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Three bumpers

Bumpers[1] are Pinball Parts in Pinball and VS. Pinball that bounce the ball back upon contact with them. They appear in every scene of the game. When the ball touches the bumper, it gets knocked back, and 100 points are granted to the player. In VS. Pinball, bumpers in scene B grant 300 points. Bumpers appear in three different colors: pink, blue, yellow, and green (only appears in VS. Pinball version after activating a bonus). In total, there are six bumpers:

  • In scene A, a single bumper appears at the upper part of the screen above the slot target.
  • In scene B there are three bumpers: two pink ones and one yellow. They appear below the lanes next to cards.
  • The final two blue bumpers appear in scene C. They are found to the left and right from bingo lamps.



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