Snag the Trophies!

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Snag the Trophies!

Snag the Trophies! is the second bonus stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee in which players go to in Classic Mode. The stage isn't very big. On the sides are two small round platforms connected to the center by two wires thick enough for the player to stand on. In the center are circles for the player to collect the trophies in. In this stage the player has an opportunity to collect three trophies.

However the player has the options of falling off the stage to advance to the next stage, trying to collect the trophies or simply standing there and doing nothing at all. Should the player manage to collect all three trophies then after they complete Classic Mode then they will receive the Bonus Collector award for having obtained the three trophies.

The music that plays here is the same music that plays when the player goes to the Lottery.