Mushroom Car

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A Mushroom Car, at Mushroom Bridge

Mushroom Cars are three-wheeled, Mushroom-shaped pickup trucks found driving on the main streets of the Mushroom Bridge and the Mushroom City courses in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!.

Although the car slows the player down when bumped into, it does not make them spin out. The car also releases a Mushroom that will pop out and land on the road when bumped into. Thus, the Mushroom Car is also one of the few obstacles that can help the player in some way. The Mushroom Car does not appear in Time Trial mode, likely to prevent players from obtaining extra Mushrooms. Like Bob-omb Cars, the Mushroom Car does not appear in the Mario Kart DS remake of Mushroom Bridge.


  • The sound the Mushroom Car makes when bumped is the same sound that is played when a Mushroom comes out of a ? Block in most Mario games.