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This page serves as a warning to never go on a vacation to these places from the Super Mario franchise.

Alien Mitzi's Spaceship[edit]

Alien Mitzi's Spaceship is, as it would, a spaceship belonging to Alien Mitzi, appearing during the events of WarioWare: Smooth Moves. It is featured at the end of Dribble & Spitz's story, revealed to be her true destination after she asks the duo to drive her to Tomorrow Hill. They happily oblige and even send her off, perhaps in curiosity.


Despite serving as more of a location, if much of anything, the spaceship is listed in the credits below Alien Mitzi, implying it as more of a sentient being.

All worlds[edit]

All Worlds are everything that exists within the Marioverse, yet it forms a part of the bigger Megaverse



It is defined as the sum of every multiverse within the Nintendo company, from which Marioverse also known as the Mario Multiverse or "All Worlds" is a part, the Megaverse or Nintendoverse is huge an is compossed by a great number of multiverses like Zelda, Pokemon etc.

Even in many of the Nintendo works characters are sometimes able to traverse easily across their respective universe and even multiverse this is not the case of the Megaverse as few to none characters has displayed the ability to enter and traverse this vast sea of realities denoting it has a much higher level of difficulty doing this and not without a reason as change caused in the Megaverse would had consequences in all the Nintendo continuity and its countless realities. Another big difference between the Megaverse and the Multiverse (like for example All Worlds in Mario) is that at time an entire multiverse has seen itself menaced by a huge threat like The Void, however there has yet to appear a villain that represents a threat to the huge Megaverse as for now no villain or thing has yet been able to even attempt such a feat which demonstrate the greatness of the Megaverse, another point is that almost every multiverse has a nigh-omnipotent beign or artifact capable of acheiving virtually any desired effect warping the very fabric of reality to fit the artifact's bearer or the super-beign wishes in a whim, for example the Godesses and The Triforce of the Zelda multiverse, Arceus in Pokemon and various artifacts in the Marioverse, some of them can affect their respective series in a local, universal or even multiversal scale, however none of these is able to do so in a Megaversal scale. Thanks to all the previous material it isnt possible to say if there is even any kind of life in this vast ocean between multiverses, so far the only beigns of can be called that way that have shown to be capable of not only interacting directly with the Megaverse are the Staff of the Nintendo Company but warping the very fabric of reality of the Megaverse introducing completely new Multiverses, affecting entire multiverses at the same time, beign able to change them in any desired way.

Of all the previous statements the Smash Bros continuity is so far the only more or less which shows some exceptions to these rules, in the Smash Bros universes characters from completely different multiverses interact among each others it is unknown exactly what place the Smash Bros continuity has in the Megaverse and it is even possible that the Smash Tournaments are held directly in the very space between Multiverses if so is the case the tournaments would be held directly in the Megaverse itself, if so the Subspace Emisaries would be the first villains ever to pose a threat over the Megaverse, but of course if the Smash Tournaments are held in the Megaverse itself or is only a Multiverse created for the purpose of allowing characters from different multiverses to interact is unknown.


Even the Nintendo Megaverse is huge shouldnt be confused with all that exists, the Nintendo Megaverse is only a part of a concept that fits the definition of Omniverse, which would include not only Nintendo but all other Megaverses created by different Companies, from Megaverses that can share some similitude like Nintendo and Sega to compltetely alien works of fiction, like Star Wars and Harry Potter, the Omniverse surprisingly would include not only fictional universes but also our own universes as it is all that exists, as it includes everything that existed, exits and will exist.

(There are only six periods. Six.)

"All worlds" is a term used in Super Paper Mario to describe the meta-universe of the Mario series. The term refers to all the parallel universes (dimensions) that make up the greater multiverse, including the Mushroom Universe, Earth's universe, Smithy's Factory, the various dimensions of Super Paper Mario, Flipside (a dimension between dimensions) and Flopside, and many other universes. In Super Paper Mario, "all worlds" is the most common phrase used by characters knowledgeable about the existence of multiple dimensions to refer to the meta-universe; other terms include "all dimensions" and "all existence".

The existence of "all worlds," and thus all life in general, was once threatened by The Void, an inter-dimensional "hole" in the time/space continuum created by Count Bleck, in Super Paper Mario. The Void has the potential to consume everything. Ultimately Count Bleck is convinced that such destruction is wrong, and actively works to prevent the end of "all worlds". However, his minion Dimentio usurps control of The Void, and intends to use its power to destroy "all worlds" in order to create an all new meta-universe, one which he wants to rule over like a god. Eventually, Dimentio is stopped by Mario and his allies. The Void disappears and "all worlds" are saved from utter annihilation.

When someone loses all their extra lives and gets a Game Over, their spirit is brought to the afterlife dimension of the meta-universe. This dimension is made up of two opposite but interconnected regions, The Underwhere and The Overthere.

("This article was part of the early days of MarioWiki where abject fanon nonsense ran amuck, making some of the most inane, hackneyed, and contrived connections based on pitiful evidence, and it was eventually deleted. The "Mushroom Universe", for instance, was a one-line gag from Mario from the cartoons taken seriously and literally to mean a named existence.") - Bazooka Mario (talk)

Ancient Lake[edit]

It takes place around a lake whose name has always remained ambiguous, although most suspect the lake's name is Ancient Lake.


As its name suggests, the world has a beach theme, with many of its levels taking place around water or on ships.


As its name suggests, the Beach takes place on a beach, and nearly all of its levels appear as such.

("If I had a nickel for every time a sentence in this article began with "As its name suggests" followed by a Pirate Goomba-type statement, I'd have two nickels." - Power Flotzo (talk))

Beanbean International Airport[edit]

It is an impressive facility for a land of so few technological achievements and even has a baggage claim area.

