Thorny Flower

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Thorny Flower
SMG Thorny Flower.png
First appearance Super Mario Galaxy (2007)
Latest appearance Mario Party: Star Rush (2016)
Derived species
Big Thorny Flower

Thorny flowers[1] are plants with red spikes that appear in the Mario 3D platformers.


Super Mario series[edit]

Super Mario Galaxy / Super Mario Galaxy 2[edit]

Thorny Flowers in Good Egg Galaxy

Thorny flowers make their debut in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. They hurt Mario or Luigi when touched, and the only way to destroy them is by attacking them with a Stretch Plant, spinning a coconut into them, or having Yoshi eat them.

There are three types: the standard variant, a larger variant, and a floating variant. The larger variants, after being destroyed by a coconut, will reveal a Sling Star or Launch Star leading to another planet. The floating variants serve as obstacles in various areas, and are more common in certain galaxies, like the Gusty Garden Galaxy, the Yoshi Star Galaxy, and the Tall Trunk Galaxy.

When touched by the Co-Star Luma, thorny flowers will retract their spikes, allowing Mario or Luigi to pass over them safely without needing to destroy them.

Super Mario 3D Land[edit]

A thorny flower in Super Mario 3D Land

Thorny flowers later appear in Super Mario 3D Land, being first encountered in World 4-1. As of this game, their thorns are stubbier. They can be destroyed with a projectile (such as Fire Mario's fireballs), as well as by whipping them with Tanooki Mario's tail.

Mario Party series[edit]

Mario Party: Island Tour[edit]


In Mario Party: Island Tour, thorny flowers make a minor appearance in the minigame Goomba to Maneuver, blocking the player's way.

Mario Party: Star Rush[edit]

In Mario Party: Star Rush, thorny flowers appear as obstacles in the minigame Leafboard Hoard.


  1. ^ As in the PAL version of Mario Party: Island Tour, where they are referred to as such in the instructions for the minigame, Tour and Simple (Goomba to Maneuver in North America): "Get as many Goombas to the finish line as possible without leading them into the thorny flowers."