Dr. Demise's assistant

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Dr. Demise's assistant lifting a safe
“I'm hurryin', Dr. Demise!”
Dr. Demise's assistant, Junior Meets Kid Dynamo

Dr. Demise's assistant is the criminal accomplice to Dr. Demise from the Saturday Supercade episode Junior Meets Kid Dynamo. He is a large, dim-witted man who works for Dr. Demise, mainly as additional brute force.

He is first seen helping Dr. Demise lift a safe up to their helicopter via pulley. However, Donkey Kong Jr. sneaks up on him and pushes him into a window, causing him to let go of the safe and fall into the building. However, he manages to climb aboard the helicopter again and escape with Dr. Demise, driving the helicopter as they discuss their plans.

Later, he accompanies Dr. Demise in stealing the meteor dust responsible for giving Kid Dynamo his powers. He asks Dr. Demise questions about their plot, allowing the latter to explain as they take the dust. The two arrive at Kid Dynamo's house in their helicopter to abduct Lightning and escape to their hideout.

Dr. Demise gives his assistant his last task at Sweetville Station - to use a blowtorch to cut a hole in the roof of a train car, so Dr. Demise can pull up the safe inside with his magnet. The assistant attempts to do this, but is cornered by Junior and Bones, who take advantage of the metal shaft of the train car, lifting it and coiling the assistant up inside, trapping him. Dr. Demise is caught by Kid Dynamo soon after, and it is presumed that both were arrested and sent to jail.

While the two are kidnapping Lightning, Dr. Demise refers to the assistant by name. While no other instance of his name is ever mentioned, from this command it appears to be "Horace".