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  • The green color of Luigi's clothing was inspired by the enemy Shellcreeper (pictured).
  • In the Chinese version of Mario Kart 64, the Special Cup is called the iQue Cup, named after the console iQue Player.
  • In the German manual of Super Mario Galaxy 2, Lubba is referred to as a female Luma, and the Toad Brigade also called him a "she" once in the game. The game's official German website correctly identifies him as a male.
  • In the Japanese version of Super Mario Kart, every character has a winning animation that involves a bottle of champagne. Bowser and Princess Peach drink champagne in their said animations, which goes against Nintendo of America's policy on the depiction of alcohol, as it was considered inappropriate for younger children. Instead, they just toss and catch the bottles in the Western versions.
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