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A Floaty Fluff
“With Floaty Fluff, you can ride the wind, boiyoing! Just shake the Wii Remote when you feel it rumble to really fly!”
Star Bunny, Super Mario Galaxy

A Floaty Fluff is a type of plant that is found in both Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. It has the appearance of a large fluffy pink dandelion, and is usually found in clusters of three or more. Performing a spin near a cluster of Floaty Fluffs causes them to rise out of the ground and into the air. Mario or Luigi can then jump to grab onto a piece, after which they can travel safely over large gaps by gliding on gusty winds. While gliding with a Floaty Fluff, shaking the Wii Remote causes it to ascend slightly higher. This can only be done thrice each time Mario or Luigi grabs onto a new piece of Floaty Fluff. In Super Mario Galaxy, Floaty Fluffs appear only in the Gusty Garden Galaxy, where they are used throughout most of the missions in the galaxy. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Floaty Fluffs appear in the Honeyhop Galaxy and Bowser's Galaxy Generator, and are again used to cross large gaps that cannot be traversed otherwise.

Mario can also grab similar pieces of fluff in the Pianta Village's Fluff Festival Coin Hunt mission in Super Mario Sunshine. While they look different than the later Super Mario Galaxy Floaty Fluffs, these puff balls are used in the same way. There are fluffs blown all around the village by gusts of wind, and Mario must grab one and use it to glide from the top of the giant palm tree in the center of the village to a nearby cloud in order to retrieve the mission's Shine Sprite.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フワフワ草
Fuwafuwa Sō
Floaty Plant
Chinese (Traditional) 飄飄草
Piāopiāo Cǎo
Floaty Plant
German Flaumkraut Fluffy Herb
Italian Fiore Fiù Huff Flower
Spanish Flotaflor Floatflower