Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

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Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
Developer(s) AlphaDream
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Release date USA November 28, 2005
Japan December 29, 2005
Europe January 27, 2006
Australia February 23, 2006
South Korea July 8, 2010
Genre RPG
ESRB:ESRB E.svg - Everyone
PEGI:PEGI 3.svg - Three years and older
CERO:CERO A.png - All ages
ACB:ACB G.svg - General
Mode(s) Single player
Media 512-Megabit card
Nintendo DS:

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (Mario & Luigi RPG 2×2 in Japan) is a video game for the Nintendo DS, developed by AlphaDream and published by Nintendo. It is the second title in the Mario & Luigi series, preceded by Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga for the Game Boy Advance, and succeeded by Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story for Nintendo DS, and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team for the Nintendo 3DS.

The elements of this game is part turn-based RPG, part action RPG, and part platformer, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time took the formula from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and revamped it to take advantage of the Nintendo DS's new features. While it made almost no attempt to utilize the touch screen (Mario must rub the dirt off of a drawing at one point), the game used the addition of the X button and Y button buttons, the extra screen, and greater graphical capabilities.

Like its predecessor, it is one of the few Mario games to have been released in North America before Japan.


The planet where the Shroobs live.

During Mario and Luigi's infancies, on a distant planet shaped and colored like a Poison Mushroom without eyes, there lives a vile and evil race of aliens known as the Shroobs. They begin searching for a planet worthy of invasion and find the Mushroom World.

Baby Bowser just so happens to pick the same day that the Shroobs invade the Mushroom Kingdom to kidnap Baby Peach. He attacks the main castle, but is stopped by Baby Mario, who has come to the castle with his younger brother Baby Luigi. Baby Mario manages to defeat Baby Bowser and rescues the princess. However, this allows the Shroobs to catch the distracted Toad guards, who were unaware of their invasion. Everyone winds up being forced to flee. Young Toadsworth, Baby Bowser, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, and Baby Peach, in her carriage, follow Baby Bowser's assistant, Kamek, to the Koopa Cruiser, which the Koopas are using to travel to his castle. They escape from Baby Peach's Castle as quickly as possible.

Years in the future, adult Mario and Luigi watch with rapt attention as Professor E. Gadd reveals his latest invention: the time machine. E. Gadd reveals that his machine runs on the power of the mysterious Cobalt Star. Adult Princess Peach is so overjoyed by the invention that she asks the professor to take it for a spin. Toadiko and Toadbert accompany the princess on her journey. Despite Toadsworth's pleas, the three travel back in time to a younger Mushroom Kingdom, when the princess and the Mario Bros. were mere youngsters.

Toadsworth promptly faints, and Toad asks Mario to get the Refreshroom that Toadsworth keeps in his room, for it can help revive him. Mario brings back the item just as a Toad doctor is diagnosing it to be the only way to bring Toadsworth back.

Mario uses the Refreshroom on Toadsworth, who comes to in time to see the return of the time machine from his hospital bed. When it is approached, a large alien named Junior Shrooboid comes out, scaring everyone away. Mario takes the alien down while everyone is gathering around after Toad reappears from entering the capsule who announces that the princess was not inside the time machine.

Luigi soon discovers a mysterious new hole out in the courtyard. E. Gadd elaborates that it is a time hole, which is caused by the use of the time machine that he had invented. Luigi goes closer to investigate, but accidentally falls into the hole. Mario jumps in after his brother to rescue him.

Luigi looking into the time hole in the courtyard of Princess Peach's Castle.

Although the Shroobs have lost their leader, Princess Shroob takes command of the Shroobs and the Mushroom Kingdom soon falls under complete Shroob control.

The powerful ball that Kills Mario and Luigi

Meanwhile, time holes begin appearing all over the Mushroom Kingdom. One such hole appears just outside of Hollijolli Village. Shortly afterward, a grown up Mario and Luigi pop out of it. Stuffwell follows, after which the time hole disappears. Arriving in the village, they find it devastated from the Shroob attack. After they find the mayor, the Shroobs arrive again, abducting the mayor, and proceeding to battle Mario and Luigi, whom they defeat. However, in the Koopa Cruiser, Baby Bowser destroys the Shroob UFOs around Hollijolli Village; the baby brothers then proceed to fight the Shroobs who battled the adult brothers and are able to defeat them. Afterward, Mario and Luigi are brought aboard, and they see Shroob Castle, with a giant Princess Shroob statue in the center.

