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Accessories are items used in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Most raise stats, while others prevent status effects.


MATK=Magic Attack
MDEF=Magic Defense
Accessory Location For Buy Price Sell Price Stat Increase Description
RPG Pin.png
Play a hiding mini-game with Booster before beating Knife Guy and Grate Guy in Booster Tower. All 100 Coins ATK +7
DEF +7
SPD -5
"Great item, bad smell" (Halves elemental damage)
RPG Pin.png
Antidote Pin
Buy from Mushroom Kingdom's shop (also available in Rose Town). All 28 Coins 100 Coins DEF +2
"Prevents poison damage"
RPG Bag.png
Attack Scarf
Talk to a Chow in Monstro Town after successfully doing 30 consecutive Super/Ultra Jumps with Mario in battle. Mario 750 Coins ATK +30
MATK +30
DEF +30
MDEF +30
SPD +30
"So comfy it'll make you jump" (Prevents instant death)
RPG Ring.png
B'tub Ring
Buy from Marrymore's shop Peach 145 Coins 72 Coins "You'll win her heart with one!" (Needed to hatch the Mystery Egg. Halves elemental damage.)
RPG Ring.png
Coin Trick
Buy from Frogfucius' Student in Seaside Town. Mario 36 Frog Coins 18 Coins "Doubles the coins you win in battle"
RPG Ring.png
Exp. Booster
Buy from Frogfucius' Student in Seaside Town. All 22 Frog Coins 11 Coins "Doubles experience earned in battle" (The character equipped with this does not have to participate in battle)
RPG Pin.png
Fearless Pin
Buy from Rose Town's shop All 130 Coins 65 Coins DEF +5
"Prevents Fear attacks"
Dodo Feather.png
Avoid Dodo when posing as a golden statue and go to another room in Nimbus Land. All 333 Coins DEF +5
SPD +20
"Speed up by 20"
RPG Pin.png
Ghost Medal
Go to sleep in the Three Musty Fears's house in Monstro Town and find all three flags. All 800 Coins "Raises defense while attacking" (Raises defense by 50%)
RPG Bag.png
Jinx Belt
Defeat Jinx three times in Monstro Town. All 800 Coins ATK +27
DEF +27
SPD +12
"Jinx's emblem of power!" (Prevents instant death)
RPG Bag.png
Jump Shoes
Buy from the Mushroom Kingdom's shop. (Also available in Rose Town.) Mario 30 Coins 15 Coins MATK +5
DEF +1
SPD +2
"Use jump attacks against any foe" (Enemies normally immune or resistant to Jump attacks take normal damage)
RPG Pin.png
Quartz Charm
Defeat Culex. All 3 Coins "Shining source of power" (Raises offense and defense by 50% and prevents instant death. Increases damage output of Rock Candy and Star Egg.)
RPG Bag.png
Rare Scarf
Find in Bean Valley after climbing up a huge beanstalk. All 75 Coins DEF +15
MDEF +15
"Raises defense power"
RPG Pin.png
Safety Badge
Defeat Hidon in the Sunken Ship. All 250 Coins DEF +5
"Prevents Mute & Poison attacks" (Prevents all status ailments. Does not prevent instant death.)
RPG Ring.png
Safety Ring
Find in a secret room in the Sunken Ship. All 400 Coins DEF +5
SPD +5
"Guards against mortal blows" (Receive 0 damage from elemental attacks. Prevents every status ailment and instant death.)
RPG Ring.png
Scrooge Ring
Buy from Frogfucius' Student in Seaside Town. All 50 Frog Coins 25 Coins "Cuts FP use in half during battle"
RPG Ring.png
Signal Ring
Defeat Valentina in Nimbus Land, then go to the house next to the castle to find Croco. All 300 Coins SPD +10 "Noise indicates hidden chest" (This must be equipped to one character in the party)
RPG Pin.png
Troopa Pin
Beat the Sky Troopa challenge with good time in Land's End. All 500 Coins SPD +20 "Grants "Troopa" confidence!" (Raises offense by 50%.)
RPG Pin.png
Trueform Pin
Buy from Rose Town's shop or defeat Pandorite in Kero Sewers. All 60 Coins 30 Coins DEF +4
"You won't be turned into mushrooms or scarecrows!"
RPG Pin.png
Wake Up Pin
Talk to a frightened Toad during the Shyster invasion or buy from Rose Town's shop. All 42 Coins 21 Coins DEF +3
"Prevents Mute and Sleep attacks"
RPG Bag.png
Zoom Shoes
Use Castle Key #1 to open a door in Booster Tower or buy from accessory shop in Seaside Town. All 100 Coins 50 Coins SPD +10
DEF +5
"Speed up by 10!"