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The Black Box
Castle sm64ds edited1.jpg
The Black Box is circled in red.
First appearance Super Mario 64 DS (2004)

The Black Box is a therory or joke about Waluigi being playable in Super Mario 64 DS. It is unknown who created it, but what is certain is that it is not real and the word has spread for other people to try do it.

The Therory

The top screen view on the select file screen.
The 'Black Box' is next to the tree.

On the 'Select File' screen in Super Mario 64 DS, there will be a picture of the castle on the top screen. And to the right of the castle there will be two trees with a black square next to them.This black square is known as the 'Black Box', and that started up the idea that if Wario is playable in the game, Waluigi too would also be playable.

Later someone thought that if the player was to hit the black box, a vortex would open up in front of the painting of Princess Peach. Of course this can't happen, since the box is just an accidental graphic that appears on the select file screen. But the therory still went on anyway.

The fake instructions to get Waluigi is that during gameplay, the player will need to get the wing cap and try to get at the same angle as the file screen, (which is impossible) then the box will be visible. The box is 2D, so the player will have to fly straight into the box and ground pound on it. A vortex will open in front of the painting of Princess Peach. The player will need to fly into the vortex, where he/she will be in a room which looks like the mirror room on the second floor.

The first 'Black Box' room

The only difference will be is that some of the paintings will be different, and the player will see that the Wario painting is replaced by a picture of Waluigi. There will also be a goomba in the room. The player has to defeat this goomba and get the Luigi cap off it. Like the player would go to the Chief Chilly Challenge, the player will have to get the Power Flower and jump into the Waluigi painting.

The second 'Black Box' room

Next the player will find themself in a room which is the same as the character selection room only that the Wario door has an upside-down 'L' on it and the door that leads to the rec room is gone. The upside-down L door will be locked, so the player will have to grab the Mario cap and go in the completely dark room that replaces the rec room to find the key. To get it the player will need to wall jump through a maze of ledges. On the top-most ledge there will be a large treasure chest with an upside-down L on it. Opening it will get the Waluigi cap key. Then the player has to head back down and open the upside-down L door. When the cutscene ends the player will be outside, but the whole castle will be completely submerged in water.

The submerged castle.

The player will have to swim all the way to the top which is at the tip of the castle, where there will be a ? block at the top. Inside of it will be a Power Flower, which will give him lightning abilities. Striking the top of the castle will make a hole in it, which reveals a small dark room with nothing but a switch in it. Pressing the switch will drain the water back to normal so the player can go back inside the castle. It is unknown why this was added to the therory, probably just to make use of Waluigi's powers. Some of the miniboss sayings might be interesting to watch with him.

Note the 'Black Box' is now gone.

Also, that 'Black Box' on the menu screen will be gone.

The True Reason

As mentioned before, it is unknown exacty why that Black Box is there in the first place, as it is possinble it is just a mistake. In a way this could be true, but it might just represent the cannon, but it wasn't coded right therefore it appeared next to the tree instead.