Bob-omb (Mario Party Advance)

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Bob-omb from Mario Party Advance
Species Bob-omb
First appearance Mario Party Advance (2005)
“Hey, now! Don't give me that sad little face!”
Bob-omb, Mario Party Advance

Bob-omb is a character in Mario Party Advance. His description states that he's part of a shadowy gang, but is very nice. He is found at Bob-omb Avenue, and when approached, introduces himself and asks if the player wants to talk with him. If agreed, he goes on to talk about how he hangs out with the "Bob-omb crowd" and takes care of their town. He then asks the player for the password, saying that he'll give them a Gaddget if they know it. Since they don't know the password, he gets annoyed with them, but says to go to the item shop, Junk and ask for a "Bob-omb Figure". After they come back from the shop with the password ("Baboom"), he notices that they've returned and asks for the password. Once they tell it to him, he sticks to his promise and gives them the Shroom Slide Gaddget, and proudly proclaims that the player's part of their group. He then says that his boss is hiding in the lowest floor of a building. The credits state that after Big Bob-omb's retirement, Bob-omb took over the group.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ボムへい
French Bob-omb -
Italian Bob-omba Bob-omb