("It's literally just one room the size of a small house and a runway with ocean on all four sides." - Doc von Schmeltwick (talk))

Big Boo Battle[edit]

The final room to the north is a large hall with a falling bride in the center.

(Oh dear.) - Alex95 (talk)

Big Boo's Haunt[edit]

Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
French Manège des Boos pas beaux Boos carousel not pretty

Big Bungee Piranha's Lair[edit]

this is the level of the big bungee piranha this level is in a sweter like that form navel piranha

Big Donut[edit]


("When there are too many green characters in the series to keep track off." - Alex95 (talk))

("Ha-ha! Luigi! Yoshi! Go, green!") - Shadic 34 (talk)

{"To be fair, at thumbnail size, it really does look like Luigi. The white cheeks resemble Luigi's ears, the red plates don't show up at that image size, and the eyes are covered by the balloons, giving the illusion of a smooth-topped cap.") - Doc von Schmeltwick (talk)

Bigger Boo's Fort[edit]

Bigger Boo's Fort is the lair of countless Boos and Big Boos in the game Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and its remake Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3.

("Yes, because it's very hard to tell if there were boos there. Thanks for clarifying.")

Bianco Hills[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Monte Bianco Italian for Mount Bianco
Spanish Monte Bianco Italian for Mount Bianco

("Spot the errors." - Ralphfan (talk))


  • In Italian, the word "bianco" means white, which translates to White Hills.

Blackout Basement[edit]

Blackout Basement
Donkey Kong holds a barrel in the darkness.

It should be noted that this image caption has become a beloved internet meme.

Bombarded by Bob-ombs[edit]

  • Japanese:
  • Romaji:
  • Translation:  

おまえたちきょうのえものはマリオはんやで? はでにおむかえするんや
Omaetachi kyō no emono wa Mario han yade? Hade ni omukae surun ya
"Guys, ur today's target is "Da Mario". Welcome with bibbangs."

("As with Pirate Goomba, 'welcome with bibbangs' quickly became a running joke in this wiki.")

Bowser Nightmare[edit]

Surrounded by a sea of lava, when players land on Happening Spaces Bowser will make their lives miserable.

If red spaces become Bowser Spaces, getting trapped in the middle is like getting a death sentence.

Bowser's Castle[edit]


The abduction of Princess Peach by Bowser and the subsequent efforts of Mario to rescue her by invading Bowser's castle has been compared by Greek dictator Georgios Papadopoulos to the Trojan War as described in Homer's Iliad where the ancient precursors of Papadopoulos had attacked Troy for rescuing Helen, the wife of Menelaus who ruled the Ancient Greek kingdom of Sparta, so Papadopoulos paralleled himself to Mario by noting that his mustache is similar to Mario's, while Turkey is the modern counterpart of Troy that threatens Greece much like the Koopa Troop as an enemy of the Mushroom Kingdom and Princess Peach is Cyprus that has been abducted by Bowser as a result of the Cyprus dispute.

("...but then who was Achilles?" - Lord Grammaticus (talk) )

Bowser's Galaxy Generator[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Grieta Galáctica de Bowser Bowser's Galactic Crack

("And this is why wording matters.")

Bowser's Highway Showdown[edit]


later there is a short path with a Goomba Tower and third Green Star the road ends in a wall made of many Stone Brick Blocks the player must use Bomb Soccer Ball to break it and get to the Warp Box leading to the Boss who is Bowser in your car.

("I don't have a car, so how can he be riding in my car?" KP (talk))

Bowser Jr's castle[edit]

[[File:Baby bowsers castle.png|(default)px|thumb|His castle in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

“Neyah, Yoshi, How could you do such a thing”
kemik, Yoshi's New Island

This is the Same castle as Bowser's Castle But in the past

First appearance

Yoshi's Island


♦They are currently not here please edit♦


Bowser has a million stuff so always Be carful Twists and Turns at every corner yikes.


"In Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time Every sign ends with 1. Bowser has made a mess of the plase 2. Prince bowser= OWSOME.

("The quote makes no sense." - Alex95 (talk))

Burt The Bashful's Fort[edit]

Yoshi defeating Burt the Bashful
Burt the Bashful dies of embarrassment.

This level can turn hard for an unprepared gamer, especially because of the Lava Pits. The key is to proceed slowly and take care of all Burts.

Cascade Kingdom[edit]

Three Keys to the Kingdom

[...] Beat the "surprise boss" Roland the red beet



Roland the red beet (boss's helper)

("Well, that beet must be so surprising that nobody saw him. Poor Roland..." Archieboy000 (talk))

Cosmic Cove Galaxy[edit]

"Very little is known about it except, Mario is seen ground pounding a switch that turns the water in to ice so he/she can skate on it."

Daisy Cruiser[edit]

  • The only differences between the two versions are that the Cannon is removed from the (now not so secret) secret shortcut, as well as the Tables being smaller, as well as the above change too.

("Just in case you forget what you read about 3 seconds ago" - Yoshi876 (talk))

Dark Land[edit]

Luigi bloodthirstily drags Toad against the Mushroom Sea, enters Kastle Koopa via a drain pipe and slams him up against a dumpster and starts pounding on him.

("How in frig's crap did this go unnoticed for five years?" - RickTommy (talk)

Dark Sea[edit]

As Bowser sees Mario complete the tenth level, Bowser builds Koopa Troopa's sub, and he summons Koopa Troopa to get in the sub. When he gets into the sub, he controls that machine, and walks right to reach the Dark Sea, the eleventh level. Machine walks out the sea, and meets Mario and Yoshi, when meet, machine scans out the evil, and evil was not activated, but human skin yes. When scanned, Koopa Troopa pressed button "Fight" to fight Mario and Yoshi.

("Poor writing can sometimes lead to humorous statements." - Alex95 (talk))

Deep-Black Jungle Drift[edit]

Deep-Black Jungle Drift, or World MushroomWorld Mushroom-3, is the third level of World Mushroom in Super Mario 3D World and its Nintendo Switch enchanted re-release Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury.

