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Peach finding a Hidden Block.

A Hidden Block[citation needed] is an invisible block that contains coins, a star or random items in the Mario Party series. Its appearance changes with each game, sometimes resembling Brick Blocks, other times looking more like a small Treasure Chest. They only appear after landing on a Blue Space. It can give out anywhere from five to twenty coins or give out items such as Skeleton Keys, or even Stars.


Mario Party DS[edit]

In Mario Party DS, there are four kinds of Hidden Blocks.

  • Brick Hidden Block: those blocks are the most common kind of blocks. They may contain coins, one Star or one Ztar.
  • Coin Hidden Block: those blocks are unusual hidden blocks that contain coins. They look like the item Coin Block. Unlike regular Hidden Blocks, those blocks let the player get coins for 10 seconds, instead of 5.
  • Star Hidden Block: those blocks are unusual hidden blocks that contain Stars. They look like the item Star Block. They contain 1-3 Stars.
  • Item Hidden Block: very rare yellow blocks (with the Item Bag symbol on them) that contain 3 items.

There is also an one-time use item called a Block Sensor that makes a Hidden Block appear on the space the player lands on after using it.

Paper Mario series[edit]

Paper Mario[edit]

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  • A Capsule similar to Hidden Blocks called the Coin Block Capsule appears in Mario Party 5. Whoever lands on its space or uses the capsule on themslves will receive money. It is always visible, however, if placed on the board (though other capsules that affect coin amounts have the same appearance as well).
  • It is possible for the player to find out if the Hidden Block in Mario Party DS contains a Star (or Ztar) or coins. If the block appears right when the player lands on the space, the block holds coins. If the block appears later, it contains a Star or Ztar.
  • Contrary to popular belief, in every Mario Party game Hidden Blocks make an appearance in, their occurrence on any given board is completely random, rather than predetermined at the beginning of the game; one can still find a Hidden Block on a Blue Space that has already been landed on.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Bloc caché
Bloc secret (MP3)
Hidden Block
Secret block