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This article is about the singer in Paper Mario. For the location in Paper Mario: Color Splash, see Château Chanterelle.
Chanterelle Sprite.png
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)

Chanterelle (also known as the Pop Diva) is a beautiful Toad singer who performs in the port of Toad Town at Club 64. She is named after the chanterelle, a species of edible mushroom. Chanter is also French for "to sing."

Paper Mario[edit]

PM Chanterelle Sprite.png

During the events of Paper Mario, she becomes severely depressed after the kidnapping of Princess Peach, rendering her unable to sing. Mario has to bring Chanterelle a song by having an item called Lyrics, written by the Master Poet. He must then find Toad in the Desert to have music added to the lyrics in order to obtain the Melody, which Chanterelle requires to reawaken her natural vocal ability. There is no clue provided by the game as where the composer lives; the lyrics only say they must be taken to a composer "somewhere in the world." When Mario manages to give Chanterelle the completed composition, she sings for Mario beautifully and in tune. She then rewards Mario with an Attack FX D badge. Afterwards, the player can ask her to re-sing the song again for Mario and the Club 64 patrons as many times as desired.

She later appears with her two Toad instrumentalists, conducted by the Master Poet, in the game's credits. The song is also heard at the very end of the game with the "The End" screen for a while when Princess Peach and Mario are at the castle overlooking the fireworks.


  • "She's a singer, the Pop Diva.! That big earthquake scared her so badly that she forgot how to sing. It's such a pity. Her voice is truly amazing."
After Mario helps her sing again
  • "She's a singer, the Pop Diva.! Oh! That voice! That voice will haunt me! I feel like I could listen to it forever!"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Chanterelle


  • Chanterelle's song apparently becomes a hit song as an instrumental version of it appears on the "Hot Hits Station", a radio station Mario can listen to at the radio-loving Koopa's house in Koopa Village (the station itself becomes available after Chanterelle's side quest is complete as it only plays that one song). When the station is playing, the Koopa says the song is so moving it bring tears to his eyes every time he hears it.