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Ceremony: August 12th, 2016

See festivities from 2015

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The Super Mario Wiki was created on August 12th, 2005, 13:47 EDT. In August 2006, this wiki was off to a good start, but still there was only a small number of active users. In August of 2007, with a userbase finally forming, we marked our wiki's anniversary with an awards ceremony celebrating 30 of our favorite Mario topics, including favorite games, music, items, series, moments, enemies, and more.

In 2008, we expanded this event by including much of our userbase with Userpedia Awards I, and it turned out to be an even bigger success. 2009 saw our first Fail Awards and 2010 included the first 'Shroom Awards. 2011 brought along game tournaments, a Mafia game and prizes for participation and success in said events. 2013 had our first director election, allowing it and 2014 to proceed much more smoothly. In 2015 there was a very noticeable boost in the number of tournaments and participation, with presentation quality very steadily on the rise. With the wiki at nearly 17,000 articles and growing, we’re proud to continue this tradition through 2016!

Awards Committee

Notice: AC Sign-Ups have closed. If you missed the cut you are still free to join #mwikiawards as well as post in the public forum board.

The Awards Committee is the only thing you can sign up for at the moment. Depending on its decisions over the next ten to twelve weeks, other projects will emerge in June, and you will be able to sign up for them as well. Announcements regarding these projects will be posted on this page, so if you are interested, keep an eye on this page.

The Awards Committee’s main focus is the creation of the polls in June, but they will be responsible for decisions related to the entire anniversary event, including but not limited to tournaments, prizes, and presentations.

There are a few minimal requirements to be an AC member this year:

  • You must be a forum member. We will be utilizing an underground forum to discuss topics in more detail and keep track of progress.
  • You must be active and in good standing with the community; applicants will be screened by Awards staff and past AC members. You must exercise basic judgment and common sense to be allowed on the committee. Committee members represent the Super Mario Wiki, so we expect a basic level of maturity, intelligence and kindness towards others.
  • Meetings will begin Friday, March 4th 8-10pm EDT, and are held in #mwikiawards on Darkmyst. Following meetings will alternate Friday/Saturday nights with care to avoid ‘Shroom meetings and deadlines. An exact schedule will be posted once it is determined.
  • You should at least try to attend meetings/vote in them, but if you are unable to attend meetings due to time conflicts or time zone differences please be sure to still post in the board regularly and keep updated.
  • Meetings are open to the public, so you can drop in even if you aren't a committee member!

To sign up, send a PM to Anton or Mr. Edo letting them know that you are interested in joining the committee. This is just to make sure that the people that want to sign up will be able to attend consistently and conduct themselves properly. Anton and Mr. Edo will also be contacting some users through either chat or the forums that will be given an invite to the committee.

Awards Committee

  1. Hypnotoad (Talk) (Anton) (Co-Director, User Awards Host)
  2. Gabumon (Talk) (Photography Raptor) (Co-Director)
  3. Twentytwofiftyseven (Talk) (2257) (Sub-Director)
  4. Turboo (Talk) (Takumi) (Fail Awards Host)
  5. RandomYoshi (Talk) (Chiaki Nanami) ('Shroom Awards Host)
  6. Gamefreak75 (Talk) (Oboro)
  7. Toadbert101 (Talk) (BEEEEEAAARRRS)
  8. Lakituthequick (Talk) (Lakituthequick)
  9. Smasher (Talk) (Smasher)
  10. Super-Yoshi (Talk) (Rhajat)
  11. Superchao (Talk) (Bartz Klauser)
  12. MrConcreteDonkey (Talk) (Greg Universe)
  13. Yoshi876 (Talk) (Mad Mod)
  14. Uniju :D (Talk) (Uniju)
  15. DragonFreak (Talk) (DragonFreak)
  16. Count Bonsula (Talk) (Count Bonsula)
  17. Super Mario Bros. (Talk) (Super Mario Bros.)
  18. SonicMario (Talk) (Northern Verve)
  19. Stargazing (Talk) (Ness)
  20. Smg2daisy (Talk) (Umi Sonoda)
  21. Tucayo (Talk) (Hobbes)
  22. Stooben Rooben (Talk) (Stooben)
  23. Freakworld (Talk) (Midna)
  24. Nysic (Talk) (Lucas)
  25. Nabber (Talk) (Nabber)
  26. Meta Knight (Talk) (Rayquaza)
  27. Pyro Guy (Talk) (The Pyro Guy)
  28. Chibiki Daisy (Talk) (Sieglinde Sullivan)
  29. Glitchy Bowser Jr. (Talk) (Glitchy)
  30. NSY (Talk) (Myrmidon NSY)
  31. Crypt Raider (Talk) (Groden)
  32. Mariofan169 (Talk) (Chara)

Game Tournaments and Other Events

Mario Awards III featured the first awards-sanctioned tournament, Mario Kart, and ever since then interest has steadily grown to make it a key feature of the anniversary events alongside the poll ceremony. Last year in 2015 we hosted the most tournaments in the history of the awards ceremony with 15 separate tournaments held, over double the previous year. These tournaments have included games like Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., Pokémon, Mafia, Mario Golf, Team Fortress 2, Minecraft, and also art contests, Guess The Results, and pretty much anything anyone suggests and is able to host. It does not need to be a Nintendo game – DS/3DS, Wii/Wii U, Steam, forum-/chat-based and online are all valid media for tournaments as long as they have a multiplayer mode.

It’s not required to be a member of the Awards Committee to host and organize a tournament, but we do ask that you coordinate it with us so we can help things run smoothly and provide tokens to later be exchanged as prizes. One of the best parts of the previous years' events was that we were able to give prizes to the participants who performed well in the numerous tournaments and contests. We hope to be able to give away prizes to the winners this year as well. Anyone who would like to donate prizes to be given out is more than welcome to do so. Please contact Anton, Edo, or 2257 if you would like to supply prizes. Recommended items include Steam games, Nintendo points, iTunes cards or gift cards to any other online site or store. Any donation is highly appreciated.


Hypnotoad (Talk) (Forum profile)
Gabumon (Talk) (Forum profile)
Twentytwofiftyseven (Talk) (Forum profile)
Mario Awards X board
Mario Awards on Twitter

Do you have suggestions to make the awards more interesting? Or issues from last year that need to be resolved? Please, let us know.