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Woohoo Hooniversity.
The inside of the Hooniversity.
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Woohoo Hooniversity is a university in the Beanbean Kingdom dedicated to the study of laughter.

In Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Cackletta and Fawful take over the university and transform many of its scientists into Laser Snifits. Mario and Luigi soon arrive to stop Cackletta after Prince Peasley mentions that she is there. Once there, they find that Cackletta has locked herself behind a door opened only by light. By positioning certain mirrors, they reroute a beam of light to open the door. When Cackletta activates the Peach-bots that are supposed to contain Princess Peach's voice, however, they enrage the Beanstar, crashing it into the university's basement.

Woohoo Hooniversity area map.

Mario and Luigi fight and defeat Cackletta, who retreats with Fawful's help, and they promptly go to the basement to collect the Beanstar. Popple and Rookie find it first, however, and prevent them from collecting it. After Popple and Rookie are defeated, a Peach Bot falls down and emits the voice again, causing the Beanstar to fly up into the air and out of Woohoo Hooniversity in rage, with Mario, Luigi, Popple, and Rookie in tow.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アハハ・アハデミー
Ahaha ahademī
Ahaha Ahademy, pun of "ahaha" and "academy".
Spanish Academia Jajá HaHa Academy
French Hahadémie Pun on "ha ha" (onomatopoeia hinting at a laugh) and académie (academy)
German Lachhochschule Portmanteau of lachen (to laugh) and Fachhochschule (German type of tertiary education institution)
Italian Accademia Crepapelle "Accademia" means "academy"; "crepapelle" comes from the common expression "ridere a crepapelle", which means laughing uproariously