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My old persona.
Full name Eldritch D. Draaks
Species Dragon

Eldritch /ˈɛldrɪtʃ/ (German, Dutch)
weird and sinister or ghostly; in a foreign land, exiled
Draak /draːk/ (German, Dutch)
a legendary large winged creature; a dragon

First appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash
HD remake of a logo for a fake web browser called "Hephaestus"

Hi there, I'm Eldrtichdraaks, but you can just call me Eldritch.

I'm a 23 year old man from Texas who joined the wiki because it was lacking in info on Paper Mario: Color Splash at the time. I'm also the guy responsible for the current Super Mario Wiki logo!

About Me

  • My birthday is the 16th of November.
  • I love games, shows, or movies with a unique art style, such as Paper Mario: Color Splash, The Amazing World of Gumball, and The Book of Life.
  • I designed the current logo for the wiki.Super Mario Wiki logo
  • I've done a lot of work to revamp the bestiaries and keep the data consistent across the site.
  • I'm not that big of a Mario fan. In fact, whenever a new Mario game is announced, I just go "Eh." and continue with my day. I've only played a handful of the games listed on the wiki, and these are the ones:

(Games listed in a somewhat chronological order of when I first played them.)


  • Baby Peach, Baby Daisy, and Baby Rosalina are terrible designs for the baby characters. Their eyes should only be black pupils like Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, and Baby Bowser. Seriously, these girls look like they're ready for a toddler pageant, get rid of those pacifiers and crowns! Peach being a baby would place Toadsworth, her Guardian, in charge of the Mushroom Kingdom until She is old enough to properly rule.
  • I'd love the next Paper Mario game to keep the art style of Color Splash, maybe even improve on it, and provide a deep and well written story and characters comparable to the first three Paper Mario games. I like the old RPG battle system from the First two titles, but at the same time I like the lack of one in Super Paper Mario because the flow isn't broken. Color Splash makes a good compromise here with battles that are fast. I want them to pull a SPM and have a bunch of stylish new enemies and characters/species, rather than recycle the old ones from the series. Enemies made with the paper aesthetic in mind would work!

Current Projects