel Cannons, including a few that move up and down while spinning. Many Zingers also appear in this area. There is a blue balloon in the level at the end of this Barrel Cannon section, but only in the GBA version has anyone been able to have a chance at getting it.

Bonus Levels:

  1. Stop the Barrel: Inside, they have to play a shell game with a Winky token.


  • In the original SNES version of this level, the Steel Keg makes weird noises. It's unknown why, as the level's music doesn't share any sound banks with the keg, nor do any of the sound effects or the echo effect that sometimes happens when the player switches Kongs.


Despite the different physical appearance of each Spider sub-species, they are all portrayed in every game as having only six legs rather than eight like on Earth, however Squitter and Arich are the only exception to this rule as they actually have eight legs.

Squawks the Parrot[edit]

Flapper is his cousin. Presumably, so is Quawks.


Ellie, not being the most agile, will have some trouble in this battle.

Squitter the Spider[edit]

Squitter, as his name suggests, possesses the ability to fire webbing from his mouth

History (DKC3/DKL3):
Squitter gains the ability to jump on enemies in those games, but he still couldn't stomp on spiked enemies such as the Buzzes.

Web ability:

Squitter possesses a very unique ability to shoot webbing from its mouth, with two variations. Both are an extremely useful projectile in two ways. First off, it has unlimited range, has it can keep going from when it shoots it to when it leaves the screen. There are two types of webbing; the webbing that can hurt foes, and the webbing that can be used as a platform. Assuming the classic SNES control scheme, the "Y" button will shoot a fast web shot from Squitter's mouth, with great killing power. Kongs can move to follow the projectile, making it very effective as an unlimited ranged weapon against foes, as it can kill nearly every regular foe (including ones that can only defeated with barrels or two Kongs) in one hit. Pressing "A" will shoot a drastically slower web, though pressing "A" again will make the web stop in mid-air and spread out into a platform just big enough for Squitter to use. Squitter can jumps and do this, which can be very useful in avoiding enemies or getting across otherwise impossibly long areas. In fact, Squitter could literally make a web stair-like path to the very top of the screen, or just continue making a web-walkway above all the below enemies, making levels with him quite easy. Squitter is a very useful animal buddy to have, and many fans consider it the best animal buddy of DKC2.

Stop Watch[edit]

The Stop Watch is an item appearing in Donkey Kong Land 3 which allows the Kongs to unlock various Time Trails levels.

Super Game Boy[edit]

The Super Game Boy is a cartridge released in 1994 that is compatible with the SNES that allows you to play Game Boy Color games.

Color Palette:
The Super Game Boy includes a color palette feature with 32 different color versions with their own specific colors.

Super Guide[edit]

Donkey Kong Country Returns The inclusion of Super Kong was highly controversial with longtime fans, most of which view the Super Kong as a bad inclusion that is not to be used. In fact, most longtime fans are quite pleased with Donkey Kong Country Returns' high difficulty scale and find players who use the Super Kong as people with poor skill, and nothing to brag about.<ref>[ DKC Atlas]</ref><ref>[ Joystiq]</ref>

Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

Hackers of the game have found an unfinished package for Dixie Kong, implying that she was once planned as a playable character.

Swanky Kong[edit]

The third and final quiz is the hardest and most expensive[...] But it costs three coins to play so make sure you know you're game before spending you're coins.

He had a new outfit (pictured) though did most of the prize giving from inside a barrel (pictured in Dixie's Photo Album).

T.T. Amulet[edit]

The Racer must win in all of the battle arenas to get the pieces If the racer gets all the pieces they can acess the .T.T. Door in Future Fun Land but the player must have 47 balloons Inside the door is the 2nd race against the evil Giant Pig Wizpig

In the remake for the DS it is retrived way more differntly the player must get the key to the wish door open the door and go inside after entering the racer will be able to draw there own track then race on it against T.T. after he is beaten the racer will get a piece of the amulet.

The Flying Krock[edit]

K. Rool's Ticket to the Sky:
It appears in the GBA version of Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest and Nintendo 64's Donkey Kong 64. It is always the site of a King K. Rool battle as of now, and is known to hold both a cockpit and a wrestling stadium!

Donkey Kong 64:
The fight in DK64's Flying Krock is much more complicated, thanks to the fact that all 5 Kongs have their own method of taking down K. Rool. For more info on this fight, see this page: Donkey Kong 64.

In Donkey Kong Country 2:
The final battle is held inside the ship's cockpit[...] In most cases, after several attempts and luck, K. Rool will fall. Luckily, losing a Kong early will not mean doom, as K. Rool will do his imfamous "playing dead" stunt after a few explosions, and Kongs can grab a DK barrel while he's doing so. When K. Rool has taken enough hits, DK will suddenly break free and will do an extremely powerful uppercut attack on the Kaptain, powerful enough to launch the Kaptain through the glass roof and leave him falling down Crocodile Isle to his doom.


  • In DKC2's Flying Krock, there are several easter eggs in the background:


    • A black floaty tube used to construct one of DKC3's ships, the Hovercraft. This may explain where KAOS gets one in the 103% ending of that game.
  • In DKC2, if one looks at the background of the ship's far right corner, it seems as if the ship is moving, although no one is clearly steering.

Tiki Tak Tribe[edit]

History (Eruption and Escape):
under the order of their leader, they took control of the island's wild life by their hypnotic powers and used them to steal all the bananas on the island along with Donkey Kong's Banana Hoard for unknown reasons.

It is later revealed that bananas are the Tikis' source of life and they use them to create more Tiki underlings, which were being mass produced in the Factory[...]


  • In the Forest level, numerous Tikis are shown residing there and some are even part of the natural scenery, Tikis are even featured on the world's icon. This may possibly indicate that the Forest was actually the Tiki homeland prior to their banishment in the Volcano.
  • In the ending scene, zebras and other animals are freed from hypnosis. African Animals do appear in certain levels, such as Blowhole Bound but aren't shown to be under hypnosis.

Topsail Trouble (Donkey Kong Land 2)[edit]

Bonus Level:
The Kongs could also go on the rope and use their rope jumps to handle the Klingers more up close and personally

Toy Kritter[edit]

Toy Kritters are among the few most annoying Kremling enemies in the game, the others being the Klumps, the Koshas, and the Klobbers in which like the other three, they cannot be defeated by simply attacking them with normal B button assaults nor can they be destroyed using any of the Kongs' firearms. However, unlike the other three Kremlings, the Toy Kritters do not necessarily require any items as Chunky can still destroy them with his signature slam, making them the weakest of the four most annoying Kremlings in the game.

Trouble Bug[edit]

They, as their name suggests, are quite annoying enemies.[...] They appear in the Super Smash Bros. Brawl stage 75m as well, which will burn anyone who touches it, and will send the player flying in the opposite direction that they touched the Trouble Bug on. Contrary to their name, they are not bugs at all, but instead a small walking fireball.

Vine Valley[edit]


  • Forest Frenzy [...] Remember that, when there are two Kongs, one can be sacrificed as a last resort, seeing how there are usually DK barrels after the ropes.

Winky the Frog[edit]

Winky the Frog is a one-time Animal Buddy from Donkey Kong Country who aided the Kongs during the attack on Donkey Kong Island.

Though Winky's only appearance was DKC, he was very helpful then.[...]

His latest appearance was in Donkey Kong Country 2's Monkey Museum. Here Winky was a background Easter Egg, though appears to be put to rest judging by how he does not move, and is on sale for $5.



  • Surprisingly, Yoshi is Donkey Kong's only dinosaur friend

("I mean, have you SEEN what he does to other reptiles????") --Lord Grammaticus