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Co-MC alongside fellow protagonist Tommy Treehugger

Ronny Putter, more commonly and informally referred to as Co-MC, was the co-host of the Club Mario segments aired during The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!. He was played by Michael Rawlings.

Co-MC was one of two main characters featured in the show, the other being Tommy Treehugger, his friend, with whom he often discussed the upcoming Mario or Zelda cartoon, often dressing appropriate to the theme. As opposed to Tommy's California surfer dude persona, Co-MC adapted more of a hip-hop/house music character. Together, they would often watch Spaced-Out Theatre or review recent films.

Evil Eric, supposedly Co-MC's evil twin brother, would bother Tommy whenever Co-MC was gone. Whenever this occurred, Tommy would usually become confused before receiving a message from the producer informing him he had gone to the dentist or submitted a vacation request. Occasionally, Co-MC himself would call to inform Tommy, that he has skipped work to enjoy one of his favored activities, such as surfing, playing tennis, and dating. Despite Tommy also enjoying these activities, he often admonished him for ditching the show prior to Evil Eric crashing the set.

Unlike Tommy, Co-MC may have taken his responsibilities in a slightly more serious manner. For instance, for a pirate-themed Mario episode, he donned a pirate attire while Tommy pretended to be a parrot looking over his shoulder. When Tommy complains about playing the parrot, Co-MC chafes him, saying it was his own fault having not attended the meeting.

Sometimes, the two would perform another sketch, "Are You Bogus?", in which the duo would attempt to figure someone out. They would often be fooled at first prior to recalling a fact that did not add up.