Mario and the others in the Koopa Cruiser.

Princess Shroob launches a missile at them, taking down their engine. They crash land into Baby Bowser's Castle. Mario and Luigi, the only ones other than Stuffwell who have not been thrown clear by the crash, begin to make their way through the castle, informed by Stuffwell that there was a time hole nearby. They find Baby Mario and Baby Luigi on the way. Once Stuffwell explains to them how to control a group of four, the babies travel with the older brothers. After they find a mysterious sparkling shard, they, in addition to Baby Peach and Toadsworth the Younger, all travel through a time hole in Baby Bowser's room that leads back to the present day Princess Peach's Castle.

Once back at the present castle, Stuffwell shows Professor E. Gadd the mysterious shard, which the professor identifies as being a shard of the Cobalt Star, the power source of the time machine. The Cobalt Shard then flies over to the defeated Junior Shrooboid, who then reacts to the Cobalt Shard. The Cobalt Shard afterwards creates another time hole, and E. Gadd sends Mario, Luigi, Baby Mario, and Baby Luigi to investigate.

The four heroes solve puzzles in Toadwood Forest.

After the heroes enter the time hole, they find themselves at Toadwood Forest. Later, they discover Toadiko, who is wrapped in a tree's branches. She gives them some information as to what happened to her, Toadbert, and Princess Peach (although she had not explained the full details due to her memory loss), then tells them that there is a Cobalt Shard at the Vim Factory, where vim that is sucked out of Toads bound to the forest trees is used to make fuel for Shroob UFOs. Shroob UFOs then attack, and Mario and the gang run, while Toadiko is transformed into a Shroob Mushroom.

After Mario and gang reach the Vim Factory, the L33t Hamm3r Broz. use a suction-type tree and capture Mario and Luigi, leaving the babies behind. The Hamm3r Broz. challenge the babies to a battle. The babies win and the helmets on the Hammer Bros. break, freeing both Hammer Bros. from the Shroob's control. They give the babies Hammers and teach them how to use them. The babies travel through the air shaft and finally rescue Mario and Luigi. The babies continue moving along, with their older selves, towards the rest of the Vim Factory.

Baby Bowser stealing two of the Cobalt Shards in the Vim Factory.

In the last room, they find a huge Shroobified Wiggler named Swiggler, which they fight. When the boss is defeated, another Cobalt Shard is found. However, Baby Bowser comes in and steals both Cobalt Shards. Baby Bowser and Kamek escape, and the heroes travel back to the present day Princess Peach's Castle.

When they return to the castle, Stuffwell informs the professor of their dilemma. He tells them that time holes have been popping up excessively and that they should find Baby Bowser, along with his stolen Cobalt Shards, in one of them. Upon learning the Spin Jump move, they reach the time hole, taking them to the Yoshi's Island of the past.

The four heroes meet Kamek on Yoshi's Island.

On the island, they notice that all of the Yoshis have disappeared and a giant, purple and green egg shell is left. They enter one of the huts where they run into Kylie Koopa, who is a reporter looking for the scoop on the mysterious egg. The babies use a spring to find all of the Yoshis hiding in the attic. They are hiding from Yoob, a Shroobified Yoshi who has been eating other Yoshis.

Mario, Luigi, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, and Baby Bowser before they are to be eaten by Yoob.

