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Baby Peach

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"Baby Princess" redirects here. For information about the infant counterparts of Princess Daisy and Rosalina respectively, see Baby Daisy and Baby Rosalina.
Baby Peach
Artwork of Baby Peach for Mario Kart Wii (also used in Mario Super Sluggers and Mario Kart Tour)
Solo picture of Baby Peach for Mario Super Sluggers
Species Human
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (2005)
Latest appearance The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023)
Latest portrayal Samantha Kelly (2008–present)
Jessica DiCicco (English, 2023)

Baby Peach, also referred to as Baby Princess Peach or Baby Princess, is a minor character in the Super Mario franchise designed to be the infant counterpart of Princess Peach. Since her debut in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, she has become a recurring character in spinoff installments alongside Baby Daisy, much like Baby Mario and Baby Luigi did before them.

Adult Peach technically first appears in baby form in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episode "Two Plumbers and a Baby" as a transformation resulted from falling into the Fountain of Youth, although the Baby Peach character is considered a distinct entity from this form.


Mario & Luigi series

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Artwork of Baby Peach for Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
Solo artwork of Baby Peach for Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

In light of the souring conditions on the Shroob planet, the Shroobs, led by the Elder Princess Shroob and the younger Princess Shroob, plot to invade and destroy the Mushroom Kingdom in order to create a kingdom of their own in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. Their first target is Baby Peach's Castle. By coincidence, Baby Bowser is also planning his first attack on the kingdom to kidnap Baby Peach. Just as Baby Mario and Baby Luigi arrive for a play date, he breaks into the castle. He defeats Baby Bowser, saving her from the attack.

However, no sooner had Baby Bowser been defeated, the Shroobs begin their attack on the castle. Caught unprepared, the castle is soon declared lost. Realizing that they would be in grave danger if they stay, Baby Bowser calls Kamek and orders him to bring in the Koopa Cruiser. He allows Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Peach, and Toadsworth the Younger to flee with him. Toadsworth the Younger places the princess in a stroller and rolls her aboard.

Baby Mario, Baby Luigi and Baby Peach are entertained by Toadsworth and Toadsworth the Younger doing a Spin Jump in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
Baby Peach laughs at Toadsworth and Toadsworth the Younger.

In the space of time, the Shroobs take over almost all of the Mushroom Kingdom, including Toad Town. Baby Peach's Castle is transformed into Shroob Castle. The Koopa Cruiser is being pursued, but Baby Bowser defeats the Shroob saucers that attempt to shoot them down. As they pass over Hollijolli Village, the cruisers' pilots notice two attacked "villagers," the future Mario and Luigi, who traveled back in time to find the future Princess Peach. He instructs his minions to ignore them and heads for his castle. Upset, Baby Peach throws a loud tantrum until Baby Bowser finally agrees to land and rescue the "villagers". Baby Mario and Baby Luigi rescue their older selves from the Shroobs and bring them onboard.

Just as they get to Baby Bowser's Castle, Princess Shroob launches a missile, which shoots the Koopa Cruiser down. It crashes into the castle, sending Baby Peach and Toadsworth the Younger flying. He searches the castle with the princess, eventually finding Mario, Luigi, Baby Mario, and Baby Luigi escaping to the future through a time hole. They follow, emerging in the Mushroom Kingdom of the future, years after the Shroobs had been defeated and order restored.

Toadsworth the Younger and Baby Peach remain in the future where it was safe while Mario, Luigi, Baby Mario, and Baby Luigi travel back and forth through time to save the Mushroom Kingdom. The efforts of the future Toadsworth and Toadsworth the Younger to amuse the young princess teach the Mario Bros. new moves. When Princess Shroob disguises herself as Princess Peach and follows the brothers to the future, Baby Peach is agitated by the alien princess and cries. Later, Bowser comes to kidnap the princess and Young Toadsworth attempts to ram into him using Baby Peach's stroller, at which point Bowser dodges but falls into a time hole with the disguised princess. After the brothers defeat the Shroobs, save the Mushroom Kingdom of the past, and save the future Princess Peach, they return to the future. Using E. Gadd's time machine, Baby Peach, Toadsworth the Younger, Baby Mario, and Baby Luigi return to the past.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

Two Battle Cards each depicting Baby Peach riding a green and pink Yoshi respectively appear in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.

