Oho Oasis

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Oho Oasis
Greater Location Oho Ocean
Capital Fire Palace and Thunder Palace
Ruler Fire and Thunder Gods
Inhabitants Oho Jee, Crabs, Hermit Crabs, Deities
First Appearance Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Oho Oasis is an island on the Oho Ocean to the east of Beanbean Castle which only appeared in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. While part of the Beanbean Kingdom, the island is not inhabited by Beanish. Rather, the native Oho Jee (both red and blue varieties), Crabs, and Hermit Crabs are the only creatures who live there. Additionally, the Fire Palace and Thunder Palace each serve as a home to one of the island's deities. The Fire Palace is home to the Fire God and the Thunder Palace is home to the Thunder God.


The island is very small, even smaller than the western area of Beanbean Castle Town. Most of the island is covered with lush vegetation, such as palm trees. The northern portion of the island is solid rock. This is the only side of the island not to have a sandy beach. Three structures still exist on the island: the Fire Palace to the west, Thunder Palace to the east, and the offering block to the southeast. The palaces are on elevated portions of the island and feature great staircases leading to their front doors.

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Screenshot of Mario, Luigi and an Oho Jee in Oho Oasis.

The Oho Jee that inhabit Oho Oasis do not have a complex, structured society. Instead, they spend their lives wandering about the island and inside the palaces, meeting their physical needs and thinking. They speak openly to the visitors of the island, revealing that their thought process is much different from that typical of other races. Red and Blue Oho Jee do not mingle with one another, although neither race is combative or antagonistic to the other. Red Oho Jee stay on the western side and inside the Fire Palace while Blue Oho Jee stay on the eastern side and inside the Thunder Palace.

The relationship the Oho Jee have to the island deities is unconfirmed. Both Red and Blue Oho Jee walk around the temple and Red Oho Jee have displayed knowledge of the Fire God.


Early History[edit]

Because of the three structures on the island, there may have been a greater society at one point. Oho Jee become monsters when their hair is set aflame by fire or electrically charged by thunder. In this state, they are capable of turning other species into Oho Jee monsters by attacking them. After their hair burns away, they return to normal. This function of the Oho Jee may have brought down a society once present on the island, just as the Oho Oasis Research Exhibition was attacked at a later date. However, neither the Fire and Thunder Gods nor the Oho Jee have revealed specific information as to the history of the island, no distinct conclusions can be made, other than it has to be over 3,000 years, as stated by the Fire God.

Oho Oasis Research Exhibition[edit]

Prior to Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, the Oho Oasis Research Exhibition attempted to study the island and its Oho Jee inhabitants. After accidentally setting a Red Oho Jee on fire and witnessing the above phenomenon, one of the researchers was turned into an Oho Jee. The last known recording of them stated that they needed to try an equivalent experiment on the Blue Oho Jee. The fate of the exhibition is unknown, but two of their tape players remain on the island.

Mario and Luigi's Arrival[edit]

During the events of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Mario and Luigi fell from the sky after they lost their grip on the angry Beanstar that eventually explodes into four pieces. They landed on the island and found themselves without a method of returning home. The brothers explored the island together, including the two palaces. In the Fire Palace, Mario was separated from Luigi. Exploring, he found a large orb with a fireball inside. Touching it, he summoned the Fire God, who taught him the Firebrand technique. Likewise, while the pair were exploring the Thunder Palace, Luigi was separated from Mario. He explored and discovered a large orb with electricity inside. The Thunder God was summoned to the chamber when Luigi touched it. The god taught Luigi Thunderhand. Depending on the decisions of the player, Mario may learn the Firebrand before Luigi learns the Thunderhand or vice versa. Using these techniques, Mario and Luigi lit a fire and electrically charged an orb in the offering block, opening a pathway down to the Oho Ocean seabed. The two left the island, and were not required to return. However, if they chose to, they could surf from the surface of the sea onto the island later in their adventure.

Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クスアイランド
Kusu Airando
Kusu Island; Oho Island
Spanish Isla Buajajá Buajaja Island. Buajajá form laugh.
French Ile Kusu Kusu Island; Kusu is the French name for the Oho Jee
German Isla Hihihi Isla Heeheehee
Italian Risola From "Riso" (laugh) and "isola" (island)