("+ Bowser's Fury is cursed, it seems." Doc von Schmeltwick (talk))


Dimensions are separate universes that run parallel to each other. While normally kept distinct from each other, parallel dimensions are interconnected and travel between them is possible in certain circumstances. Many dimensions exist in the Mario series. The following is a list of the different dimensions that have been seen/spoken of:

List of Dimensions
  • Subcon, a dimension heavily influenced by dreams.
  • Subspace, a alternative/parallel dimension to Subcon. Can be accessed through Potions.

Dimension D[edit]

This may be a homage to 8-bit storage capacity; objects are stored in a maximum of 256 values (0 to 255) and going past the max value would revert back to one.

("Remember kids, the first interger number of the range of 0-255 is one. This was on the wiki for three years before someone caught this, and the original edit to add it even changed it from the correct value of zero... It's not that hard, people.")

Dinosaur Land[edit]

Politics and culture

In Super Mario World, Dinosaur Land is more or less devoid of culture and even people, although it is known to be at least partially populated by Yoshis (who are known to be able to speak, but have not yet developed a distinctive, established culture). Later, in the Yoshi series (which presumably takes place on Dinosaur Land, although the actual setting is unconfirmed), Dinosaur Land is shown to have more intelligible inhabitants (the Yoshis on at least Yoshi's Island) who have built tree-like huts and live together in villages. These games, which give Dinosaur Land much more culture and limited politics, showed that most of the Yoshis have great togetherness, being able to always depend on each other for help.

The Super Mario World animated series is one of the earliest forms of media to show an inhabited Dinosaur Land (mostly referred to as Dinosaur World, except by King Koopa in "Send in the Clown") in-depth, and it reveals that the world is inhabited by cave people (though Yoshi himself is the only Yoshi to ever appear in the show). These cavepeople are seen to have limited togetherness and intelligence, and have even built at least one city; they are, however, rather stupid and seem to care little about culture and organization. Because of this, several Super Mario World show episodes deal with Mario and Luigi attempting to popularize modern items among the cavepeople and help them in vaguely political things, although their plans most often go wrong. One of the most interesting and one of the few successful of their capers, though, involve Princess Toadstool opening up a school; this episode even reveals that Dinosaur Land has a flag (a red, yellow, and blue one depicting what appears to be a Yoshi) and a pledge to it. This pledge, which largely parodies the United States' Pledge of Allegiance, goes like this: "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United Lands of Dinosaur World, and to the repulsiveness for which he stands: one Koopa underground, reprehensible, with lizards and Goombas for all." It is likely that the second half of this pledge, which is awkwardly stated by Hip and Hop Koopa, is the Koopas' answer to the pledge, though, as it deals with the Koopa Troop and evil in addition to the fact that the other students give Lemmy and Iggy odd looks as they say it, although this can also be due to the fact that the two Koopa enemies have merely just arrived at their school.

("Barely changed since it was added to the page 13 years ago. The rewrite tag was also added those many years later." - Results May Vary (talk))

DK Jungle (court)[edit]

The music for this court is a remixed version of the infamous Jungle Hijinxs from Donkey Kong Country.

Donkey Kong's Treehouse[edit]

Donkey Kong's Treehouse is Donkey Kong's place of residence, and it is obviously also a treehouse.

("And Pirate Goomba is a pirate goomba.")

Doors o' Plenty[edit]

  • Japanese:
  • Romaji:
  • Translation:  

たのしい わがやへようこそ!なきわめいても だれもだすけにこないよ!
Tanoshī waga ya e yōkoso! Nakiwameite mo dare mo dasu ke ni konai yo!
"Welcome to my home sweet home! No one'll help u if sad!"

Dry Dry Railroad[edit]

Dry Dry Railroad is a train line used in Paper Mario. To ride it, Mario must blow up the rock blocking the railroad with the help of Bombette. The ticket master will thank Mario for his valiant effort [...]

("What's so worthy and noble about mindlessly obliterating random boulders?" - LeftyGreenMario (talk))


Lands of Earth
South America

In 7 Continents for 7 Koopas, Hop is sent to the southern of the Americas where he turns the Amazon Jungle into a parking lot. This may reference to loss of wood in the Amazon Jungle.

("Oh no! I lost my wood! What would I ever do without my precious wood?" - EleCyon (talk))

Other Appearances
  • In Super Paper Mario on Chapter 7-2 when Luigi jumps up on the giant cloud, he gets out of the "Earth".

("That's one small step behind a chapter, one giant leap outta here!" - EleCyon (talk))

Escape from Maze Woods[edit]

WL2 T 3-4.png

The hidden treasure of this level, the Big Face, is located in the area with the goal door. The player has to let Wario assume his puffy form by let him get stung by a bee. He can then float to the right side of the room where he finds the treasure behind some bricks.

Big Face item from Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic.

This treasure resembles the Big Face (ビッグフェイス) from Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic, an object resembling blackface which was replaced with a Turtle Shell in Super Mario Bros. 2.

(And the resemblance is that... they both look like blackface? This page just says the two items have a resemblance (in which case, why is this even worth noting?), but the Doki Doki Panic page listed this as an intentional reference for the good part of 9 years.)


EXTRA' [sic] is a level in Mario and Wario. I think it was where Wario's house was but ive never played that game so i dont know.

Flab Zone[edit]

  • The name of this area may be loosely based on Flat Zone, the Game & Watch stage of Super Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl.

Flat Zone[edit]

Not to be confused with Flab Zone.