As the plumbers continue through Yoshi's Island, they spot Kamek again. Mario and Luigi try to get him, but he escapes and tries to burn the island in order to keep them busy. Stuffwell then learns that they can use Baby Mario's ability to spit water, extinguishing the flames. The adult and baby brothers used their newly learned abilities to pass through the puzzles off the island and make it to the top of the cliff, where Baby Bowser is eating all of the Yoshi Cookies from the island. While Kamek tells him to slow down, Mario and Luigi confront them as Baby Mario and Baby Luigi start eating the Yoshi Cookies. Kamek is ultimately defeated in battle, as the brothers chase after Baby Bowser. The prince reaches a dead end, and as a last resort, eats the Cobalt Shards. As Mario and the gang try to get the Cobalt Shards out of Baby Bowser, Yoob climbs up the cliff and is shot by a ray from a Shroob UFO. The ray causes him to grow incredibly large, and he devours Mario, Luigi, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, and Baby Bowser.

Inside Yoob, the brothers and their smaller counterparts find themselves in the intestines of the creature. The Bros. push a Chomp Rock with the aid of some Yoshis to make more space in Yoob's intestines and find an escape route.

Later on through the digestive process, they discover that there was a factory inside Yoob, turning Yoshis into strange eggs for unknown purposes. Fortunately, the babies manage to shut down the factory. Toadbert is first seen here, having apparently lost his memory. The only thing that he could remember is a strange drawing that he himself made but does not recall what it meant. He decides to give it to the brothers, not knowing what they could do with it. Farther on, they discover Sunnycide and afterward, it throws an egg at the brothers, which happens to contain Baby Bowser. Freeing the Yoshis and enlisting their help, the brothers defeat Sunnycide. After that, they escaped from Yoob out of the end. Baby Bowser coughs up the Cobalt Shards, and the brothers grab them and run.

The brothers in Gritzy Desert.

Back at the castle, the adult brothers once again learn a new move from the Toadsworths, Bros. Ball and find a time hole which takes them into the middle of the Gritzy Desert. A huge colosseum is located in front of them. Mario and the gang try to get in, but are quickly chased away by the Shroobs that are inside. They run away and hide behind a pillar. The babies walk away and Luigi will stop them, but they get caught and run away, while Kylie Koopa appears again and informs Mario, who left behind, about the four pillars of the desert, saying that they have some mystical connection that could help them. The connection causes a secret entrance to the Koopaseum to be open. The brothers then sneak into the arena.

Within the arena, Princess Shroob is hosting a celebration about the conquest of the Mushroom Kingdom. Princess Peach is revealed, being strapped to a platform. The platform is lowered towards a large Warp Pipe. Petey Piranha is in the Warp Pipe, jumps, and eats the princess. The brothers stand in shock, unaware that Kylie Koopa is just taken away by Shroobs. The brothers sneak through the Koopaseum in search of Petey, but unfortunately, they accidentally end up onstage, where Princess Shroob is still standing. She calls upon the Shrooboid Brat, who attacks the brothers and entertains the crowd at the same time. The brothers, however, defeat the brat, angering Princess Shroob. With the assistance of her lackeys, she breaks the floor under them, sending them to the caverns below.

In the Gritzy Caves, the Bros. see Kylie Koopa tied by a rope, hanging down towards Petey Piranha's open mouth. Some Shroobs are also there, ready to begin the execution. Kylie pleads for the brothers to rescue her, saying that she is the one who told them about the secret entrance. Unfortunately, Mario and Luigi could not reach her, so they could do nothing but watch in horror as one of the Shroobs grab an axe from its body and cut the rope. Kylie Koopa, still tied by rope, is eaten by Petey Piranha.

The heroes near Petey Piranha in the Gritzy Caves.

After hitting a block a couple of rooms later, the heroes are attacked by Petey Piranha, whom they battle and, after a struggle, defeat. Another Cobalt Shard pops out of the plant, along with Kylie Koopa, surprisingly free of the rope, who finds a key in the plant's belly. While talking to Kylie, she tells the brothers that she saw someone in the Cobalt Shard. However, she and the brothers think of that as being very unlikely, and continue their adventure.

A little farther, the brothers enter a cell, where the find Princess Peach, whose face is covered by a Shroob Mushroom. She and Luigi, who is horrified by her appearance, both collapse and are taken back to the present day castle. Everyone gathers in the room of the Princess, where they discuss the Princess and the Shroob Mushroom. Princess Peach then decides to take a nap and the brothers are shoved out of the room.

