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WL2 O Seagull.png

Gulls are harmless birds that appear in some levels in Wario Land II. Wario can use them as platforms to reach remote locations; however, they fly away before long once he touches them.

Gulls are also found in the modern version of the Game & Watch title Donkey Kong Jr. in Game & Watch Gallery 3 and Game & Watch Gallery 4. In these games, when Donkey Kong Jr. gets the key in the second level, a gull appears and acts as a platform so that the little ape can reach his father's cage. Unlike its Wario Land II counterpart, this gull doesn't flee when Donkey Kong Jr. touches it, but regularly flies away for a short time, forcing players to time their jump carefully.

Gulls[1] also appear in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, where they show up in the background of various levels.


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