Final Ferris Wheel[edit]

This level appears again in Plus Mode, but MUCH HARDER. Donkey Kong throws missiles starting at FULL HEALTH. That's only one of the new additions to Donkey Kong's Artificial Intelligence. If and when the player wins, it's the same thing all over again. Except, Mario stops Donkey Kong this time by giving DK a Mini-Pauline. Mario, why didn't you do that in the first place?! I KNOW YOU HAD IT AT THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME, TOO! Why? It's simple. The game NEVER showed you getting an extra one. Plus, you only put the SOLD OUT sign after Donkey Kong got to the front. In fact, you did it just as you pointed to it. Mario, leave the heroics to Luigi for once. He never gets credit, yet he's more agile, and saves you more than you save anybody. Yet, Luigi NEVER gets any credit.

("This sounds like commentary on a YouTube let's play of this game, and we all know that that's the most reliable source of information." - Lcrossmk8 (talk))

Fire Mountain (court)[edit]

Fire Mountain
The Smash Skate game played at Fire Mountain.
A battle with Wario, White Mage, Waluigi, and Caccac.

("Cactuar was somehow confused with an enemy from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.")

Funky's Flights[edit]

The inside of Funky's Flights was also shown on occasion on the show and was filled with surfer memorabilia, as one would expect a place owned by Funky Kong to have, along with other objects like a couch, refrigerator and paintings.

Funky's Rentals[edit]

When Dixie first stops in at Funky's Rentals, Funky will agree to let her borrow his Motor Boat, in exchange for babysitting Kiddy, whom he will dump in her lap.

Gateway Galaxy[edit]

scientiffically, this planet makes no sense, but this game wasnt made with science in mind.

("Considering Mario can breathe in space..." - Alex95 (talk))

Gear Shop[edit]

(The content of the Gear bought at the Gear Shop (as well as a section of the Airway) was replaced with this:)

Ninjas like peanut butter

Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

("Whoa... I really let my gaurd down... I just got rickrolled on the Super Mario Wiki!" - YoshiPickle)

(See Never Gonna Give You Up for the song regarding the lyrics.)

Gelato Beach[edit]

  • Part of Gelato Beach can be seen briefly in the intro during the intro.

Talk: Girls Frapple Snowland[edit]

Girls Frapple Sonwland

Girls Frapple Snowland is a girls snow land with girls names and staues of them many girls love this snowland it's good for to play in it, It's snowing there so bring a jacket girls! Girls Frapple Snowland reappears as a custom retro course in Mario Kart DS.

("My only quesion is how you can have a retro track that never appeared before" - Tails777 (talk))

("By it being an alternative layout for another course, maybe?" — ShootingStar7X (talk))

Good Egg Galaxy[edit]

[...]good egg galaxy is the place where the ops who wont ban me for spamming chat's decapited heads lie on stakes[...]

("Good Egg Galaxy...")

Gritzy Desert[edit]

  • Gritzy Desert bears a storyline of the novel The Time Machine, except for the Koopaseum being a colosseum. The time traveler ends up in a desert via a time machine, and there is a dome-shaped building. Additionally, the hero travels through caves in the same area. Although the plotline is similar, it is possibly just a coincidence.

Grumble Volcano[edit]

  • "The Grumble Volcano Song" from the retro cup is mostly look like the Switch.

("So, Grumble Volcano's music resembles a video game console? What kind of sense does that make? And why is this in the gallery section?" - 7feetunder (talk))

Hazy Maze Cave[edit]

  • the theme was slowed down 1000% for amnesia the dark decent for a low pitched groan for areas with the grunt

Hot-Head Hop[edit]

They can find a small pit of lava ahead of here with a Krockhead in it, who can bounce them onto a nearby End of Level Target located on the opposite side of the pit. If they hit the target, they complete the level.

("And Pirate Goomba is a pirate Goomba." -TheDarkStar (talk))

Huckit Hustle[edit]

Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese カニボーたいじと タイムアタック!
Kanibō Taiji to Taimu Atakku!
Huckit Crab Exorcism and Time Attack!

Impossible Pendulums[edit]

Afterwards, a Stone Buzzy and a pendulum appear just before the Warp Pipe which will transport the player to rotating pendulums, the third Star Coin and the Goal Pole.

("The kicker is that this was here since the page was created in 2014, and wasn't caught until 2021.")

Jammin' Through The Trees[edit]

The player must be cautious in the first part of this level, as an accidental Ground Pound (which often occurs) will cause the loss of a life.

Jungle Hut[edit]

Baby Bowser offered to fortify the huts with his Shy Guy minions if the Spikes affiliated themselves with the baby king.[citation needed]

("The [citation needed] kills me." - Mario (talk))

K. Rool's Kingdom[edit]

For a second time, the Kongs must beat the demented Kremling ruler King K. Rool for all the bananas.

Karakara Sabaku[edit]

This stage reintroduces the Guriguri enemy, which are more tenacious than ever. A tame Pokey basks in the desert's humid haze, watching Wanda's progress.

Kat and Ana's House[edit]

Kat & Ana's House is a house that is for Kat & Ana.

Kitchen Island[edit]

This is the world where Wario can't travel between worlds because the 1st level is flooded with water and once Wario clears the 2nd level. Wario will be able to travel between worlds. + Parsley Woods will be spelled Parsely Woods. Parsley Woods is a large forest area, with two stages that take place on moving shipment trains and two other stages that involve climbing fork-shaped trees in addition to other forest-themed stages. Fork Tree stands prominently in the middle of the forest. The boss of this area is Zenisukī, a giant ghost.

Koopa's Tycoon Town[edit]

  • This is the only board that has two Lucky Spaces. This board has more than one Lucky Space!

("Thanks, Captain Obvious, you're being really helpful right now. Now guess, just GUESS, what in the world is a Pirate Goomba.")

Kōri no Dōkutsu[edit]

Wanda's journey to lead the innocent to safety has led them into a cold cave, which may be based on the Vanilla Dome of Super Mario World - Dinosaur Land natives are even found frozen in the ice, as a chilling reminder to be extra careful.

