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This is a list of pre-release and unused content for the game Paper Mario.

Early iterations[edit]

Paper Mario was originally going to be named Super Mario RPG 2, but due to complications involving Square, the makers of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, the name was changed to Mario RPG 64[1], Super Mario Adventure, and later Mario Story (Paper Mario out of Japan).

In an early interview with Nintendo Power, Shigeru Miyamoto (after being asked about Super Mario RPG 2) said that they wanted the game's graphics to be in the vein of its predecessor, as well as include multiple events and characters that are commonly featured in other Mario games.[2]

The game was originally in development for the failed Nintendo 64DD, but was ultimately released as a cartridge.

Early builds[edit]

Early screenshots of this game showed that Poochy was going to play some sort of role in the game, and another screenshot showed that Nep-Enuts were going to be in this game also (indicating that Lavalava Island was going to be more like Yoshi's Island). Also, the early version of Forever Forest showed that it would be much smaller, with all the forest's trees having sinister faces. A screenshot had also shown a strange early Whale.

Mario has a different look in the early version, having sclerae in his eyes as he does in artwork for other Mario games such as Super Mario Bros. 3, instead of simple black dots in the final.

Unused data[edit]

Unused partners remain in the game's code.
Main article: Dark Paratroopa#Paper Mario Stats and Tattle Information

Fully functional Dark Paratroopa and Albino Dino enemies exist in the ROM. Also, Goombaria's name and icon are both present in the game's list of partners for Mario.

Unused Items[edit]

These unused items were found in the code of Paper Mario[4]. Most of their names and descriptions were never translated officially.

Item Number Name Icon Effect In Game Description
0087 むしよけそう
mushiyoke sō
Insecticide Grass
PM Beta Insecticide.png Attacks one enemy. Does zero damage to most enemies, but defeats bugs instantly, with no SP gain. 虫のてきを おいはらう 
(Drives away bug-like adversaries.)
0091 ハッスルドリンク
hassuru dorinku
Hustle Drink
PM Beta Hustle Drink.png Appears to be something Mario drinks during battle which causes him to steam. Once it is used, Mario attacks 2 times next turn. Not usable in the field. バトルで つぎのマリオのばんが きたとき 2回 こうどうできる 
(Next turn in battle, Mario can take 2 actions.)
0099 おねがいカムバック
onegai kamu bakku
Please Come Back
PM Beta Onegai.png When used in battle, it becomes a broken dizzy dial and wastes Mario's turn. Not usable in the field. The sign on the tag looks like the Japanese character for sun. Has the same name as Peach's special move "Come Back" in the Japanese version of Super Mario RPG. It was probably meant to bring back partners that 'have gone missing?' when used in battle/the overworld. どこかへ とばされた なかまも おねがいすれば もどってくるぞ 
(If you wish for the partner that has been scattered somewhere, it will return.)
とばされた パーティーキャラを よびもどす。
(Calls back removed party characters.)
Key Items
Item Number Japanese name Name of Key Item Icon Effect/Description
0008 ち ず
0009 おおきなちず
ōki na chizu
Big Map
0018 おうごんのツボ
ōgon no tsubo
Golden Jar
Golden Jar PM Beta Golden Jar.png In game description: "A sparkling gold pot. Moustafa was looking for this." No known use, though possibly replaced by the Lemon. Looks like the Volcano Vase
001B もりのつうこうしょ
mori no tsūkōsho
Forest Pass
PM Beta Forest Pass.png 森のばんをしている キノピオから もらった まよいの森の通行しょうです。
(This is the Forever Forest Pass that you received from the Toad who guards the forest.)
0026 あやしいメモ
ayashī memo
Suspicious Note
PM Beta Mystery Note.png Looks like a mystery note prototype. This is corroborated by the fact that it can be presented to Russ T. any time after rescuing Skolar. It doesn't seem to change the conversation, however. In game description: "あやしいもじが かいてあるメモ" (A note with mysterious characters printed on it.)
0028 ネジまわし
PM Beta Screwdriver.png ネジを回す どうぐです はやく クリパパに わたしましょう
(It's a tool for turning screws. Hurry it to Goompa.)
002F キノピオのにんぎょ
kinopio no ningyo
Toad Doll
PM Beta Toad Doll.png In game description is 「キノピオの にんぎょう」、 which is the same as the item's name.
0035 テンバーヘのてがみ
tenbā e no tegami
Letter to Tenbā
PM Beta Letter.png データなし
"(There is) no data"
003F ゆきぐにへのてがみ
yukiguni e no tegami
Letter to Yukiguni
PM Beta Letter.png データなし
"(There is) no data"
0042 ラジオヘのてがみ
rajio e no tegami
Letter to Rajio
PM Beta Letter.png データなし
"(There is) no data"
0043 さくしかへのてがみ
sakushika e no tegami
Letter to Lyricist
PM Beta Letter.png データなし
"(There is) no data"
0044 たびびとへのてがみ2
tabibito e no tegami ni
Letter to Traveler 2
PM Beta Letter.png データなし
"(There is) no data"
004D テレサヘのてがみ3
teresa e no tegami san
Letter to a Boo 3
PM Beta Letter.png データなし
"(There is) no data"
0055 テンバーヘのてがみ
tenbā e no tegami
Letter to Tenbā
PM Beta Letter.png データなし
"(There is) no data"
0072 ノコジロウのコウラ
nokojirō no kōra
Koopa Koot's shell
PM Beta Koot Shell.png ノコジロウのたのまれもの
The object requested by Koopa Koot.
0075 しゃしん
PM Beta Old Photo.png This would appear to be a dummy of one of Koopa Koot's quest items.
007D Prison Key PM Beta Prison Key.png This icon is used for the keys in Peach's castle. There is an item called "Prison Key," but it looks different.
007E Prison Key PM Beta Prison Key.png Same as 0x007D
007F Prison Key PM Beta Prison Key.png Same as 0x007D

