Toad's Automoboots mechanic

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The mechanic having just been freed.
“Whew! Thanks, buddy! Got myself in a real pickle there. I sure am glad you came along! And you WILL be glad you came along when you see the kind of value we're offering here today at Toad's Automoboots!”
Toad's Automoboots mechanic, Paper Mario: The Origami King

The Toad's Automoboots mechanic is a minor character in Paper Mario: The Origami King, one of the various Toads found throughout the game in need of rescue. In this case, he is one of the two Toads trapped in the Breezy Tunnel, likely to be the one rescued sooner. At the start of the long stretch between the tunnel, Mario must pull up the Toad stuck underneath the Boot Car. He quickly runs back to his booth and thanks Mario, introducing him to Toad's Automoboots.

He then shows Mario the Boot Car, durable for speed and travel. In return for his rescue, he gives Mario a free test drive as well as the Boot Whistle, allowing Mario to summon the Boot Car from a distance. He tells Mario to keep the Boot Car in the desert and proceeds to give him some instructions on how to use it, including speeding and steering. This can be used to travel great distances in shorter time and defeat Folded Soldiers without a battle. He simply tells Mario to mind the paint job before sending him off. The Boot Car remains in Mario's possession for the remainder of the game, as well as the Boot Whistle.

If Mario tries to leave the tunnel toward Sweetpaper Valley while in the Boot Car, the mechanic prevents him from doing so.

After visiting Bonehead Island and removing the fog, a motor upgrade becomes available for the Sea Captain Toad's boat. If Mario buys it, the mechanic (now referring to his business as "Toad's Automoboats") and two Monty Moles attach the new motor to the Super Marino.