Yoshi's Island DS

Nintendo E3 2006 Press Kit
Baby Peach helps Green Yoshi reach a ledge.

In Yoshi's Island DS, Kamek and his Toadies set out to kidnap all seven star children so that the adult Bowser from the future can steal their abilities to take over the whole universe. Kamek stages a massive kidnapping of countless babies from all around the Mushroom Kingdom in the hopes of finding the star children. Baby Peach is one of many targeted, but is unknown to be one of the star children. A Toady enters her castle through a tower window and steals her away. However, the Stork finds Kamek and attacks the pack of Toadies. He manages to release Baby Mario and Baby Peach, who both plummet to Yoshi's Island below, but he fails to rescue Baby Luigi. Baby Peach softens her fall by floating down with her parasol.

The Yoshis gather together with the Stork to discuss what should be done with Baby Peach and Baby Mario. They decide to help the anxious Baby Mario save his brother, who the Stork has not been able to free. In order to reach Baby Bowser's Castle, each Yoshi carries a baby on its back as it treks across the terrain while the Stork carries the other baby in the skies above. In future levels, Baby Peach's face appears on some character coins.

After Baby Peach begins riding on Purple Yoshi's back in Catch the Breeze, she proves herself useful. Baby Peach's first appearance with Baby Mario is in Baby Mario and Baby Peach: Dynamic Duo, where they use teamwork to finish the level. Her parasol assists the Yoshis she rode in terms of Flutter Jump length and also allows them to ride upon strong winds to reach high areas. In Baby DK, the Jungle King!, a pack of Ukikis kidnap the princess, but thanks to the help of Baby Donkey Kong, Yoshi is able to save her. Baby Peach meets two other babies at this time: Baby Wario and Baby Bowser. After Baby Wario and Baby Bowser flee off, Baby Peach and the Yoshis later find them in the level, At Last, Bowser's Castle!. The Yoshis find out that Bowser is the one who is plotting the kidnapping of the babies, so the Yoshis and the babies try to defeat Bowser. When Bowser is defeated, Kamek uses magic on him to make him multiply in size. Four Yoshis and four babies team up to try to defeat Bowser. She is among the four babies. Baby Peach teams up with Pink Yoshi during the battle. The Stork returns her to her castle, where she lives peacefully for some time.

Super Mario-Kun

Baby Peach from volume 35 of the Super Mario-kun
Baby Peach's appearance in Super Mario-Kun

Baby Peach makes her first appearance in volume 35 of the Super Mario-Kun manga, the volume which starts the story arc based on Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. She, while crying, gets taken by Baby Bowser. Baby Bowser then gets stopped by Baby Mario, who is about to fight him, but are then interrupted by the Shroob invasion. Baby Peach, Toadsworth the Younger, and the Baby Mario Brothers then get taken onto the Koopa Cruiser by Baby Bowser, where she is last seen before Baby Mario and Baby Luigi are sent to investigate a downed Mario and Luigi in Hollijolli Village. She is seen on the cover of volume 36, but she does not appear in the comic itself, however. Baby Peach then makes an appearance in volume 37 of the Super Mario-Kun, where, as the two Toadsworths take care of her, a Shroobsworth enters out of the time hole to attack them. The two Toadsworths make an attempt to defend Baby Peach from the Shroobsworth and the Intern Shroob. Then, E. Gadd lends Baby Peach Perry the parasol, which causes Baby Peach to activate the Rage vibe, which then defeats the Shroobsworth and the Intern Shroob.

Super Smash Bros. series

Baby Peach makes a few cameo appearances in the Super Smash Bros. series. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, there is a trophy of Baby Peach that can be unlocked by obtaining 500 other trophies, as well as a sticker of her being carried by the Stork, which raises attack power by 21 in The Subspace Emissary. In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, there is another trophy of Baby Peach. In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Baby Peach is an Advanced-class support spirit that takes up one support slot and increases air defense. The spirit's battle has a tiny Isabelle and Mario as opponents on the Peach's Castle stage; to win the battle, only the tiny Isabelle has to be defeated. The core extracted from Baby Peach's spirit can be combined with Rover's core to summon Cat Princess Peach's spirit.

Baby Peach's trophy marks the first appearance of Baby Peach's current design, featuring her with a dress instead of pajamas.

