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“The gravity here is all out of whack! Check out the arrows!”
Luma, Super Mario Galaxy
Multiple Gravity Walls in Bowser's Dark Matter Plant.

A Gravity Wall is a special type of wall that appears in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. It has the power to control the direction that Gravity pulls Mario within its expanse. The Gravity Walls contain arrows to show the player the gravity direction, as well colors: blue (arrows pointing down), red (or occasionally pink; arrows pointing up), green (arrows pointing the right), gray, and purple (in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2, respectively, arrows pointing to the left). As soon as Mario or Luigi enters the area with the painted arrows and colored background, either character is immediately pulled towards the object that the arrows are pointing to. The direction that the arrows are pointing on the wall (and therefore the direction of gravity itself) can sometimes be changed if the player finds a Gravity Arrow and Spins it or hits it with a Star Bit. Gravity Walls appear in many levels, the most prominent of which is Bowser's Dark Matter Plant, where they act as the main obstacle of the level. The Rightside Down Galaxy and the Upside Dizzy Galaxy feature Gravity Walls as their main elements. Gravity Walls appear only in 2D sidescroller sections of Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2, however.

Gravity Walls return in Super Mario Odyssey, where they appear primarily in the 8-Bit Super Mario Bros.-style mural sections of some kingdoms.[1]

Gravity Wall areas[edit]

Super Mario Galaxy[edit]

Galaxy Level Area Wall Colors
Good Egg Galaxy A Snack of Cosmic Proportions Many sections of the Pill Planet feature Gravity Walls. Blue / Red
Battlerock Galaxy Breaking into the Battlerock The inside of the Gravity Planet has many Gravity Walls. Blue / Red
Bowser's Star Reactor The Fiery Stronghold Roughly in the middle of the level is a short section of Gravity Walls. Blue / Purple
Bowser's Dark Matter Plant Darkness on the Horizon Almost the entire level consists of many different sections of Gravity Walls surrounded by Dark Matter. Blue / Purple / Green / Gray
Bowser's Galaxy Reactor The Fate of the Universe A short section of Gravity Walls appears behind the Cosmic Blocks. Blue / Purple

Super Mario Galaxy 2[edit]

Galaxy Levels Area Wall Colors
Rightside Down Galaxy Breaking the Laws of Gravity, The Great Crate Incinerator, Green Star 1, Green Star 2 The entire galaxy is composed of many sections of Gravity Walls. Blue / Red / Purple / Green
Flipsville Galaxy Flipsville's New Digs, Purple Coin Spin Speed Run Inside the Dirt Tower Planet is an area with nine separate sections of Gravity Walls, which alternate in time with the music. Blue / Red / Green / Gray
Upside Dizzy Galaxy A Walk on the Weird Side, Burning Upside Dizzy, Green Star 1, Green Star 2 The entire galaxy is composed of many sections of Gravity Walls. Blue / Red
Battle Belt Galaxy Mini-Planet Mega-Run, Mini-Planet Daredevil Run Inside the Undergrunt Planet is a circular section of Gravity Walls, which alternate in time with the music. Blue / Red


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  • Though not a Gravity Wall, the atmospheric background of the Flipsville Galaxy acts somewhat like one, as it features multiple arrows which reflect the current flow of gravity.


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