Red Spike Top

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"Red Spike Buzzy" redirects here. For information about Spike Tops in New Super Mario Bros. 2 that were incorrectly referred to as "Red Spike Buzzies" in the Prima strategy guide, see Spike Top.
The Thousand-Year Door Enemy
R. S. Buzzy
Red Spike Top from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
Location(s) Glitz Pit
Max HP 5
Attack 3
Defense 4
Moves Shell Toss (3)
Items None
Coins 1 - 2
Log The sturdiest of all the Buzzy Beetles, a Red Spike Top is impervious to fire and explosions. Plus, the spike on its back protects it from being flipped over.
Misc. stats
Level 17
Exp. points 0
Sleep? 75%
Dizzy? 75%
Confuse? 75%
Tiny? 90%
Burn? 0%
Freeze? 75%
Stop? 90%
Soft? 95%
Fright? 60%
Gale Force? 30%
KO? 95%

That's a Red Spike Top. It's the most well protected of the Buzzy Beetle species. Max HP is 5, Attack is 3, and Defense is a whopping 4. Yup… This guy is HARD! It has really high Defense, and fire and explosions don't hurt it at all. If we can just find a way to flip it over, its underside has Defense of 0… And that spike… What a pain! There's gotta be a way to flip it over…


The Red Spike Top (also called an R. S. Buzzy, standing for Red Spike Buzzy) are a special species of Spike Tops in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Unlike the game's regular Spike Tops which have blue shells, these Spike Tops are red, which has been the standard coloration of Spike Tops in the franchise since the species' debut in Super Mario World. Aside from their colors, the two types of Spike Tops in The Thousand-Year Door are identical. Some older versions of the game incorrectly list the Defense stat as being 5 instead of 4, but this error was corrected for later versions of the game, such as the PAL release. There are only two Red Spike Tops in the game, both appearing in the Glitz Pit as the major-league duo known as the Tiny Spinies. There is also another mistake in the Tattle Log, stating that it is the sturdiest Buzzy Beetle species, while all species have the same stats.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アカトゲメット
Aka Togemetto
Red Spike Top
French Picos Rouge Pun on "picot" (needle, spike); "rouge" means "red"
German Roter Pickelkäfer Red Spike Top
Italian Punginella rossa Red Spike Top
Spanish Punzón Rojo Red Punzón (the Spike Top's Spanish name, which would mean something like Spiky in English)