Krazy Kremland[edit]

Along with being rundown another negative feature about this B-class amusement park (bemusement park?) is that it is built on a swamp filled with critters and bramble vines [...]

Lakitu's Wall[edit]

A Jumping Tap-Tap blocking a Special Flower can also be vanquished in the same way further along.

Little Fungitown[edit]

Little Fungitown is an illegal immigrant Toad community built on giant Mushrooms in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.

Luigi Circuit[edit]

Just as Luigi is to Mario, Luigi Circuit is an easier, more boring version of Mario's Circuit. It's because Luigi gets all of his success from hiding in Mario's shadow, munching on all of his success like a parasite. I forgot I even bought the Luigi's Mansion 3DS game. That's how forgettable he is. Remember when they tried to launch a Super Luigi game for the Wii U? That game was total ass. Remember how you were pissed off for it being too fast then went to play Super Mario Bros? It's called Mario Bros for a reason.

Luigi's Garden[edit]

This course is primarily green in color. It may refer Luigi.

Mario Bros. (Stage)[edit]

It's a brawl stage.

Mario Circuit[edit]



The Philips 80C31/80C51/87C51 is a high-performance microcontroller fabricated with Philips high-density CMOS technology. The CMOS 8XC51 is functionally compatible with the NMOS 8031/8051 microcontrollers. The Philips CMOS technology combines the high speed and density characteristics of HMOS with the low power attributes of CMOS. Philips epitaxial substrate minimizes latch-up sensitivity. The 8XC51 contains a 4k × 8 ROM (80C51) EPROM (87C51), a 128 × 8 RAM, 32 I/O lines, two 16-bit counter/timers, a five-source, two-priority level nested interrupt structure, a serial I/O port for either multi-processor communications, I/O expansion or full duplex UART, and on-chip oscillator and clock circuits.

In addition, the device has two software selectable modes of power reduction—idle mode and power-down mode. The idle mode freezes the CPU while allowing the RAM, timers, serial port, and interrupt system to continue functioning. The power-down mode saves the RAM contents but freezes the oscillator, causing all other chip functions to be inoperative.

("Definitely the kind of circut we were looking for…")

Mario Zone Area 4[edit]

Dangerously placed under the second platform is a Moneybag.

(Would you get it?)

Mole Train[edit]

Mole Patrol
The Mole Train
Level code 4 - B
World Cave
Game Donkey Kong Country Returns (3D)
<< VV Directory of levels >>

(Spot the error)

(This mistake went uncorrected for over a year.)

MoonView Highway[edit]

The MoonView Highway is a highway from Princess Peach's Casthe to Rougeport. It has more than 30 Toll Plazas because Mushroom Kingdom has Lots of Tunnels to pass a lot of Mountains. Only rich persons in Mushroom Kingdon can pass the Highway Because some tunnels must paid more than 8 blue coins, aka $40; and some Cross boundry buses must pay more than $110, aka 22 blue coins. Becaust its length is longer than 200 kilometres, so you must go in some Petrol Stations along the title

Musée Champignon[edit]

Number Image Name Description
2 An origami Toad Fried Egg The king of breakfast. Whether they're salted, peppered, or slaughtered in hot sauce, fried eggs reign supreme.

Mushroom Gorge[edit]

Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
German Pilz-Schlucht Mushroom Gore

("Did Mushroom Gore make a movie about how Global Warming is affecting the Mushroom World?" - BubbleRevolution (talk))

Mushroom Kingdom[edit]

While racism is not much of a problem in the kingdom, species tend to segregate themselves into different areas.

("As decreed by Plessy v. Ferguson here" - BabyLuigiOnFire (talk))


Named after Mario, the first Mario Kart races were not witnessed by many citizens firsthand. However, it served to popularize the karting sport. Later tournaments proved immensely popular. Following Bowser’s kidnapping of Princess Peach on Dinosaur Land in Super Mario World, the tournament doubled as an act of diplomacy as Bowser was allowed to race. The races took place in Dinosaur Land, the Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser’s Castle, Rainbow Road and possibly other locations.

("Mario Kart: The result of unsavory political machinations.")


Mario Kart Wii: An overview of Mario Circuit, seeing the castle surrounded by houses as residence
Mario Circuit as it appears in Mario Kart Wii.

Some time after Bowser's invasion of the galaxies in Super Mario Galaxy, the Mushroom Kingdom held yet another momentous racing event. The majority of the races took place inside the kingdom itself, such as in Toad Town, Peach's royal gardens, and even through newly discovered regions of it, such as Koopa Cape and the canyons of Wario's Gold Mine. Once again the tournament spanned throughout other areas and kingdoms, such as Isle Delfino and possibly even Sarasaland. But this time the races even exceeded the Mushroom World, and traveled into the galaxy. Rainbow Road appeared to take place far above the Mushroom World's atmosphere, and one of the races courses even appeared to take place in the Gold Leaf Galaxy. Racers ranged from the racing veterans such as Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi, but also marked the the racing debut of Rosalina, Dry Bowser, and even Funky Kong. The Mushroom Kingdom also allowed other human residents from the areas to participate for the first time in this competition. The number of participants in each race has been increased by four, making a total of twelve drivers in this tournament.

("Historians consider the Mario Kart Wii competition to be the turning point for Toad-"human" relationship in the Mushroom Kingdom.")

Mushroom Universe[edit]

Mushroom Universe
Mushroom Universe
First appearance Super Mario Bros. (1985)
Latest appearance Mario Party: Island Tour (2013)
Ruler Rosalina (overseer)
Inhabitants Humans, Toads, Koopas, etc.
“Those who took your special one picked up the Power Stars... And discovered the power to cross the universe.”
Rosalina, Super Mario Galaxy

The Mushroom Universe, better known simply as the "universe," is the name of the universe that Mario lives in. Specifically, it is the dimension in which Mario's home planet, the Mushroom World, is located. Mario's native galaxy, the Grand Finale Galaxy, is also found here. A powerful intergalactic figure named Rosalina watches over and protects the entire universe from harm. This universe is one of many dimensions in the Mario series that collectively comprise the multiverse.

