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Koopa Koot
Sprite of Koopa Koot from Paper Mario
Species Koopa Troopa
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
“Oh, welcome, young fella! I'm the elder of Koopa Village. Folks call me Koopa Koot. Say...might you do me a favor?”
Koopa Koot, Paper Mario

Koopa Koot is an elderly Koopa Troopa in Paper Mario. He lives in Koopa Village and is friends with Goompa and Bootler. During his youth, the three traveled the globe in search of adventure. However, his adventuring days are now over. In fact, he needs other people to run errands for him. Mario helps Koopa Koot perform twenty tasks that the old Koopa cannot do by himself. One errand involves Mario retrieving a picture of the three old adventurers (Koopa Koot, Goompa, and Bootler) from a Boo in Boo's Mansion named Franky, who says that Koopa Koot has always used people and was engaged in a few altercations because of that, after which started his habit of adventure. Franky also says that Koopa Koot's motto is "If it moves, use it until it drops." Often, Koopa Koot rewards Mario with a single coin. Occasionally, Mario receives a better reward, including Star Pieces or memberships to the game parlor in Toad Town. The concept of Mario doing favors and running errands for people would be recycled in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door with the inclusion of the Trouble Center.

During Chapter 1, there is a gossip about Koopa Koot posted by "An anonymous Koopa" on the back side of Toad Town's notice board which describes him as "a pretty self-centered old Koopa". After Chapter 6, a Toad in the Toad Town port mentions how Koopa Koot once traveled to Flower Fields in his younger days and, according to Koopa Koot, "valiantly saved Wise Wisterwood". The Toad also mentions he was the most famous Koopa and explorer in the land, and that this would have an influence on Kolorado's adventuring life. In the Crystal Palace, four Duplighosts will try to disguise themselves as Kooper, but their cloaks fail and one ends up as Koopa Koot.

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Bowser, when asked who he is by Bub or Pennington, the player can choose to tell them his name is Koopa Koot, who Bowser describes as an "all-time ancient babbler" that threatens to "bore [them] to death." Additionally, during the 65th Super Fun Quirk Quiz, the first answer to the question "What is the name of the mayor of Petalburg?" is supposed to be Koopa Koot, but the English translation missed the reference and localized the name as "Kooskoos" instead.


Koopa Koot
Koopa Koot asking for a favor

Koopa Koot will ask Mario for many favors throughout the game. Some of the favors require Mario to meet specific people and get an item in return. For every four favors Mario does for him, Koopa Koot will give Mario Star Pieces, making this sidequest a necessity to fully complete the game. Completing favors 2 and 10 will give Mario a Silver Credit and a Gold Credit respectively. If Mario does not get Star Pieces, he receives 1 coin. It is actually possible, albeit in an obscure way, to complete the favors out of order, without glitches. Specifically, Koopa Koot will allow the player to give up on (skip) doing a favor but only if the player goes to Toad Town through Pleasant Path first. This does not skip favors entirely - once you get to the end of the list of unlocked favors (either by completing or giving up on the rest), Koot will ask you again to do the favors that you previously skipped (in a random order). The rewards given are only tied to the number of favors completed, not the particular favor.[1]

After Kooper joins Mario's party[edit]

  1. Koopa Koot wants to read the book Koopa Legends, and Kolorado is the only person with a copy. The player must head a few doors down from Koopa Koot's house to Kolorado's house and ask Kolorado's wife for it.
  2. Koopa Koot has been having trouble sleeping lately and wants a Sleepy Sheep to make him sleep better. The player can buy one of these from the Shroom Grocery in Toad Town. There is also one in Pleasant Path.

After Chapter 1[edit]

  1. A long time ago, Koopa Koot loaned Goompa a Tape and now wants it back. The player must go to Goomba Village and talk to Goompa to retrieve it.
  2. Koopa Koot wants a cup of Koopa Tea. To make one, the player must give a Koopa Leaf, which can be found in the bushes near the Save Block in Koopa Village, to Tayce T.
  3. Koopa Koot states that he is a big fan of Luigi. The player must go to Mario's House and ask him for an autograph.

After Chapter 2[edit]

  1. Koopa Koot has lost his wallet. It is found in one of the bushes near the Save Block in Koopa Village.
  2. Koopa Koot wants a Tasty Tonic. The player can buy one in Harry's Shop in Toad Town or have Tayce T. make one using certain ingredients, a Lime, Lemon, Bubble Berry, or Coconut, at simplest.
  3. Koopa Koot now wants an autograph from Merluvlee. The player must talk to her in Shooting Star Summit, but before she can hand over the autograph, she wants a Crystal Ball from her sister, Merlee. The player must head to Dry Dry Outpost and ask her for the Crystal Ball. After giving that to Merluvlee, she gives the player the autograph.

