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Mario rescues a Mushroom Retainer in Super Mario Bros..

“Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another castle!”
Toad, Super Mario Bros.

A Mushroom Retainer is a Toad assistant for Princess Peach in Mushroom Kingdom. Seven Toads that fill this role appear in Super Mario Bros., where they are kidnapped along with Princess Toadstool by Bowser. One Toad appears at the end of each castle and thanks Mario or Luigi for rescuing him, although Peach is not found. In Super Mario Bros. Special and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, these Toads keep the same role (in the latter, they also celebrate around the princess and her savior during the original ending). In the Super Mario All-Stars versions, an incremental number of them are seen being saved at a time from each of the first seven castles, depending on the current world.

Toads of Mushroom Castle in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, which may belong to the same group.

The term has rarely been used since the original NES game, having only recurred in the video game series with the enhanced Game Boy Color port Super Mario Bros. Deluxe and in the digital manuals of Virtual Console re-releases. This is because Mushroom Retainer is intended to be an early localized name for the Toads as a species, along with Mushroom People. The name and role that goes with it does make an appearance in other early media; for example, the Nintendo Adventure Books and the Nintendo Comics System introductory story The Legend describes Toad as the royal mushroom retainer. The more reserved Wooster holds a similar position in the series, but is instead called the "royal mushroom assistant" and (somewhat regretfully) directly serves the Mushroom King rather than the princess.

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Japanese キノピオ