The Mushroom Universe was originally mentioned in an episode of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! titled "Stars in Their Eyes," in which Mario asked "Where in the Mushroom Universe are we?" while being chased by Space Troopas. According to various sources, including the cartoon series The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, the universe of the Mushroom Kingdom is a distinct but parallel dimension to the universe in which the "Real World," or Earth, resides. There exist multiple rifts in the space-time continuum (often in the form of Warp Pipes) which allow for the boundaries between dimensions to be freely transcended. For example, in the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, Mario and Luigi arrive in the Mushroom Universe after being sucked down a drain pipe in the real world.

During the events of Super Mario Galaxy, Mario visits a total of forty-two galaxies scattered across the universe. Over the course of the game, Bowser and his Koopa Troop henchmen attempt to take over the universe. Using the power of one of several Grand Stars, which he had previously stolen from Rosalina's Comet Observatory, Bowser is able to construct his own galaxy in the center of the universe. From this galaxy, Bowser had planned to rule over every region of the universe for all time, with Princess Peach by his side. Nevertheless, Bowser's scheme is eventually thwarted by Mario at the end of the game, when he rescues both Peach and the stolen Grand Star from Bowser's Galaxy Reactor.

Mushroomy Kingdom[edit]

The stage is an almost exact replica of World 1-1 from Super Mario Bros., with the stage gently scrolling by, but there is one key difference: The whole stage seems barren and lifeless, presumably from all the battles the SSB crew has waged there.

Nintendo DS (battle course)[edit]

While the arena does not appear to move around in space, it has no evident technology to keep it in a single place. It is likely that the same method used to suspend the Rainbow Roads and Nintendo GameCube arena is the same used to suspend the Nintendo DS.

("Would that method be something like 'having an underside on level geometry?' I hear it's all the rage in a few games, and that's when they're not in outer space." - Doc von Schmeltwick (talk))

Nintendo GameCube (battle course)[edit]

Also, this course could be in "Mario Kart 8" because with the new anti-gravity, you could go all around the course, instead of just the top.

Orang-utan Gang[edit]

Throughout the level, Donkey and Diddy Kong have to run tree-to-tree on lush, green vines and treetops in this dark jungle. Their journey through the jungles leads them to the Kong reject orangutans: Manky Kongs. These dark orange-colored apes hurl dozens of barrels at the heroes without breaking a sweat, and they can be quite a hazard. Along with these dangerous foes are the members of the Kremling Krew, Klaptraps, Kritters, and Zingers. Although the level is crawling with vicious enemies, the Kongs can get backup in the form of an Animal Friend, known as Expresso the Ostrich. This buddy can flutter through the air for a short period of time and help the heroes avoid obstacles, or even get them into Bonus Levels.

Origami Castle[edit]

When Mario, Olivia, Bowser and Luigi enter Peach's Castle, Princess Peach appears and asks they follow her. Luigi runs toward her and ends up falling into the castle.

("So they're already in the castle, and Luigi falls into the castle..." - Keyblade Master (talk))

Peach's Castle Dungeon[edit]

Princess Peach's Castle Dungeon is a dungeon in Princess Peach's Castle.

Peach's Castle Dungeon is an area that appears in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. It is opened once the bros. and babies defeat Sunnycide and learn the Bros. Ball. Mario, Luigi, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi came here, they found Fawful and followed him, however, only the babies can talk to him seeing that he's in a Warp Pipe that only the babies can access. The babies can trade Beans for Badges at his store. They can come here only by using a Blue Warp Pipe in Peach's Castle. Several Goombas are found in the dungeon, and they can be defeated.

("Are any of them pirates, by any chance?" -Hewer (talk))

Princess Peach's room[edit]

Princess Peach's room is a room in Peach's Castle that belongs to Princess Peach.

("This is Pirate Goomba taken to the extreme." - RHG1951 (talk))

("Peaches, Peaches, Peaches, Peaches, Peaches...") - Shadic 34 (talk)

Poochy Ain't Stupid[edit]

Poochy Ain't Stupid
It's just another daily stroll for Poochy. Look at how happy he is!


The player must jump on Poochy and face to the right. Poochy will run to the right. If the player faces left, Poochy will run left. This will be the key to successfully seizing victory over this level.

It is not recommended for the player to give priority to stars, as there are many scattered around the level. The player should mostly keep an eye on Poochy and the moving screen.

Prince Froggy's Fort[edit]

This door leads Yoshi to a bonus area, where he can turn into the Submarine with the use of a morph bubble, and explore a vast lake, collecting Red Coins while dodging a spinning Tekkyū Dosun. However, his time as a submarine is short as he has to exit this area to the left.

("It's a vast lake you can get through in about ten seconds." - The Mansion (talk))

Rainbow Ride[edit]

  • The way this course, as well as Wing Mario Over the Rainbow, is accessed may be a subtle reference to the fact that in medieval times, such holes were used as toilets.

(This is actually true.)

("Well, yes, but...what? Granted, it wouldn't be the first time Mario jumped into a toilet" - Alex95 (talk))

Ricco Harbor[edit]

  • There is a yellow submarine, which might be a reference to the song "Yellow Submarine" by The Beatles.

