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in the clouds is a level in yoshi's island ds. it has many enimies and here are some:

flip guy mufti guy pihranha plants lakuitus sluggers spineys

where you start of you go to the first cloud. it would be quite usefull to use peach. bounce up the clouds to get to the moving cloud with the dots. once you jump on it, you will be moved up to the first flower.when it is about to go of the edge, jump right on the cloud in bettween the two cloud drops.jump that cloud onto the second cloud then keep jumping on the clouds. when on the last cloud where you cant see any more, flutter jump on forward to get onto a big cloud with a flip guy and a cloud above you. jump onto the cloud with dotted lines coming out of the cloud shaping a hook. jump down to the cloud in bettween the cloud your on and the cloud next to it and jump up to the cloud above then jump of that cloud onto the cloud at the top and jump up that cloud to see a cloud with arrows pointing right. continue on. now it gets tricky.get onto the first cloud circling around and then get onto the cloud that goes up the big 's' infront of you. when at the top, you wait till the cloud circling gets to a point where you can get on it. then once it gets to the backwards 's' you either jump onto the cloud that is availible or flutter down the 's' till you get onto that cloud (depends on timing). after that there is a cloud on yet another backwards 's' that always meets with your cloud. when you get to this point jump onto the cloud. after that you then meet another circling cloud and you flutter onto it. you then meet another cloud that will follow the dotted line. jump on it. once you get to the curve at the top, quickly jump of onto the small cloud and bounce onto the bigger cloud you will see an arrow in the sky. follow that way. if you have dk then you can explore around that part but if not then ignore it. keep following the arrows in the sky.once you get to the end of the bouncy clouds then you need to bounce up to the cloud following the dotted lines. heads up for the cloud drop that id above the dotted lines. once you get off the cloud you follow the arrows to the next area. continue on and get the middle ring. jump on to the cloud with the three coins. then you jump on the mufti guy (shy guy in a bunch of flowers) or hit him with an egg (if you have any...) to get him into the museum. then jump on to the bouncy cloud to get to the cloud with an arrow on it. this part is harsh. jump on to the fickle blocks and hit the switch and jump onto the 3 fickle blocks. jump onto the top and jump at the switch andgo onto the flip side. jump to the next 3 fickle blocks. keep going till you reach the next set and hit the switch to get onto the next set. then hit the switch to flip them and there will be loads of fickle blocks to stand on. jump and in mid-air hit the switch do the same again and get on to the next set of fickles where there is an arrow pointing at the switch. set your egg to hit the block and flutter towards the outlined blocks while hitting the block (try and calculate how to do this). when you got to the last two fickle blocks, hit the piranha plant with an egg (or jump over it and hit the middle ring to get an extra star!!!). continue on.this is much harder when it is in the moon light with the screen moving you forward while dropping down holes with lakuitus throwing spineys at you!!! 'course it wont afect me because i have 381 lives!!! anyway moving on. just keep to the screen and jump across the clouds to safety. don't worry about the falling seeds they can only hurt you if they hit you. lakuitus are easy to avoid as well. if you have made it of the bouncy clouds you will find a stork stop. change to peach if you havn't already. get to the point with the circle-moving cloud. look in front- there is a slugger (batsman). slam down on him to defeat him. keep going along the clouds kill the third slugger and don't worry about the piranha plant (unless you are realy dum and decided to go under the cloud!!). He can't hurt you. jump of that cloud and jump onto the bouncy cloud. bounce up to the next bouncy cloud. then jump onto the cloud that goes up and down. jump onto the next cloud (at this point it gets faster!!). make your way across the clouds and when you get to the cloud with the last flower above it, it gets slower! now if you are dk the you can get the character coin and jump over the piranha. if not, then hit the pirahna with an egg. if no eggs the you will have a lucky jump over it!!! well we made it to the finish!!!!

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