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This was the entire article for about a month. The spacing in paragraphs is also preserved.

Conker the Squirrel has 4 of his own games and is a playable character in Diddy Kong Racing.

In Diddy Kong Racing, Conker the Squirrel is presented as a kind hearted and free spirited squirrel, it belonged to the balanced characters like Diddy and Timber, and like Banjo it earned great reception from fans who after witnesing the success of Banjo-Kazooie wondered if Conker was bound to get its own game.

Conker stared for the first time in Conker Poket Tales for the GameBoy, where the player is taken to a colored world similar to that of Banjo, where Conker must rescue his girlfriend Berri from the Evil Acorn.

Years later Conker was bound to appear on his N64 game following the same plataform style as Banjo or Mario, but as debelopment progressed it proved to be to childlike and similar to Banjo-Kazooie and the recently released Donkey Kong 64, and due to the bad reception of Poket Tales, the game was remade in a revamped fashion changing completely the personality and traits from Conker the Squirrel along with the apperance of Berri his girlfriend.

What was going to be Conker Quest, later Twelve Tales: Conker 64, the game was named Conker Bad Fur Day, a game that despite possesing the same art style from Rare and similar world characteristics it proved a more mature and sathirical humor with references to many movies,heavy content of violence and sexual themes. The characters were retconed now the formerly carfree squirrel, Conker was a slaker and alcoholic chobinist who was introduced lying to his girlfriend in order to stick around with his friedns drinking on a pub, likewise Berri was introduced as a materialistic girl with a slender physique (similar to Candy Kong) and a revealing attire. Despite this extreme makeover the game was prissed by its graphics, animations, original style and storytelling, however due to the late release the game was overshadowed by the Nintendo GameCube release.

Years later after Rare became a subsidiary of Microsoft, the game was remade for the X-Box, the game was prissed but criticized for its censorship, wich maked no sense considering that X-Box, a more mature console and aimed for older audinces was censored.

Due to Conker character change he was not featured in Diddy Kong Racing DS and was replaced by Dixie Kong.

Since the realease from the Conker Live and Reloaded (X-Box) Conker hasn't been advertised, though a small picture from him in Rusty Bucket Bay can be seen in the cabin in Banjo-Kazooie released in X-Box Live (in should be noted, Berri from Pocket Tales was the picture shown in the N64 version).

Acording to Rare a sequel was planned but was scrapped for unknown reasons, leaving the series on standby.