Alien (Mario Party series)

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This article is about the aliens in the Mario Party series, specifically starting with Mario Party 5. For the pink Bob-ombs from Mystery Land of Mario Party 2, also referred to as Aliens, see Bob-omb Buddy § Mario Party 2.
An alien and a ship in Mario Party 6
Alien in the game Mario Party 7.
An alien inside a ship in Mario Party 7

Aliens are a species of green creatures appearing in the Mario Party series. Aliens are first seen in Mario Party 5, where they briefly appear in the minigame ID UFO. They appear in Mario Party 6, appearing only during the nighttime on the board Castaway Bay. They appear near the location of Bowser and Donkey Kong. Aliens are also seen on the Mario Party 7 board Neon Heights. They are always portrayed either inside or near their spaceship. Their spaceship has star-shaped windows. In Mario Party 7, aliens can be summoned after the player lands on specific Happening Spaces, and they swap the treasure chests on the course. Though aliens do not return in Mario Party 8, their role has been fulfilled by alien-esque Shy Guys.