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Pyramid Coins, the Regional Coins of the Sand Kingdom.

Regional Coins[1] are one of the main collectibles in Super Mario Odyssey. They are purple and can be used to buy outfits, stickers and souvenirs.[2] There are 50-100[3] located in each kingdom, and their shape and design vary in each kingdom.[4][5]


Regional Coins have different designs in each kingdom.




Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ローカルコイン[12]
Rōkaru Koin
Local Coin
Spanish (NOE) Moneda Local[13] Local Coin
French (NOE) Pièce Local[14] Local Coin
Dutch Lokale Munt[15] Local Coin
German Spezialmünze[16] Special Coin
Italian Moneta Locale[17] Local Coin
Russian Местная монетка[18]
Mestnaya monetka
Local Coin


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