Boo (toy)

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MM&FaC boo on.jpg
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Boo toys in their active and inactive states

Toy enemies based on Boos appear in Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge. They levitate in mid-air, with some moving on a straight path (vertically or horizontally) from side to side, while others being stationary. Boo toys are invincible and, when in their active state, harmful to touch. However, they become harmless when they enter the light coming from a Candle. In this state, they are also forced to stop in place and cover their eyes, much like an actual Boo does when a character faces it in platform games, and the Minis are able to pass through them.

Boo toys are present in all levels of Moonlight Mansion, as well as levels Star 3 and Star 5 in the Star World.