After Chapter 3[edit]

  1. Koopa Koot wants to know what is going on in the Mushroom Kingdom. The player must go to Toad Town and read the front and back of the sign near Merlon's house.
  2. Koopa Koot wants a Life Shroom. The player can buy one from Igor's shop in Boo's Mansion.
  3. Koopa Koot now wants a Nutty Cake from Tayce T., made with a Goomnut. Goomnuts can be found in the tree in front of the Goomba family's house in Goomba Village.

After Chapter 4[edit]

  1. Koopa Koot cannot tolerate the noise coming from next door in Kooper's house. The player must speak to Bruce the Bob-omb (making the noise as he moons over Bombette) with Bombette present to calm him down.
  2. Koopa Koot wishes to reminisce about the old days when he made friends with the Boos in Boo's Mansion. The player must get the Old Photo back from Franky, the first Boo the player encounters upon entering the mansion.
  3. Koopa Koot wants some Koopasta from Tayce T., made with a Koopa Leaf and Dried Pasta. The Dried Pasta can be purchased from Little Mouser's Shop in Dry Dry Outpost.

After Chapter 5[edit]

  1. Koopa Koot has lost his glasses. They can be found in front of the Toad House in Koopa Village, in the bush with a flower on it.
  2. Koopa Koot wants a Lime, which can be found in the tree on the right in the oasis in Dry Dry Desert.
  3. Koopa Koot now wants a Kooky Cookie, which is made with a Koopa Leaf and a Cake Mix. The Cake Mix can be obtained after defeating certain Shy Guys in the playground of Shy Guy's Toy Box.

After Chapter 6[edit]

  1. Koopa Koot needs a package from a Boo in Gusty Gulch. The player must head over there and talk to the Boo near the Save Block. The Boo says he needs to look for it first, so the player must then leave the area, come back and talk to him, and the Boo will hand over the package.
  2. Koopa Koot wants a Coconut, so the player must find one in Lavalava Island in one of the palm trees near Yoshi's Village.
  3. For Koopa Koot's final errand, he wants a Red Jar given out at Little Mouser's Shop in Dry Dry Outpost. There, the player must buy the following items in order: Dusty Hammer, Dried Pasta, Dusty Hammer, Dried Shroom; the last item is not specified in-game however, as Koopa Koot had forgotten what it was. Little Mouser gets the hint and promptly hands it over.

After this, Koopa Koot's last "favor" is simply for Mario to defeat Bowser. Koopa Koot does not reward Mario for doing this, as the game does not save after Bowser is defeated. When Mario is on his way to Peach's Castle at the end of the game, Koopa Koot appears in Rowf and Rhuff's badge shop and asks where the castle is.


When Koopa Koot thanks Mario for doing his errand, he usually quotes a kind of enemy or something else from the game. However, in the Japanese version he only has two different phrases that he'll say, both being very similar to each other. Here is a list of them.

Favors Response with one Coin Response with three Star Pieces
1 Great galloping Goombas! For Peach's sake!
2 My stars! Super Duper Blooper!
3 Suffering Shy Guys! Mother of Monty Mole!
4 Great Goomba! Great growling Gulpits!
5 Hoppin' Hammer Brothers! By Tutankoopa's beard!
6 Oh, thank Star Haven! Oh, thank the Star Spirits!
7 Pouring Piranhas! Thundering Tuff Puffs!
8 Leaping Lava Buds! Jumping Jungle Fuzzies!
9 Creeping Crazee Dayzees! Bustling Buzzy Beetles!
10 Oh, by the musty Shroom! Yodeling Yoshis!
11 Bouncing Bob-ombs! Spinning Spike Tops!
12 Shrieking Swoopulas! Galavanting Groove Guys!
13 Great Clomping Clubbas! Prickly Pokey pack!
14 Plummeting Paragoombas! Dastardly Duplighosts!
15 Hopping Hurt Plant! By the biting Bzzap!
16 By Whacka's Bump! By Spiny's spikes!
17 Lines o' Albino Dinos! Twisted Tumble Thwomps!
18 Livid Lava Piranhas! Great gobs of Goomnuts!
19 Great crawling Clefts! Stampeding Stone Chomps!
20 Levitating Lakitus! Swooping Sky Guys!


  • "This is the oldest Koopa in Koopa Village. His name is Koopa Koot. He's famous for being selfish, stingy and impatient. He doesn't ask for things that are impossible, but you can bet the tasks will be hard and time-consuming."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ノコジロウ
Portmanteau of「ノコノコ」(Nokonoko, Koopa Troopa) and Japanese common given name「次郎」(Jirō)

Chinese (simplified) 老喏库[2]
Lǎo Nuòkù
Old Koopa

French Koopa Koot
German Mekoopalem
Play on "Methusalem" (Methuselah) and "Koopa"
Spanish Koopa Koot


  • In the NTSC-U version of Paper Mario, one of Koopa Koot's responses to favors that Mario has completed for him erroneously refers to Crazee Dayzees as "Crazy Dayzees". This error was fixed in the PAL version.