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"Music Note" redirects here. For information about the notes from Mario Party DS, see Musical Note.
Rainbow Notes on the Hurry-Scurry Planet in Hurry-Scurry Galaxy.
Music Notes.png

Rainbow Notes (sometimes called Music Notes) are multicolored items that appear in Super Mario Galaxy. They will usually appear when Mario grabs a ? Coin, although the ones in Gold Leaf Galaxy appear if Mario rings a bell with the Star Cursor. Afterwards, they will line up, and Mario will need to grab all of them. The background music also mutes when the notes are activated. Each note makes a different sound and together forms a short jingle or tune, typically from another game in the Mario franchise. If the player gets every note, Mario will get a prize, such as a 1-Up Mushroom. The notes are also used in a few levels where they need to be collected to get the star, such as the Hurry-Scurry Galaxy, the Gold Leaf Galaxy, and the Sea Slide Galaxy.

Rainbow Notes also reappear in Super Mario Galaxy 2. They appear in Throwback Galaxy, Boo Moon Galaxy and in Puzzle Plank Galaxy and have the same function as in the first game.

They appear in Super Mario 3D Land as well with a similar purpose, activated by a P-Switch. If all of the Rainbow Notes are collected, Mario can earn a power-up if he is on his Small or his Super form, otherwise he earns a 1-Up Mushroom.

Themes played by Rainbow Notes[edit]