Downstairs, Mario and Luigi are taught yet another move by the Toadsworths, Baby Cakes. Mario and the gang then leave the Toadsworths, where they meet some panicking Toads. Curiously, the heroes travel up the castle to see Princess Peach. It turns out that Bowser is just about to kidnap her, and he runs through the castle with the princess on his shoulder. However, Bowser falls through the floor and lands in the next time hole.

The brothers meets the young Elvin Gadd near the summit of Thwomp Volcano.

The brothers went into the time hole that Bowser was in and wind up at Thwomp Volcano, which they climb to the top of. At the top, they learn that the volcano is close to erupting. They then meet Professor E. Gadd’s younger self, who is panicking because the volcano is going to ruin all of his inventions. After seeing how the young Bros. extinguish the fires, he thinks up of an idea of making a machine that could douse the volcano's fire, which the older E. Gadd creates in the present time. He then uses his quickly built invention to spray water into the time hole and stop the volcano, angering many native Thwomps. One of those Thwomps was Mrs. Thwomp, who battles the brothers but is defeated. Her husband agrees to take the brothers in the volcano, where they solve various puzzles to destroy blocks that are obstructing their path to the bottom. Then, they fight and defeat Bowser and Baby Bowser, (who was shot into the volcano after being blown away from Yoshi's Island). Before they can rescue the Princess, she is sucked up by the Shroob Mother Ship. The courageous brothers followed her.

Inside the Shroob Mother Ship, the heroes fight a few Guardian Shroobs and later meet up again with Kylie Koopa, who saves them from the Shroobs and Princess Shroob disguised as Princess Peach. Kylie takes them into a room to try and solve the secret of the Shroobs with the large, mysterious key she found earlier. She inserts the key into a large machine, but it actually causes them to fall out of the ship. Kylie lands on Yoshi's Island, while the brothers end up in Toad Town, where everyone is gone except for two elderly Toads, who help them stock up on gear.

Mario and the others fight Commander Shroob at Star Hill.

After they solve some puzzles, the four brothers escape the Shroob infested Toad Town and find a Warp Pipe that takes them to Star Hill, where they are attacked by the Commander Shroob, his Support Shroobs, and a Shroob-omb. Once defeated, the four heroes head up Star Hill and the Cobalt Star creates a path so that they can get to the Star Shrine, where another Cobalt Shard is located. At that time, the spirit of the Cobalt Star began to talk to the brothers about defeating the Shroobs. Baby Luigi begins to cry afterward for a strange reason. The brothers did not know why, however, but they calm him down. They then travel to the Star Shrine, where a gate needs to determine if the heroes had pure hearts to get past it. Mario and the babies did, but Luigi did not, apparently. Mario knows that he is not going to leave his brother alone, so he and the other heroes are placed through a trial to prove that Luigi has a pure heart, finding the Aurora Block. Shortly after, they get the block and gain access to the Star Shrine, where they learn that Luigi had a pure heart the whole time, and was only being tested.

In the Star Shrine, after finding the fourth Cobalt Shard, the brothers meet up with Toadbert and Kylie Koopa, who reveal how to clean Toadbert's picture, given to the brothers back in Yoob's Belly. It turns out that another Princess Shroob was on the picture. Before the drawing was explained, Mario and company are attacked by the Elder Shrooboid, who attacks Toadbert and Kylie Koopa, causing them to become Shroob Mushrooms. The four brothers fight the Elder Shrooboid. Although the Elder Shrooboid is much more powerful than the Junior Shrooboid, they are able to defeat it and the heroes acquire another piece of the Cobalt Star.

The heroes in the final battle against the Elder Princess Shroob in the sky.

