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Not to be confused with lemon.

4-Wheel Cradle[edit]

It has good Acceleration and Items, along with rather low Speed. Its weight is tied with the Royale. It is one of the slowest vehicles, though it has great acceleration and high items. It shares its drift with the Tyrant and the handling with the ROB-LGS. Its acceleration and items are its strongest stats.

("I'm sorry, what were its highest stats again?" — ShootingStar7X (talk))


Flying ships that are probably Airships will appear in the upcoming Super Mario Galaxy. A screenshot shows various Airships flying through space. It is unknown if these ships really are Airships or some other kind of flying ship.

("So, are they airships or not?")

Alien Mitzi's Spaceship[edit]

Alien Mitzi's Spaceship is, as it would, a spaceship belonging to Alien Mitzi, appearing during the events of WarioWare: Smooth Moves. It is featured at the end of Dribble & Spitz's story, revealed to be her true destination after she asks the duo to drive her to Tomorrow Hill. They happily oblige and even send her off, perhaps in curiosity.


Despite serving as more of a location, if much of anything, the spaceship is listed in the credits below Alien Mitzi, implying it as more of a sentient being.

("...It's a spaceship. i.e., a vehicle, i.e., an object or item. Not a location." Arend (talk)


The back of the car is adorned with stereo speakers, tailfins, and neon lights, with a logo of Roy Koopa's company, Roy Smooth Sounds, on the back.

("Wait, where were they again?") - OhoJeeOnFire (talk)

Brobot L-Type[edit]

Its HP amount is a reference to the Nintendo 64, since, as seen in Luigi's Diary in Paper Mario, he likes Nintendo 64s (at least at the time of Paper Mario), since he wonders excitedly if the Shy Guys have a Nintendo 64.

("Wait, what does Paper Mario have to do with Super Paper Mario here? This reeks of speculation." - SONIC123CDMANIA+&K(B&ATSA) (talk))

City Tripper[edit]

Gacha Kart 8 Deluxe

Water on her blue city tripper and Wind on her green city tripper and Fire on her red city tripper and Light on her yellow city tripper and Dark on her purple city tripper City Tripper is a standard bike Gacha Kart 8 Deluxe All characters will racing on the standard bike Animal Crossing Gacha Kart 8 Deluxe on Nintendo Switch of Gameplay tap to moves!

("Ironic that this one never actually appeared in the one Mario Kart with actual gacha mechanics." - Arend (talk))

Heart Coach[edit]


Mario Kart DS
  • Weight: The kart's endurance. When a kart has a higher weight, it is capable of knocking apart lighter karts.

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Mario's spaceship[edit]

Mario's spaceship is a large, yellow spaceship seemingly owned by Mario in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!.

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P-Wing (kart)[edit]

The English name of the kart references its namesake...

("It's named after the thing it's named after. How astounding!" - Doc von Schmeltwick (talk))


(See MarioWiki:BJAODN/Fanon § "Crotch-Face Guy" for more information.)

When the Plumbinator is destroyed, and Mario and Luigi exit it, there is an image of a seemingly paranoid man still in the crotch region (where Luigi previously was). Various viewers have dubbed this man the "Crotch-Face Guy", and little is known of him or his character. Before the episode ended, many may have believed this to be the actual hiding place of Captain Lou Albano. However, it was later discovered that he was out getting "Good Fried Chicken", and would return in an hour, leaving viewers wondering who this "Crotch-Face Guy" really was.

Two viewers have taken a particular interest in this mysterious figure, and have dubbed him the "Crotch-Face Guy".

This paranoid man has been dubbed the "Crotch-Face Guy" by viewers. He is to be taken very seriously.


The Plumbinator only had three known abilites, and one not so known. [...] The least known of its abilities is the Crotch-Face Guy, whose only use is to confuse all who see it.

The Mario Car[edit]

The Mario Car
Full name Mario Car
Species Car
First appearance Real-life
Latest appearance Human world (Earth)

The Mario car is a real-life car based on nintendo's mascot Mario.The theme of Mario is Mario Party.The lisence plate says:SGV-4765B (Morse Code for:Party Time) The car is in Singapore and I live in Canada.So I don't know much about this car.

("It's actually the Mario Party Car. Impressive." - Garlic Man (talk))

("Car is a species." - Bowser's luma (talk))

Turbo Birdo[edit]

It has average speed, acceleration, and steering capabilities, but its most amazing stat is its weight.

(Is this a description of a Mario Kart vehicle or your mom driving a car?)