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This article is about a form in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!. For information about the form Peach takes in Super Mario 3D World, see Super Mario. For the Nintendo DS game, see Super Princess Peach.
Super Princess.

Super Princess is an alternate form of Princess Toadstool seen only in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, more specifically, in the episode "The Trojan Koopa".

In the episode, when the Koopa Packs have Mario and Luigi surrounded, Princess Toadstool gets a Starman and becomes Super Princess. The color of her dress changes to red, blue and white, and Super Princess becomes more powerful (though she does not shoot fireballs). She was able to defeat the Koopas single-handedly.

The Princess says "Princess P. to the rescue!", after getting the star, which is a nod to the name "Peach", which had only been the Princess's name in the Japanese versions of the games at the time.