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A Red Blurp

Red Blurps[1] are big Cheep Cheeps native to Yoshi's Island that only appeared in Stage 4-2: Jungle Puddle of Yoshi's Story.

Red Blurps will eat anything near the river, so the Yoshi must be careful when in their vicinity. Red Blurps are very similar to Boss Bass, and attempt to gobble their prey whole while eying their progress carefully. They can jump very high out of the water, and have deadly aim. If a Yoshi falls into the water, it can be difficult to get out in one piece. They are slower than Boss Bass both in the water and in the air and don't jump as often, but are much larger and have a much larger range.

Another type of Blurp, the Blue Blurp, also dwells nearby.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese プクプク[2]
Same as Cheep Cheep

Red Cheep


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