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Mario and the gang encounter Smithy in the Factory

The Factory (also known as Smithy Factory[1]) is the base of operations of Smithy in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, located deep within the Gate. Compared to the Gate, it is a small and straightforward location.

It is here Smithy creates each on his minions one by one. To the right, in each room, Mario can witness the process of a Jabit being manufactured As Mario and company travel through it, they must battle in ascending order against the Factory bureaucrats, who each say the process of rebuilding the Smithy Gang from the ground up is well underway; members of Mario's party demand they stop production. First, Mallow threatens the Clerk and his Mad Mallets, only to have a brief accident with a switch and a crane after they are defeated. Toad then suddenly appears and offers to sell items to the group.

In the next room, Bowser challenges the Manager and his Pounders, but they ignore him completely and focus on Mario. After defeating them, Bowser delivers a haiku about his lack on acknowledgement despite his role, and Mario pats him on the shell. Soon afterward, Toadstool demands the Director stop immediately, but he rebuffs her with the implicit threat of melting her. Once he and his Poundettes are defeated, she admits he scared her, but reaffirms they need to finish what they started. Next, the Factory Chief challenges Mario directly, saying he is no match for a weapon of his own creation, the Gunyolk, which he proceeds to battle alongside. Once they are defeated, Geno notes the Jabits' continued production and the pipe they are coming from, deducing that it will lead to Smithy. Mario uses a switch and crane similar to the one he saved Mallow from to reach the pipe, which he then enters.

Once in Smithy's quarters, he jovially treats them as a tour group and offers a demonstration of his craft by creating a Jabit before them. Once they begin protesting his plans, however, he becomes annoyed and attacks, demanding they hand over the Star Pieces they have gathered. Once he is defeated, he flies into a blind rage and begins hammering the floor in a tantrum. An Aero, Drill Bit, and Shyster arrive to calm him down, reminding him of his blood pressure and the fact that the foundations for the floor had only been applied the day before. However, he does not listen and hits it one more time in annoyance, causing the weak floor to give out beneath everyone. Deep inside the Factory, Smithy and the party land in a scrap heap full of big Smithy skulls, where he turns into his giant true form for a final battle. Once he is defeated, the Factory shuts down for good, signified by the red glow fading to gray and Exor disintegrating.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 武器工場
Buki Kōjō
Weapons' Factory


  • Despite the management staff consisting of four boss fights, only Gunyolk and the Factory Chief have boss music. The Clerk, Manager, and Director have regular enemy music. Additionally, the Gunyolk is the only one of these with the "fading out" effect most bosses have upon defeat, with the rest having the "popping" effect usually reserved for normal enemies, together suggesting the game considers them as such. The player's statistics are restored after each of these fights, however, which normally only happens for bosses.


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