("Oh yeah, and don't forget how it's "Ricco" harbor, which might be a reference to Warren Buffet.")
("Yellow submarines are forever cursed to be called references. There could be a whole fleet in every color of the rainbow, and people would still say the yellow one's a reference." --Doc von Schmeltwick (talk))

Rockface Chase[edit]

As one would expect, the Kremling Krew did not leave this strategic point unprotected, as Kobbles, Krimps, Krumples, Re-Koils and other Kremling Kreeps can be found throughout the level. The Kongs need to clamber up this rockface under a ceaseless rain, finding their way through narrow canyons and shafts while taking advantage of the numerous Barrel Cannons and ropes. Arrow-shaped bananas can help them navigate this rocky maze. However, their progress is hindered by Klasps, Buzzes and Kopters who patrol around the mountain. A good timing is required to dodge the malevolent Kremlings while climbing up ropes. A couple of Sneeks and a single Knik-Knak are also found in the level to help cause chaos throughout the level.

("...and that's why we don't let Kremlings play 40k.") -- Lord Grammaticus

Salvo the Slime's Castle[edit]

This new room is certainly different to the player. There is a strange, water-controlled platform, a Spray Fish and a lake with a waterfall in the background.

Sammer's Kingdom[edit]

  • The kingdom appears to be based on Japan, with "Sammer Guy" being a pun on "samurai".
    • Furthermore, the Void ending the world may br a nod to the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nakasagi, where two atomic bombs made the two cities completely vanish, leaving it in ruins to which the world of Nothing is similar in appearance, with only the remains of some buildings left.

("I didn't realize atomic bombs turned things into white board scribbles.")


Sayonara is an Oriental city located somewhere that was featured in two episodes of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, "Mario Meets Koop-zilla" and "Karate Koopa".

("This error was caused by a quick removal of outdated references to Mushroom World. It went unnoticed for almost a year.")

Seaside Kingdom[edit]

The Seaside Kingdom is a tropical location in Super Mario Odyssey. It is the greater location of Bubblaine, and is a tropical location.

("This is a tropical location, right?")
("Actually no, no it's not. It's France." - Doc von Schmeltwick (talk))
("Lorraine, actually. It's not even south France." -Bazooka Mario (talk))

Shy Guy's Perplex Express[edit]

Like King Boo's Haunted Hideaway, the player who makes it to DK first gets a free Star (in Star Battle Arena, DK doubles the player's coin total-where he gives them in between 40 or 57 coins-or in between 40 and 57).

Shyguys secret meeting Room[edit]

Shy guys rule: 1 Always be kind to your friends and family

2. Never give up

3. Never lie

4. Help others

5. Bee good

("This is the most mysterious secret society ever." - Flogger (talk))

Sluggy the Unshaven's Fort[edit]

Sluggy the Unshaven's Fort

Sluggy the Unshaven's Fort is a level in World 5 as the mini boss. Sluggy the Unshaven is the boss that was transformed into a huge Slug by Kamek. To defeat the boss, Yoshi must throw eggs at where the heart is until he reaches it. If he runs out of eggs, there is a egg shooting flower to replenish Yoshi's eggs or he could pick up the eggs that bounces off Sluggy the Unshaven. Watch out as if Yoshi does not defeat the boss quickly, he will fall from the cliff at the end of the left.

Snow Cap Galaxy[edit]

The Snow Cap Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. [...] Its always snowing on a planet, making it covered in a blanket of snow. Also, in the background, there is Aurora all over. [...] Here the player is able to use the Star Cursor to push the snow apart, revealing anything the snow hid. After you get all of the Star Bunnies you will then get the Power Star.

("You get a lot of bizarre topic jumping when people repeatedly "update" a page by lumping random facts in at the end." - Twentytwofiftyseven (talk))

Spiky Spike Bridge[edit]


The weather is awful.

("I think heavy rain is great weather" )

Squeaky Clean Sprint[edit]

Various bottles [...] are seen throughout the course labelled with brands referencing various characters, one of which being labelled Toad Barber, a pun on Toad Harbor.

Supermassive Galaxy[edit]

In some alternate realities, Alex95's clones were born in 1884. In those realities, Alex95's clones bought Nintendo toy products in the 1890s and early 1900s and was ane editor of a magazine about Nintendo toy products in the 1900s and 1910s. Supermassive Galaxy's theme was paying homage to the sound that came from those alternate reality clones of Alex95 mouth when they coughed in the late 1890s.

("That's not how clones work." - Alex95 (talk))

The Cave of the Mystery Maze[edit]

The player must be a little more cautious in this next part. He or she must jump from stone to stone, avoiding the Cactus Jacks (which can be destroyed by being hit with eggs) and Cloud Drops. Once the player reaches the end of this part of the stage, they will need to jump onto the last Spring Ball and advance on their journey.

The Impossible? Maze[edit]

The Impossible? Maze is the 4th extra level of Super Mario Advance 3:Yoshi's island. It,obviously,seems impossible-however it IS possible, no doubt.

("Uh, yeah..." - Time Q (talk))

("I hate false advertisement." - Stooben Rooben (talk))

The Tall Tower[edit]

Haunting the very top of the dark, foreboding tower is the mighty ghost, Inviso.

(Inviso about to battle with Yoshi. "Honestly the scariest thing there is that those blocks probably have lead paint." - Doc von Schmeltwick (talk))

Tick Tock Clock[edit]


("This level references the *future*!" - Alex95 (talk))

Toad Town[edit]

Mario Kart Wii: An overview of Mario Circuit, seeing the castle surrounded by houses as residence
Toad Town as it appears in Mario Kart Wii.

As of yet, the story of Toad Town's creation and development remains unexplored. Chronologically, the first appearance of the town occurred in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, just prior to the Shroob invasion of the Mushroom Kingdom. As the capital of the kingdom, Toad Town and Princess Peach's Castle were the aliens' first targets. They attacked with Shroob UFOs, neutralizing the area with their offensive weaponry. Ruthlessly, they assaulted both buildings, such as Princess Peach's Castle, and people, such as the Toads walking outside in the streets. The aliens weren't able to capture the young princess herself, however, as she had escaped into the future. E. Gadd's Time Machine brought the adult Princess Peach into the past instead - and into the aliens' grasps.