Mario Kart series

Mario Kart Wii

Baby Peach racing in N64 Mario Raceway in Mario Kart Wii.
Baby Peach riding in the Mini Beast

Baby Peach makes her first appearance in the Super Mario franchise' spin-off installments starting with Mario Kart Wii. She is one of the new participants to the Mario Kart series installments overall and is the only one of them available to be chosen from the start. She is in the small size class, which allows her to drive karts or bikes with high acceleration and good off-road capabilities. However, these karts also have low speed. Like all the other racers, Baby Peach owns one version of each of the karts and bikes in her size class. Her karts and bikes are pink and her symbol is her crown, like the adult Princess Peach.

Baby Peach receives a small speed, acceleration, and handling bonus, but her best stat boost is the weight stat. In fact, among all the playable characters in the game, Baby Peach has the highest amount of stat boosts: fifteen.

The normal and expert staff ghosts for Peach Gardens are recorded using Baby Peach in the Magikruiser and Mini Beast respectively.

Mario Kart 8 / Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Baby Peach returns as a default playable racer in Mario Kart 8. She is a lightweight character, in the group of characters that have the highest acceleration, handling, and grip but with the lowest speed and weight, alongside the other baby characters and Lemmy Koopa. Nin★Fausti's staff ghost in Sweet Sweet Canyon uses Baby Peach. In GCN Baby Park, a statue of Baby Peach appears, made out of pink gold.

Baby Peach also reappears in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, now sharing stats with only Baby Daisy. They are among the lightest characters in the game, and feature the best handling and traction.

Mario Kart Arcade GP DX

Baby Peach appears as a playable downloadable character in Mario Kart Arcade GP DX. She is a lightweight character with poor speed and acceleration, but exceptional handling, sharing these statistics with Baby Mario and King Boo.

Mario Kart Tour

Baby Peach (Cherub) from Mario Kart Tour
Baby Peach (Cherub) in Mario Kart Tour

Baby Peach appears in Mario Kart Tour as a Normal driver. In the closed beta test, her special skill was the Triple Mushrooms; however, this was changed to the Bubble for the official release. A High-End variant of herself in a cherub-themed outfit, Baby Peach (Cherub), was introduced in the Valentine's Tour, and later was added into regular tour pipes in the Battle Tour. Her special skill is the Heart, and her corresponding spotlight karts and gliders include the Apple Kart and Goo-Goo Pink, and the Sweetheart Glider and Wonderful Wings, respectively.

Baby Peach is one of the few characters in the game not to receive any new favorite tracks beyond her debut, with her only default favorite track being 3DS Cheep Cheep Lagoon. She shares this distinction with Baby Rosalina, Shy Guy, Dry Bones, Morton and Wendy.

Mario Super Sluggers

Baby Peach prepares to bat in Mario Super Sluggers.
Baby Peach prepares to bat in Yoshi Park in Mario Super Sluggers.

In Mario Super Sluggers, Baby Peach is an unlockable playable character. To unlock her, the player has to complete her scenario during Challenge Mode gameplay. In her case, she is playing hide-and-seek with Baby Daisy prior to Bowser Jr. invading Peach Ice Garden. Frightened, Baby Daisy runs away and hides while Baby Peach remains behind a Toad-shaped bush until her adult self finds her. Upon meeting the criteria involving Baby Peach, she is added to the overall roster for the entire game, and joins Peach's team to challenge Bowser and Bowser Jr.'s teams.

In the Mario Super Sluggers gameplay itself, Baby Peach features a high pitching stat, but her pitching is slightly inferior to her adult counterpart, along with average fielding and above average running. She is also one of the poorest batters, and her stamina is somewhat low. Despite her shortcomings, through the use of star skills she is able to improve both her pitching and batting. When she is up to bat, Baby Peach uses a large pink rattle to counter pitches from the opposing team. Baby Peach has good chemistry with all the Toads (including Toadsworth, but not Toadette), Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Daisy, Baby Donkey Kong, and Yoshi.

Mario Tennis Open

Baby Peach in action in Mario Tennis Open

Baby Peach appears for the first time in the Mario Tennis series (developed by Camelot) in Mario Tennis Open. Unlike her adult counterpart, who uses a Technique style of play, Baby Peach leans toward using a Tricky play style process. She is added to the game's roster when the player manages to complete Level 3 of the Ring Shot game. Baby Peach's racket costs 1200 coins for Miis to use. Additionally, Baby Peach's most recent emblem; featuring her crown inside pink bonnet frills, was introduced in this game.