They then return to the castle, where they are told to go to the Shroob Castle in the past. The brothers solve many puzzles in the large castle, and even take down the Shroob Mother Ship. Mario and the gang finally find Princess Shroob, along with Princess Peach. After a long battle, the brothers defeat the Shroob princess. Then, Princess Peach shows them the last piece of the Cobalt Star, but does not let them merge it with the other pieces that they have. Before she could explain, Baby Bowser swoops in and takes the final piece and connects it to the other pieces, causing Elder Princess Shroob to appear. He is then transformed into a Shroob Mushroom, as well. Peach finally reveals that she trapped Elder Princess Shroob inside the Cobalt Star and the final piece freed her. After that, the brothers fight the mighty Elder Princess Shroob. After beating her, she turns into a dark colored Mushroom. As the brothers try to figure out what to do with the Mushroom that was once Baby Bowser, the babies play around with it and Baby Luigi gets hurt. He begins to cry on it, which restores Baby Bowser to his true form. Realizing the Shroobs' weakness, the gang gets Professor E. Gadd to spray a chemically similar liquid to Baby Luigi's tears all throughout time with his invention, the Hydrogush 4000, causing all of the victims of the Shroobs to turn back to normal and ridding the presence of the Shroobs in the process.

The brothers soon return to Peach's Castle where they find Bowser lying on the carpet, completely knocked out. As the brothers wonder what to do with the behemoth reptile, Elder Princess Shroob's mushroom form hovers into Bowser's mouth, who weakly eats it and turns into Shrowser. Having beaten Shrowser, Toadsworth the Younger, Baby Peach, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi all use the repaired time machine and travel back to their own time, bidding farewell to their future selves.


Playable characters[edit]

Non-Playable characters[edit]


These enemies are part of Bowser and Princess Shroob's Army.

Normal enemies[edit]

Image Name HP EXP Coins Dropped Location
PiT BlazingShroob.png Blazing Shroob 94 100 10 Thwomp Caverns
Bob-omb PiT.png Bob-omb 35 30 5 Gritzy Desert
Boo Pit.png Boo 15 5 4 Baby Bowser's Castle
Boo Guy Pit.png Boo Guy 17 8 5 Toadwood Forest
Boom Guy Pit.png Boom Guy 18 8 5 Baby Bowser's Castle
PiT Bully.png Bully 46 17 6 Yoob's Belly
Coconute Pit.png Coconutter 43 20 6 Yoshi's Island
Dark Boo Pit.png Dark Boo 63 20 6 Gritzy Caves
Dr Shroob Sprite.png Dr. Shroob 29 18 10 Vim Factory
Ml2 drybones.png Dry Bones 53 32 7 Yoob's Belly
ML2 Elasto Piranha.PNG Elasto-Piranha 37 16 6 Toadwood Forest
Boom Guy Elite Pit.png Elite Boom Guy 80 40 8 Gritzy Caves
Fly Guy Pit.png Fly Guy 110 150 10 Star Hill
GhoulGuy.png Ghoul Guy 160 100 10 Shroob Castle
AGnarantula.png Gnarantula 30 15 5 Yoshi's Island
ML2 Gold Koopeleon.PNG Gold Koopeleon 10 84 100 Thwomp Caverns
Goomba Pit.png Goomba 10 3 3 Baby Bowser's Castle, Princess Peach's Castle Dungeon
Guardian Shroob Pit.png Guardian Shroob 81 90 9 Shroob Mother Ship
Handfake.png Handfake 130 155 15 Star Hill, Star Shrine
Shroob Intern.png Intern Shroob 132 180 20 Shroob Castle
Koopaleon Pit.png Koopeleon 18 6 4 Toadwood Forest
ML2 Lakitufo.PNG Lakitufo 26 16 7 Vim Factory
PiT LethalBob-omb.png Lethal Bob-omb 60 70 10 Shroob Castle
Love Pit.png Love Bubble 95 130 10 Toad Town, Star Hill
PidgitPiT.png Pidgit 24 18 6 Yoshi's Island
Piranha Planet.png Piranha Planet 140 170 20 Star Shrine
Pokey Pit.png Pokey 55 36 10 Gritzy Desert
RC Shroob Pit.png RC Shroober 58 26 8 Yoob's Belly
Coconute Red Pit.png Red Coconutter 85 70 7 Thwomp Volcano
Shroid Pit.png Shroid 110 140 15 Toad Town
PiT ShroobaDiver.png Shrooba Diver 70 32 8 Gritzy Desert
Shrooblet Pit.png Shrooblet 7 2 2 Hollijolli Village
Rex Shroob.png Shroob Rex 200 185 12 Shroob Castle
Shroobsworth.png Shroobsworth 160 180 20 Shroob Castle
Skellokey.png Skellokey 84 100 10 Toad Town
Snifaro.PNG Snifaro 90 50 10 Gritzy Caves
Snoozorb.png Snoozorb 150 170 15 Shroob Castle
PiT SoulBubble.png Soul Bubble 100 175 15 Shroob Castle
SpinyShroopa MnL2.png Spiny Shroopa 18 2 2 Vim Factory
PiT Tanoomba.png Tanoomba 90 82 9 Thwomp Volcano
PiT Tashrooba.png Tashrooba 125 150 10 Shroob Castle
Twack Pit.png Thwack 54 20 2 Thwomp Volcano
PiT ThwackTotem.png Thwack Totem 152 60 10 Thwomp Volcano
Glowy Evil Box Pit.png Wonder Thwack 100 30 4 Star Shrine

