Mario Circuit (DS)

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This article is about the race course from Mario Kart DS. For other race tracks with similar names, see Mario Circuit.
Mario Circuit
MKDS Mario Circuit DS Intro.png
Appearance(s) Mario Kart DS (2005)
Cup(s) it appears in Star Cup
Staff Ghost 1:56:533 by Ninten★モリオ
(Mario in the Shooting Star)
Wi-Fi No longer available (DS)
Course map
MKDS Mario Circuit DS Map.png MKDS Mario Circuit DS layout.png
Minimap as seen on the HUD on the bottom screen of a Nintendo DS.

Mario Circuit is the third race course in the Star Cup in Mario Kart DS. In the course enemies appear acting as obstacles: Goombas appear crossing the road to and from the sides. By shooting a Green Shell or Red Shell at them, or using a Star, Mushrooms spawn from the Goombas. A pair of Fire Piranha Plants spit fireballs onto the course. The victim will spin out of control when touching one. Piranha Plants, as seen in Mario Kart 64, are also present. This track shares its music with Figure-8 Circuit.

Course layout[edit]

Characters start out the race near a lake surrounding the Peach's Castle. After going through the first corner, Goombas wandering on the middle of the track will try to block the racers' path. After passing by these enemies, characters run along a piece of the lake. Due to that part having no security fence, players can fall off into water. Continuing the path, two Fire Piranha Plants located in a S bend will spit fireballs to the course that will cause drivers to spin out on impact. Going through a Warp Pipe-modeled bridge, the players reach a dirt road after taking a tight turn. The track's dirt section can cause some karts to go off of course, especially on corners. Crossing over the Pipe bridge, the racers go down on a curly track with Piranha Plants. Past this, characters then continue running over concrete road. After taking a tight S turn, players cross the checked line.


One can use a Mushroom and go behind one of the Fire Piranha Plants to cut off a turn.


Missions 5-8 and 7-4 take place on this circuit. During mission 5-8, Luigi has to compete against Mario to reach the finish line in a lap. In mission 7-4, Toad must get rid of every Goomba found in a part of the course, provided with Green Shells from the Item Boxes.


Mario Kart DS[edit]

  • European website bio: "Constructed in the grounds of Princess Peach's famous castle, Mario Circuit is where red-capped plumbers feel most at home. Negotiate the snaking turns while avoiding waddling Goombas, bouncing flames and snapping Piranha Plants, and you might just make it to Peach's place in time for tea."



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マリオサーキット
Mario Sākitto
Mario Circuit
Spanish Circuito Mario Mario Circuit
French Circuit Mario Mario Circuit
German Marios Piste Mario's Circuit
Italian Circuito di Mario Mario Circuit
Korean 마리오 서킷
Malio Seokis
Mario Circuit


  • This is one of only two Mario Circuits that has been in the Star Cup, the other being Mario Circuit 4 from Super Mario Kart.
  • This is the only nitro Mario Circuit to be the third course of a cup, and is the only course in the Star Cup in this game that has not appeared as a Retro Course in a later Mario Kart game.