Unused Badges[edit]

The release version of the game contains some scrapped Badges that can be accessed with a Gameshark or a similar device. These Badges can be found in the game's data[5] and are never seen during the game.

Badge Number Japanese Name Name of Badge Icon BP Needed Effect/Description
00F0 ハンマチャージ0
hamma chāji zero
Hammer Charge 0
A - unused smash charge.PNG 1 Uses 1 FP. Increases Mario's hammer attack by 1. Name, appearance, and effect suggest this would be obtained before Smash Charge.
00F6 ジャンチャージ0
jan chāji zero
Jump Charge 0
A - unused jump charge.PNG 1 Uses 1 FP. Increases Mario's jump attack by 1. Name, appearance, and effect suggest this would be obtained before Jump Charge.
0101 イカリノパワー
ikari no pawā
Anger's Power
A - unused mad.PNG
Paper Mario Badge 0x0101 Effect.gif
8 Causes Mario to assume a dark red tinge and angry pose during battles. Mario's portion of each turn is controlled by the CPU. The partner is controlled by the player. Mario's attack increases by 2, but his AI is quite rudimentary (enough so that he will jump on spiked enemies). Effects are much like the "berserk" status from other RPGs.
0102 バッチリコマンド
bacchiri komando
Perfect Command


8 Activates all action commands perfectly and automatically. Causes a Japanese sign (バッチリ bacchiri, which means perfect or right on the mark) to appear over the description of the action command. Note that it works for Mario, but not his partner.
010E ヒッサツフミイ
hissatsu fumii
Certain Kill Step
A - unused ultra jump.PNG 1 Uses two FP to execute a standard jump attack perfectly.
010F ヒッサツナグーリ
hissatsu nagūri
Certain Kill Strike
A - unused Ultra Smash.PNG 1 Uses two FP to execute a standard hammer attack perfectly.
0110 ハピハピーハート
hapi hapī hāto
Happy Happy Heart
A - unused Happy Heart.PNG 10 Like Happy Heart, but recovers three HP every turn instead of one.
0115 スーパーゲットー
sūpā gettō
Super Get
A - unused HP drain.PNG 10 Decreases attack power by 2, but makes Mario recover 2 HP per hit. Oddly enough, doesn't stop giving HP like the normal HP Drain.
0118 オートツギツギー
ōto tsugitsugī
Auto (Attack) in Succession
A - unused Multibounce.PNG 2 Uses 5 FP, has the same effect as Multibounce, but no action command is required.
0119 トテモセツヤーク
totemo setsuyāku
Total Economizing
A - unused Lucky Day.PNG 10 Reduces the FP consumed by every move by 2. It won't make a move free. Note that it stacks on top of the 2 Flower Saver badges.
0122 バゴーンジャンプ
bagōn janpu
Bagōn Jump
A - unused Mega Power Bounce.PNG 2 Uses 4 FP to do 4, 5, or 6 damage to 1 enemy, depending on which set of boots Mario has. The action command, which is the normal jump action command, increases damage by 1. Apperance suggests the badge would "belong" between Power Jump and Mega Jump (having three spikes on the bottom, whereas the others have two and four).
0125 バゴーンナグーリ
bagōn nagūri
Bagōn Strike
A - unused D down smash.PNG 2 Uses 4 FP to do 4, 5, or 6 damage to 1 enemy, depending on which hammer Mario has. The action command, which is the normal hammer action command, increases damage by 1.
0127 ガツーンナグーリ
gatsūn nagūri
Force Strike
dokān hanmā
Bang Hammer
Power Smash/Mega Smash PAPER MARIO BETA BADGE 00EA.png 3 Called Power Smash in the field, Mega Smash in battle. Uses six FP to do Mega Smash. Its in-game description changes to match its name.
0128 ガツーンナグーリ
gatsūn nagūri
Force Strike
dokān hanmā
Bang Hammer
Power Smash/Mega Smash PAPER MARIO BETA BADGE 00EA.png 3 Identical to badge #127.
012A スーパーネガーウ
sūpā negāu
Super Prayer
A - unused deep focus.PNG 5 Appears to be a different design for Deep Focus. It was supposed to be a better version of the normal Deep Focus, though its leftover functions exactly like Deep Focus (it appears on one of the stone columns in front of Bowser's Castle, but when Mario collects it, its design changes to that of the regular Deep Focus badge).
012B ミニミニナグーリ
minimini nagūri
Minimini Strike
Shrink Smash A - unused shrink smash.PNG 1 Uses 2 FP to create a hammer-based Shrink Stomp. Its description, notably, says it uses only 1 FP.
012C コウラワーリ
kōra wāri
Shell Crack
PAPER MARIO BETA BADGE 00EA.png 3 Uses 6 FP to execute a normal hammer attack. No other effects.
012D カイデーン
PAPER MARIO BETA BADGE 012D.png 0 Effect unknown. Possibly not a badge.
0131 ジシーンジャンプ
jishīn janpu
Earthquake Jump
A - unused Dizzy Jump.PNG 2 Uses 2 FP. "(NOT USED ANY LONGER!)" appears at the bottom of the screen in place of an action command. Mario jumps up and down repeatedly in the center of the enemy side of the field. All ground enemies are hit for 1 damage each time he lands. The player must press A every time Mario hits the ground to keep him jumping and racking up damage.
0149 ピッキョローンF
pikkyorōn efu
Pikkyorōn F
Attack FX F Attack fx F badge.PNG 0 Changes the sound effects from Mario's hammer and jump attacks. The sound effect is the laughter of flowers in Forever Forest.
0150 ゲンキゲンキ
genki genki
Healthy Healthy
A - unused feeling fine.PNG 1 Prevents poison and dizziness.
0151 ピッキョローンF
pikkyorōn efu
Pikkyorōn F
Attack FX F Attack fx F badge.PNG 0 Identical to badge #149.
0152 ピッキョローンF
pikkyorōn efu
Pikkyorōn F
Attack FX F Attack fx F badge.PNG 0 Identical to badge #149.
0153 ピッキョローンF
pikkyorōn efu
Pikkyorōn F
Attack FX F Attack fx F badge.PNG 0 Identical to badge #149.
0154 ピッキョローンF
pikkyorōn efu
Pikkyorōn F
Attack FX F Attack fx F badge.PNG 0 Identical to badge #149.

