Rainbow Juice

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Rainbow Juice
Rainbow Juice.png
Appears in WarioWare: Touched!
Type Dance Club Rub
Command(s) Rub the rainbow! / Fill it!
Info "Rub the rainbow to fill the happy, dancing bucket with rainbow juice. Ugh, I can't believe I just said that..."
Controls Stylus – Rub rainbow
Points to clear 7

Rainbow Juice is the boss microgame found in the Dance Club Rub stage in WarioWare: Touched!


The objective of the game is to use the stylus to rub the rainbow to let the droplets fall in to the bucket. As it begins to fill, the bucket gets up and start to move around. Any missed droplets stack up, and they can eventually get tall enough to tip over the bucket. If that happens, the player fails the microgame. At the same time, if the player takes too long to fill up the bucket, the screen eventually turns very dark, which also fails the microgame. The player wins by filling up the bucket with enough droplets.

  • 1st level difficulty: The droplets are large.
  • 2nd level difficulty: The droplets are smaller, and the bucket has a cover that can cover droplets.
  • 3rd level difficulty: Same as Level 2, but the droplets are even smaller.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese さみしいバケツくん
Samishii Baketsu-kun
Lonely Mr. Bucket

Chinese 彩虹雨
Cǎihóng yǔ
Rainbow rain

French Jus d'arc-en-ciel
Rainbow Juice
German Regenbogenstaub
Rainbow Dust
Italian Sotto l’arcobaleno
Under the rainbow
Korean 쓸쓸한 양동이씨
Sseulsseuran yangdong-i-ssi
Lonely Mr. Bucket

Spanish Zumo de arco iris
Rainbow juice