Hoohoo Mountain

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Climbing the mountain.

The Hoohoo Mountain is a large mountain in the Beanbean Kingdom that the Mario Bros. visit in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. The mountain is primarily inhabited by the Hoohooligans on bridges near a giant waterfall. Their ancient civilization can be seen throughout the mountain, including their jokes inscribed on the rock walls (in Hooroglyphs), their weapon Hoohooros, and the "watering holes" (used by Mario to become Pump Mario). At the summit lives Blablanadon, a talking pterosaur.

When Mario and Luigi first come here, they are mistaken for the one who kidnapped Prince Peasley, only for Tolstar, who had previously been beaten by Mario and Luigi, to appear and clear their names. One of the bridges was also being repaired at the time of their arrival, and repairs would only be completed after they met Fawful in the village.


Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウフマウンテン
Ufu Maunten
Ufu Mountain. Ufu(ウフ) comes from Ufufufu(ウフフフ), a high-pitched, female type of laughter.
Spanish Montaña Juajuá Hwahwa Mountain.
French Montagne Uf From the japanese name.
German Lachberge Laugh Mountains
Italian Montagna Tiritera Rigmarole Mountain