In addition to the above, the following images were found within the game's ROM[6]. Though they have no assigned item, they are likely to be unused item sprites. The key items are on top, badges are in the center, and normal items are on the bottom.

PM Unused Sheet.png

Unused Enemy Palettes[edit]

The ROM contains several unused palettes for enemies, including aqua-blue Fuzzies, bright Embers, frosty Goombas and Koopas, and even Crystal King palettes.

Debug Rooms[edit]

Debug rooms are areas in a game that facilitate testing. Some leftover debug rooms were found in the Paper Mario ROM. [7] As with most debug rooms, they are accessible using an exit modifier gameshark code.

  1. In this debug room, the text 'MARIO RPG' is written on the floor and the blocks give mushrooms. If Mario attempts to talk to the Star Rod, the game freezes. There is a hammer in the chest (which also freezes the game), another small chest, several mushrooms and paths numbered from 0 to 7 (the numbers shown are in the same font used in Super Mario 64 and leads to the chapter with the number the player chooses). If Mario jumps on Goompa, it acts as if it were an enemy, but there is no battle. Mario's partner will fly through this room. When Mario talks to Kolorado (in the 2nd path) his HP changes to 11. When he talks to the Koopa (in the 1st path) his HP changes to 8.
  2. Some blocks appear in this room.
  3. A chest, stairs and some blocks appear here, but they are empty.
  4. Here, there are several blocks, including an unused POW Block. If Mario hits it, it will just shake the screen and nothing will happen.
  5. This is an area with a Mario clone, a useless switch, and Goompa, who says nothing.
  6. In this room, if Mario goes through any of the doors, he will reappear in the opposite path. Colored arrows reorient the camera if stood on. A health block and star piece panel are also in the area. This area is likely a test room for Forever Forest.
  7. This room looks like it is in Crystal Palace, except the background is different than in the final version.
  8. In a strange unused area, there are Koopas who have the ability to transform into Mario's partners. The floor will also start moving in a wave-like way whenever Mario walks somewhere.
  9. This room has various pipes in the floor, which do not lead to anywhere (Mario cannot enter them).
  10. In this room, Goombario is shown saying the same tattle he says in the Jump Attack game.

Unused enemy formations[edit]

This section is under construction. Therefore, please excuse its informal appearance while it's being worked on. We hope to have it completed as soon as possible.

The ROM contains some enemy formations not used in the game.

Unused enemy formations
Enemy 1 Enemy 2 Enemy 3 Enemy 4
Goomba Village
Spiked Goomba
Paragoomba Paragoomba
Goomba Road
Goomba Goomba Goomba
Goomba Paragoomba
Goomba Goomba Goomba Goomba
Goomba Spiked Goomba
Goomba Paragoomba Goomba Paragoomba


  • Upon being obtained on one of the multiple plateaus near the entrance to Bowser's Castle, the Deep Focus badge's overworld sprite is the same as its early one, but when viewed in the badge section of the Start Menu, it appears with the normal coloration.


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