Chucklehuck Woods

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Chucklehuck Woods.

Chucklehuck Woods is a forest in the Beanbean Kingdom, southwest of Beanbean Castle, that is the only location for the Chuckola Fruit (the main ingredient of Chuckola Cola) and Winkles. It appears in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga as the fourth world in the game; Mario and Luigi travel here to find the Chuckola Reserve, so they can heal Queen Bean from the Belly Blech Worm Cackletta forced her to eat. They also come for a second time to retrieve the Beanstar Piece that fell in the area. Chateau de Chucklehuck sits on the forest's edge.

Chucklechuck Woods Area map.

The forest itself is dark and forbidding, full of Pestnuts, Chuck Guys, and Fuzzbushes. It also includes two talking stumps, Chuckleroot and his granddaughter (and presumably his daughters or sons as well); another tree, Mother Chuckalola also appears, but it is unknown if this (seemingly important) plant is capable of speech or thought. Mario must find three types of Chuckola Fruit in the forest so that Chuckleroot will let him pass: red, white, and purple Chuckola Fruit. The major boss at the end of this world is Chuckolator, and a Wiggler is also fought here. At the end of the second visit to the woods, Popple also battles the Mario Bros.

In the northern part of Chucklehuck Woods, Warp Pipe #5 can be found.

The Chucklehuck Woods are also home to the Winkles, and the Winkle Colosseum is located in the deeper parts of the forest.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゲラゴーニュの森
Geragōnyu no Mori
Geragonyu Woods. Geragonyu (ゲラゴーニュ) comes from gera gera(ゲラゲラ), a loud laughter bordering (or past bordering) rudeness.
Spanish Bosque Jijí Heehee forest.
French Bois du Rire Woods of Laughter
German Grinsewald Grin Forest
Italian Bosco Ghigno Grin Woods