Joe & Mac

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Joe & Mac
Species Humans
First appearance Joe & Mac (Joe & Mac series)
Super Mario: Verloren in der Zeit (Mario franchise)
Latest appearance Joe & Mac Returns (Joe & Mac series)

Joe & Mac are two fictional characters from their own titular arcade game series created by Data East. They made an appearance in an issue of the German Club Nintendo comics, "Super Mario: Verloren in der Zeit".

In this story, when Mario tries out a magic Alarm Clock delivered to him by Dr. Wily, he suddenly finds himself teleported right into Stone Age. Soon he notices two humans in the copse – Joe & Mac – and tries to make them help him, without avail. They speak a different language, and when Mario tries to talk in their language, they suppose he is kidding them, and Mac smacks Mario's head with his mace.

Joe & Mac are never referred to by their names in the comic.


  • One of the enemies and bosses that appear in the Joe & Mac series bear a close resemblance to the Piranha Plant, they are known as Tyrant Triffids in Joe & Mac, a mythical man-eating, seed-spitting plant similar to a giant Venus Fly-trap, with poisonous seeds which can prove fatal. Tyrant Triffids habitat on land all over the Ocean of Silurian, the mighty ruler of this ocean is the Legendary Giant Tyrant Triffid, one of the mighty rulers who rules a landmark.
  • The title song of the SNES version of Joe & Mac, has an instrumental in it that immitates the beginning of the Grass Land theme in Super Mario Bros. 3.