<br= clear all>


Image Name HP EXP Coins Dropped Location
Baby Bowser PiT Battle.png Baby Bowser (1st Time) 20 0 0 Princess Peach's Castle (past)
Shrooboid Junior.png Junior Shrooboid 13 6 0 Princess Peach's Castle
Shroob.png Shroobs 15 3 2 Hollijolli Village
L33t Hamm3r Broz Sprite.png L33t Hamm3r Broz. 100 40 35 Vim Factory
PiT Swiggler.png Swiggler 200 160 120 Vim Factory
Kamek Pit.png Kamek 450 130 50 Yoshi's Island
Sunnycide Battle.png Sunnycide 480 260 150 Yoob's Belly
ML2 Shrooboid Brat.PNG Shrooboid Brat 1100 180 100 Koopaseum
ML2 Petey.PNG Petey Piranha 1300 360 250 Gritzy Caves
Missthwomp.gif Mrs. Thwomp 550 400 0 Thwomp Volcano
Bowser And Baby Bowser MaLPiT.png Bowser and Baby Bowser 640/1100 120/700 50/300 Thwomp Caverns
Commander Shroob Battle.png Commander Shroob 1300 810 180 Star Hill
Support Shroob.png Support Shroob 110 10 5 Star Hill
Shroobomb.gif Shroob-omb 3312 0 1 Star Hill
Shrooboid Elder PiT.png Elder Shrooboid (1):1750 (2):1200 1500 400 Star Shrine
Princess Shroob Pit.png Princess Shroob 3000 0 0 Shroob Castle
Elder Princess Shroob First Form- 3500
Second Form- 3000
0 0 Shroob Castle
Shrowserbattlesprite.PNG Shrowser 20 0 0 Princess Peach's Castle


Hollijolli VillageToadwood ForestBowser's CastleYoshi's IslandKoopaseumThwomp VolcanoGritzy DesertToad TownStar HillShroob Castle
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Battle system[edit]

To start a battle, Mario, Luigi, or their baby selves must touch an enemy or perform a First Strike by jumping on or hitting the enemy with a hammer in the overworld. A first strike damages the enemy (if jumped on) or possibly (not always) stun them (if hit with a hammer) as the battle starts. If an enemy with spikes or fire is jumped on, the Bro. who jumped on the enemy is damaged. Additionally, if the enemy starts the battle by hitting a Bro. in the back, that Bro. can't move until their turn. Since the game is a turn-based RPG, the player and enemies take turns attacking each other. The player can use well timed attacks to deal more damage. The player can also counterattack the enemy to damage them (see below). The enemies never counterattack but can harm the Bro. if they have spikes or are on fire and are jumped on.


Each brother and baby has his own HP, POW, DEF, SPEED, and STACHE points. When the brothers finish a battle, they each gain EXP points. With enough EXP Points, a brother can level-up and increase each respective statistic.

