Mount Duel

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Mario winning the minigame

Mount Duel is the name of a minigame found in the Mini-Game Mode in Mario Party 6. This minigame is hosted by Twila. It is a four-player tournament where players compete to reach the top of the massive mountain known as Mount Duel. To play Mount Duel, the player must have collected at least one Duel Minigame.

The four characters climb one large rock and then two characters compete in one Duel minigame. The winner climbs another rock, while the rock the loser was standing on, crumbles, making the loser fall down to the bottom. Then, the two other characters compete in a minigame as well, and again, the winner climbs a rock and the loser falls down.

Then, the two losers compete against each other, to find out which of the two end up in third place and who ends up in fourth place. Then, the two winners compete, and the winner climbs to the top and is the winner of the minigame. Meanwhile, the loser gets second place.