The destruction of Toad Town was total: while not a single building was left unharmed, many remained their structural integrity. All but two of the residents fled to the surrounding area, where many of them were captured anyway; the wreckage of coaches in Toadwood Forest serves as evidence that many residents fled there through that form of travel, perhaps after using them in their everyday lives in the town. The two remaining citizens were Gramma Red and Gramma Green, the saleswomen of Gramma's Place. The only other inhabitants of Toad Town for the remainder of the invasion were hostile enemies, many of were not even related to the occupying Shroob forces.

However, just as the adult Princess Peach had travelled through time, so did Mario and Luigi, who combined forces with their younger selves to battle the Shroobs. Their quest took them through Toad Town, where they battled enemies and looted the wreckage for useful items. They also met up with Gramma Red and Green, who gave them details as to what had passed and then tried to sell their wares. The four Mario brothers eventually made their way through the ruined city, and later into the Shroobified castle, where they defeated the aliens once and for all. Using the Hydrogush 4000, the future Professor Elvin Gadd then pumped artificial baby tears into the various Time Holes, removing the handiwork of the Shroobs and reviving the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom.

After that, details of Toad Town's reconstruction are also slim. The Mushroom Kingdom had recovered by the time Bowser invaded in Super Mario Bros., although there is no evidence against the kingdom having reconstructed years prior to the Koopa Clan's first invasion.

("Gotta love how the section simply reiterates what's written in the M&L:Partners in Times section, with a pointless non-statement tacked on at the end.")

Town Game Room A[edit]

Town Game Room A
The Town Game Room A from Mario Party Advance. Can I have some of your winnings Monty?

Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy[edit]

It also features a new mini-game and minor enemies such as Melon Bugs and Mildes. Yoshi will also get high on crack cocaine.

Visit Koopa and Para-Koopa[edit]

As the level commences, the player will notice a new scenery set in a forest, with pine trees in the background and cyan-colored mountains.

Next to this falling rock is another tall rock. This one is safe, but the one next to it isn't. Now, the problem with this rock is that it's got coins above it... and below it.

Once all the rocks fall, the player should QUICKLY try to get the third Special Flower, as instants later, two more blocks will fall.

If the player is unable to obtain all red coins, it is no subject to worry, as he or she can climb up again and try as many times as he or she wishes.

The player should QUICKLY jump the large gaps and obtain the fourth Special Flower before the rocks make it impossible to reach.

Wario Palace[edit]

Wario Palace is Wario's Baseball Stadium in Mario Superstar Baseball, which resembles Wario Castle (or is possibly a conversion of it). It is located in a desert near Bowser's Stadium. It has a giant Golden Wario head, similar to the ones found in Wario World. In fact, there are a lot of features in the Wario Palace based on Wario World. There are also a few banners spread across the stadium, with a picture of Wario on them. Behind the foul line are two Chain Chomp's, one on each side of the Stadium. Although they are usually asleep, when awake they will attempt to attack any player that gets too close. They can run outside the foul line, so be careful. There are a few Star Pads underneath the Sand, and if the batter hits the ball on it, they will get a Star Point. Additionally, just outside the sides of the infield lies two Sandstorms, from Wario World. They will whip up a Sandstorm if the ball falls underneath them, and will shoot the ball out in a random direction. A Minigame is also featured in this stadium, named Chain Chomp Sprint.

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("It's amazing what we get done in the span of a decade." Tails777 (talk))

Warp Zone[edit]

The World 1 warp zone has a gap in which the player can commit suicide with instead of entering the pipe[...]

("Let's not encourage suicide, please?")

Watch Out Below![edit]

This pit, logically, makes the player lose a life.

("Moral: Watch out for angels. They will Spock your life away." - Doc von Schmeltwick (talk))

Way Cool[edit]

Some random people say, "Way Cool is way cool"

("Really? I thought it was way awesome." - Stooben Rooben (talk)) ("No, it's way DUMB...if you get my DRIFT (pun intended).")

Wet-Dry World[edit]

Wet-Dry World is the eleventh course in Super Mario 64 (and its remake Super Mario 64 DS) filled with water.

What's Gusty Taste Like?[edit]

What's Gusty Taste Like?
Nep-Enut's secret "home" with many Red Coins to be caught.

Inside the cave there aren't any Gusties but there are some cave creepies such as Fangs and Lantern Ghosts going out the pipes.

Some winged clouds can be founded inside the sand barrages.

Then he can go to two passages: The left one (which has some hidden places as the Nep-Enut "home" inside the cave) and the right (which is the path that Yoshi can find a Morph Bubble).

After this ambush he'll get to the end ring.

World 1 (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)[edit]

World 1-Castle Icon.pngCastle

This is the first Castle level, filled with a lot of lava in the game and features many gear-shaped platforms. [...] A reference of Spy Kids: All the Time in the World is used because it is when Tick Tock enters the hall with a gear resembling a gear-shaped platform, where Cecil Wilson bumped his head on.

World 1-1 (Super Mario Bros.)[edit]

  • Considering the lifespan of Marios and Luigis of 400 seconds it is disproven that Mario Mario or Luigi Mario is 24-25 years old.

("It seems like someone forgot that Time Limits exist. Also, Super Mario 128 is now canon, apparently." -Doomhiker (talk))

World 2-1 (Super Mario Bros. 2)[edit]

Birdo is fought in a chamber full of chasms, so caution is the key in the battle.

("That's after jumping to conclusions.")

World 3 (Super Mario Bros.)[edit]

The level is based off of black death.

("Note that after this was put down, it stayed that way until the level descriptions were shortened a year and a half later.")

World 8-3 (Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels)[edit]

Additionally, this is the only level in the game that takes place entirely in the sky.


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World C[edit]

There's also two Poison Mushrooms on this stage so Mario and Luigi need to watch out.