Dr. Mario World

Artwork of Dr. Baby Peach from Dr. Mario World
Artwork of Dr. Baby Peach for Dr. Mario World

In Dr. Mario World, Baby Peach appears as a playable character, referred to as Dr. Baby Peach. She is available as of September 5, 2019 alongside the other three baby doctors, Dr. Baby Mario, Dr. Baby Luigi, and Dr. Baby Daisy. Her skill in both stage and versus modes replaces the next number of capsules into full-sized rainbow capsules, even the half-sized rainbow capsules. It is represented by her spinning with her thermometer while an image of a heart appears on the screen. In stage mode, three capsules are changed into rainbow capsules, whereas in versus mode two capsules (one at level 1) are replaced with rainbow capsules in which the skill charges faster at higher levels.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Baby Peach from The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Baby Peach in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Baby Peach appears in The Super Mario Bros. Movie during a brief flashback by Princess Peach. In the film, Princess Peach recalls that her earliest memory was of her as a baby emerging from a Warp Pipe into the Mushroom Kingdom. She was found by some Toads, to which she states "[she] was so lucky they found [her]". She then proceeds to take her pacifier out of her mouth and into a green Toad's mouth, giggling, before embracing the Toad. Subsequently the Toads took her in as one of their own, raising her until they crowned her as princess. She mentions not knowing where she came from.

General information


Baby Peach from the character selection screen from Mario Kart Wii
Baby Peach in Mario Kart Wii's character' selection screen

Baby Peach's personality bears similarity to that of her older self. She is mischievous, friendly, clever, pure-hearted, and enjoys the company of others. Baby Peach also exudes charm and elegance. Her playful nature can be seen through her enjoyment of races, baseball, and the antics of Toadsworth and Toadsworth the Younger in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. However, Baby Peach is quick to tears and tantrums when she gets upset. She uses her temper to control those around her, such as Baby Bowser when, in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, she cries until he agrees to help the adult Mario and Luigi from being attacked by the Shroobs, and while he does agree to help them, he only does so to make her shut up.

Physical description

In Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, her appearance is made to resemble the current look of Princess Peach, albeit wearing a pink onesie, white tights and a light pink bib that has her blue brooch. She has large blue eyes with three eyelashes (unlike Peach who has six), rosy cheeks, and a tiny nose. Baby Peach's full blonde hair is styled in the same way as her adult counterpart, although her hair is very short. Baby Peach always wears a large crown with red and blue jewels and sucks on a pink pacifier, unlike Baby Rosalina and Baby Daisy (they have gold pacifiers; although Dr. Baby Rosalina has a blue pacifier instead of a gold one in Dr. Mario World). In Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, she is often seen being pushed in a stroller by Toadsworth the Younger and Toadsworth. Baby Peach is also seen with bright red sneakers. Prior to her Super Smash Bros. Brawl trophy, Baby Peach has updated her outfit since her appearance in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. She currently wears a pink dress shirt with a dark pink ruffle at the bottom, white tights, and dark pink shoes.

In Dr. Mario World, Baby Peach wore a similar outfit to her older counterpart Dr. Peach, barring that she retains her brooch, while Dr. Peach lacks it.

In Mario Kart Tour, Baby Peach (Cherub) wears an outfit similar to her regular dress, sandals, white bloomers underneath her dress, and angel wings.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie shows Baby Peach wearing a white shirt with puffed sleeves, a pink, polka-dot skirt with a pattern of white stars and moons around it, laced shoes, and a purple polka-dot cape that resembles a blanket.


As revealed in the introduction of Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi are Baby Peach's playmates. Whenever she throws a tantrum, the Baby Mario Bros. can calm her down by playing with her, and the three share good chemistry in Mario Super Sluggers. Prima's official guide for Mario Kart Wii shows that Baby Peach is excited about the race because it is a chance to beat Baby Mario. Mario Kart Wii and Mario Super Sluggers also link Baby Peach with Baby Daisy, with the latter showing them playing hide-and-seek together in the Challenge Mode.