  • HP (abbreviation of Heart Points) is the amount of life the heroes have. When an enemy hits one of the brothers, he loses HP. When his HP reaches zero, he passes out, but can be revived with a 1-Up Mushroom or 1-Up Super.
  • POW (abbreviation of Power) is how strong a brother is. The higher his POW stats are, the more damage he gives.
  • DEF (abbreviation of Defense) is how much damage a brother can lessen from an enemy hit. The higher his DEF stats are, the less damage he receives.
  • SPEED is how fast a brother is. The more SPEED he has, the sooner he can attack an enemy in a given turn.
  • STACHE is the most unique of the stats. The higher a brother's STACHE stats are, the greater there is a chance of a Lucky Hit, which doubles POW. Plus, it gives the brother discounts when buying and selling at shops.


During a battle, the four heroes have five choices when attacking, unless Mario and Luigi are not paired with the babies; instead, they would have four choices. They can use a jump move, a Hammer move, a Bros. Item, use an item, or run from battle.

Jump Move[edit]

During a jump move, a brother jumps on an enemy. When Mario jumps on an enemy, he uses A button, B button for Luigi, X button on Baby Mario, and Y button for Baby Luigi's jump. Hitting their button when they are about to land on the enemy does extra damage. The babies can participate in battle, assisting their older counterparts. If so, when the two older bros. attack and land on an enemy, the player should press the babies button, and then the adult brother's button. This will give the enemy more damage.

Hammer Move[edit]

After Baby Mario and Luigi enter the Vim Factory, they get hammers to use in battle. However, the adult Mario and Luigi can't use this move without the babies with them, as they don't have hammers. When one of the babies attack with a hammer, the player must hit their button (either X button or Y button) when the tool shakes to deal much of damage that can possibly stun an enemy. If the player waits too long or hits the button too early, the hammer head will fall off the hammer and the baby bro. does much less damage. When the corresponding button is hit before they directly face the enemy, they trip and fall flat on the enemy, also yielding less damage. When the adult bros. are with the babies, they can perform a stronger attack with them. When doing this, the player must hit the adult button (A button or B button) to have Mario or Luigi lift up the baby. Then, they must hit the baby button (X button or Y button) when their hammer shakes. This will deal more damage then a normal hammer attack. The hammer move does less damage than a jump move, and is best used when fighting a spiked enemy. Flying enemies avoid the hammer altogether.

Bros. Items[edit]

The bros. using a Bros. Item.

Bros. Items are special attacks that the heroes can use to deal more damage. Some attacks require at least two bros., while some require all bros. Some items that require two bros. have special commands that can be used to deal more damage than normal with all four bros. Note that some items are unlocked later in the game than others.

* - Bros. Items that require all the bros. so it can be used.


When choosing the item icon, the four heroes can use an item to recover HP. Other items, such as Refreshing Herbs, can heal status effects. When one of the bros. passes out, the other bros. can use a 1-Up Mushroom or 1-Up Super to revive him. However, once an item is used, the bro.'s turn is over. Peppers are another type of item that can be used with this icon and can bring up the bros. stats for a while.


Mario, Luigi, and the babies can both flee from battle when they choose the flee icon. When getting away, the player must hit either the A button or B button button to make Mario or Luigi flee. If the babies are in battle, the player must hit the X button or Y button button. However, if they do not do this quickly, one of the bros. falls and drop a large amount of coins unless a wallet badge is equipped. When both bros. have left the screen, they end up back in the overworld and continue their adventure. The player can cancel this attempt by pressing the L button button, though it uses up a turn.

Avoiding Attacks[edit]

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time allows the player to avoid enemy attacks. Mario, Luigi, or Baby Mario and Baby Luigi can either use their Hammer or Jump moves to avoid attacks. With their Jump move, the heroes can jump over the attacking enemy. When using the Hammer to avoid attacks, the player must hold Baby Mario or Baby Luigi's respective button (Baby Mario is X button, Baby Luigi is Y button) and release just as the enemy or its weapon hits.

The four bros. can also use these moves to counterattack. When they jump over an enemy, they may land on them, causing damage. Baby Mario or Baby Luigi can also hit enemies with their hammer during an enemy's turn. Either way, the enemy takes damage on its turn.

