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Superstar Saga Enemy
Parabeanie battle.png
Location(s) The Overworld
HP 20
Defense 30
Speed 30
Stun?  %
Burn?  %
Stat Down?  %
Experience 9*
Coins 2*
Item 1 Drop Woo Bean
Item 2 Drop
What is gained upon winning the battle (denoted with *) can be changed by Badges or Equipment from E. Gadd.
Stats in parentheses are from the Japanese version of the game if they differ from the original American and European stats.

Parabeanies are flying Beanies that appear in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. They can damage Mario and Luigi while airborne. When they take enough damage, Parabeanies lose their wings and fall, therefore becoming regular Beanies. They are Paragoomba's equivalent of the Beanbean Kingdom.

Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パタマメボー
Combination of 「パタパタ」 patapata, an onomatopoeia for wings flapping and 「マメボー」 mamebō, Japanese name of the Beanies.
Spanish Guisantón alado Pun of guisante (pea) and alado (winged).
French Paragoompwa Pun "Paragoomba" and pois (meaning "pea")
Italian Fagiolotto Volante Flying Beanie