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For the 2018 April Fool's, clicking the "New Funky Mode" banner at the top on the regular main page would lead to the "Funky Main Page".

Funky new mode.png
Issue 190 of The 'Shroom has been released. Give it a read!

Community Poll

Funky Kong Wiki Newspaper

Funky & Nintendo News

Funky Kong as he appears in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze for the Nintendo Switch

Did You Know?

  • That despite his reputation as an emotionally intelligent confident, Funky Kong is prone to fits of sexist tirades?
  • That Funky Kong has the best theme song in whatever game he appears in?
  • That Funky Kong doesn’t look for trouble, and that in turn, trouble doesn’t come looking for him?
  • That Funky Kong was nicknamed "the Brown Baron" during the Great Ape War?
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