Out-of-Battle Techniques[edit]

The four heroes can use some techniques out of battle. All of the following techniques must be learned by progressing in the game, except for jumping.

Mario and Luigi Techniques[edit]

When Mario and Luigi are without the babies outside of battle, they can do the following techniques:

  • Mario and Luigi can both jump.
  • Mario and Luigi can perform a Spin Jump. They can use this technique in a whirlwind to go farther.
  • Mario and Luigi can form a Bros. Ball.

Baby Techniques[edit]

When Baby Mario and Baby Luigi are alone outside of battle, they can do the following:

  • The babies can both jump.
  • Baby Mario can use his Hammer.
  • The babies can perform a Baby Drill.
  • Baby Mario can fill himself up with water when near a fountain. Then, Baby Luigi can hit him with his hammer to spit out the water quickly.

All-Character Techniques[edit]

There are also techniques where all the heroes are needed. They can do the following:

  • Mario and Luigi can flatten the babies into Baby Cakes by rolling over them while in Bros. Ball mode.
  • The babies can be picked up by the older bros.
  • The four heroes can perform a Piggyback Jump.
  • Mario and Luigi can perform a Baby Toss, and throw the babies to higher areas.
  • Mario and Luigi can make the babies perform a Spin Jump by spin jumping into them. The babies then slowly float down and can use a whirlwind to go farther.


These are the items that appear in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.

Image Name Description
MaL PiT Mushroom.png Mushroom Recovers 20 HP to a single bro.
MaL PiT Mushroom.png Super Mushroom Recovers 40 HP to a single bro.
MaL PiT Mushroom.png Ultra Mushroom Recovers 80 HP to a single bro.
MaL PiT Mushroom.png Max Mushroom Recovers all HP to a single bro.
MushroomDrop.png Mushroom Drop Recovers 15 HP to all brothers.
MushroomDrop.png Super Drop Recovers 30 HP to all brothers.
MushroomDrop.png Ultra Drop Recovers 60 HP to all brothers.
Mushroom One Up Pit.png 1-Up Mushroom Revives a fallen brother with half of his max HP.
Mushroom One Up Pit.png 1-Up Super Revives a fallen brother with all HP.
Refreshing Herb Pit.png Refreshing Herb Used to get rid of the status ailments of a single bro.
Pepper Green.png Green Pepper Boosts the DEF of all brothers for a certain period of time.
Pepper Red.png Red Pepper Boosts the POW of all brothers for a certain period of time.
Pepper Blue.png Blue Pepper Boosts the SPEED of all brothers for a certain period of time.

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マリオ&ルイージRPG2x2
Mario ando Ruīji Ārupījī 2×2
Mario & Luigi RPG 2×2
Spanish (NOA) Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time -
Spanish (NOE) Mario & Luigi: Compañeros en el Tiempo Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
French Mario & Luigi: Les frères du Temps Mario & Luigi: Brothers of Time
German Mario & Luigi: Zusammen durch die Zeit Mario & Luigi: Together through Time
Italian Mario & Luigi: Fratelli nel Tempo Mario & Luigi: Brothers in Time
Korean 마리오&루이지RPG 시간의 파트너
Mario & Ruiji RPG Sigan-ui Pateuneo
Mario & Luigi RPG: Partners in Time


  • The English and Spanish names of this game are puns on the title of the short story compilation Partners in Crime.
  • The boss theme was originally going to be in Super Smash Bros Brawl, but was removed in the final version.
  • The North American instruction booklet for this game makes two errors: one on page 27 and another on page 32. The former page has a Japanese screenshot, where "Stache" is listed as "Hige" and the latter has the following sentence: "Approach either side and speak to the sales-Toad to make the corresponding menu will appear," where the word will is an unnecessary addition to the sentence structure.
  • This is the only Mario & Luigi game where Peach is kidnapped at the very beginning.
  • This is the only Mario & Luigi game to not feature a boss fight with a Wiggler, instead having Swiggler as a boss.
  • The solo-artwork for Baby Mario incorrectly depicts him with red shoes, instead of light-blue ones.

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