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Thank you for a fantastic Mario Awards ceremony and a wonderful 16 years! In case you missed them, the presentations can be found on our forum.

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We Are Pink Donkey Kong Jr. Newspaper

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Did You Know?

Donkey Kong Jr. and his alternate costume from Mario Tennis in the Tiebreaker mode.
  • That Pink Donkey Kong Jr. is called "Junior (II)" in Donkey Kong Jr. Math's manual?
  • That Donkey Kong Jr's 2nd-player alternate color in the tiebreaker mode of Mario Tennis (pictured) kind of vaguely looks pink if you squint really hard?
  • That Pink Donkey Kong Jr. still appears in the 1-player mode of Donkey Kong Jr. Math, thus proving his superiority over inferior imitations such as Gooigi and Purple Captain Toad?
  • That Donkey Kong Jr. + Jr. Sansū Lesson removes Pink Donkey Kong Jr., making the floppy fine kindling material?

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