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World of Nintendo is a relatively large line of Nintendo-themed toys and merchandise created by Jakks Pacific. It features an amount of Mario products, ranging from play-sets, figurines, action figures, to plush toys.

(insert what they offer here: Figurines, action figures, play-sets, plush toys. Add more if more are discovered.) [[Category:Merchandise]]

Smash Run's page

*add an image or whatever here* Smash Run is a game mode specific to Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. It can be played alone or with friends.

*needs more info*


Stuffity loren ibsucm or whatever


A picture and description of the map


A table with icons and what they power up


Common enemies

A table of them and what they do.

Boss enemies

Appears later in the game and have considerably more health.


Lalalalalala wheeeee

Smash powers or whatever they're called

Those things you can equip your character with, like Super Armor or brief invincibility

Those end event matches I forgot exactly what they're called

A list of them.

[[Category:Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS]]

Mario Party: Island Tour board layout

Board Description Ratings
Perilous Palace Path
Power yourself up and knock opponents out of the way with special items as you race to the finish! Play Time 45-60 minutes
Skill Mushroom.pngMushroom.pngMushroom.pngMushroom.pngMushroomOutline2.png
Luck Mushroom.pngMushroom.pngMushroom.pngMushroomOutline2.pngMushroomOutline2.png
Minigames Mushroom.pngMushroom.pngMushroom.pngMushroom.pngMushroom.png
Rocket Road
Blast yourself to the finish line by winning minigames and collecting Boosters! Play Time 10-20 minutes
Skill Mushroom.pngMushroom.pngMushroomOutline2.pngMushroomOutline2.pngMushroomOutline2.png
Luck Mushroom.pngMushroom.pngMushroom.pngMushroom.pngMushroom.png
Minigames Mushroom.pngMushroom.pngMushroom.pngMushroom.pngMushroomOutline2.png