Mario Zone Area 4

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Mario Zone Area 4
Mario Zone Area 4.png
World Mario Zone
Game Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
Time limit 300 seconds
Boss Three Little Pigs
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Mario Zone Area 4 is the fourth and final level in the Mario Zone in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins.


The level starts off with a few steps leading to a Guruguri under a ? Block containing a Mushroom or Fire Flower. This is followed by another Guruguri and a Turtle Cannon. After another Guruguri, some Spike Traps will be laid across the floor. This will then lead to a small section with Turtle Cannons. Past this is a set of stairs with a Goomba on top. Under these stairs is a small path leading to bonus room containing many coins and Guruguri. If the player were to go up the stairs, they would find a few more Goombas followed by a group of four ? Blocks. The second-to-right ? Block contains a Mushroom or Fire Flower. After this is a Bomubomu with a Turtle Cannon, which is then followed by the Mid-Point Bell over another Bomubomu and Goomba. Past this is a platform inhabited by Wakiri, followed by a ? Block containing a Mushroom or Fire Flower along with another platform with Wakiri and a Moneybag under the second platform. After this are a few Wakiri, Guruguri and Goombas follower by the ending Warp Pipe leading to the Three Little Pigs boss-fight.


Sprite Name Count
SML2Satellite.png Guruguri 8
SML2BillBlaster.png Turtle Cannon (Bullet Bill) 5
Goomba-SML2.gif Goomba 6
CannonPig-SML2.png Bomubomu 2
Wakiri.png Wakiri 6
Piggy1.pngPiggy2.pngPiggy3.png Three Little Pigs Boss

Level map[edit]

Map of Mario Zone Area 4
Map of Mario Zone Area 4

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Block-Level Block Level
Italian Blocchi[1] Blocks