Toadsworth the Younger is Baby Peach's faithful caretaker whose emotional well-being is directly related to the safety and satisfaction of the princess. He tries to stop Baby Bowser from kidnapping her in the outset of Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, and later, he and his older counterpart go to great lengths to keep Baby Peach entertained.

Profiles and statistics

Main article: List of Baby Peach profiles and statistics

Yoshi's Island DS

  • Instruction booklet baby abilities information: Baby Peach lets Yoshi Flutter-Jump longer than any other baby, and also lets him fly farther. Catch the wind while Flutter-Jumping to fly across large distances.
  • Special Ability: Floating

Mario Kart Wii

Baby Peach's complete vehicle roster
  • Class: Lightweight
  • Stats:
    • Acceleration:***/***
    • Top Speed:*/***
    • Off-Road:***/***
  • Site Bio: Although she needs a little help reaching the gas pedal, Baby Peach is a racing force in a petite frame.
  • Site Bio 2: A born competitor is ready to play-and burn rubber!
  • Guide Bio: Baby Peach loves to fly, and she's very excited about the chance to defeat Baby Mario. Again!
  • Actual Bonuses
    • Speed: +3
    • Weight: +6
    • Acceleration: +3
    • Handling: +3

List of game appearances by date

Title Description Original release date System/format
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time Non-playable character North America:
November 28, 2005
Nintendo DS
Yoshi's Island DS Unlockable playable character North America:
November 13, 2006
Nintendo DS
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Appearance as a trophy and sticker Japan:
January 31, 2008
Mario Kart Wii Playable character Japan:
April 10, 2008
Mario Super Sluggers Unlockable playable character Japan:
June 19, 2008
Mario Tennis Open Unlockable playable character North America:
May 20, 2012
Nintendo 3DS
Mario Kart 8 Playable character Japan:
May 29, 2014
Wii U
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Appearance as a trophy Japan:
September 13, 2014
Nintendo 3DS
Mario Kart Arcade GP DX Downloadable playable character Japan:
July 25, 2015
Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Cameo on a Battle Card Japan:
December 3, 2015
Nintendo 3DS
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Playable character Japan:
April 28, 2017
Nintendo Switch
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Appearance as a spirit Japan:
December 7, 2018
Nintendo Switch
Dr. Mario World Unlockable playable character Japan:
September 5, 2019
iOS, Android
Mario Kart Tour Playable character Japan:
September 25, 2019
iOS, Android


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Names in other languages

Baby Peach

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ベビィピーチ
Bebyi Pīchi
Baby Peach

Chinese (simplified) 桃花公主宝贝
Táohuā Gōngzhǔ Bǎobèi
Baby Princess Peach

Chinese (traditional) 碧姬公主寶寶
Bìjī Gōngzhǔ Bǎobǎo
Baby Princess Peach

Dutch Baby Peach
French Bébé Peach
Baby Peach
German Baby Peach
Italian Baby Peach
Korean 베이비피치
Beibi Pichi
Baby Peach

Portuguese (NOA) Bebê Peach
Baby Peach
Portuguese (NOE) Peach Bebé
Baby Peach
Russian Малышка Пич
Malyshka Pich
Baby Peach

Spanish (NOA) Bebé Peach
Baby Peach (2008)
Baby Peach
Spanish (NOE) Bebé Peach
Baby Peach

Baby Peach (Cherub)

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ベビィピーチ (エンジェル)
Bebyi Pīchi (Enjeru)
Baby Peach (Angel)

Chinese (simplified) 桃花公主宝贝 (天使)
Táohuā Gōngzhǔ Bǎobèi (Tiānshǐ)
Baby Peach (Angel)

Chinese (traditional) 碧姬公主寶寶 (天使)
Bìjī Gōngzhǔ Bǎobǎo (Tiānshǐ)
Baby Peach (Angel)

French Bébé Peach (chérubin)
Baby Peach (cherub)
German Baby Peach (Amor)
Baby Peach (Cupid)
Italian Baby Peach (cherubina)
Baby Peach (cherub)
Korean 베이비피치(천사)
Beibi Pichi (Cheonsa)
Baby Peach (Angel)

Portuguese Bebê Peach (cupido)
Baby Peach (cupid)
Spanish (NOA) Bebé Peach (querubín)
Baby Peach (cherub)
Spanish (NOE) Bebé Peach (Querubín)
Baby Peach (Cherub)